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Little girl in old fashioned flowery hat

Retro Easter Card | 19th century girl with daisies on her bonnet

Easter Joys

This charming postcard was mailed to a Mrs. C.A. Hall of West Berkshire, Vermont  in 1914.

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Rustic Easter Card | Farm Rabbit With Easter Eggs

This Easter  postcard was sent to a Bessie E. Fuller of 57 Malvern Street, Melrose (Massachusetts). She might be the Bessie E. Fuller, daughter of Thomas Allen Fuller and Annie McKay  who was born in Massachusetts in 1886. Continue reading

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Little Girl Admires Her Easter Bonnet

Free Scrapbooking | Old Fashioned Pictures | Easter rabbits hold mirrorWishing You a Joyful Easter (early 20th  century)

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Little Girl With Easter Eggs And White Bunny Rabbit

Easter Scrapbooking | Easter symbol rabbit, eggsAn Easter Offering

This postcard was mailed to Miss Laura Orrill of 10 Laurel Street in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is postmarked March 13, 1907.

There is a tiny, cramped signature at the bottom of  the card which appears to read – From Cousin E. Gan—

I was able to find individuals by the surname of Orrill living in New Hampshire. It’s possible that this  is the Laura Orrill who married Thomas Burke (Source: UNION LEADER OBITUARIES).

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Little Girl With Rooster Pulling Wagon of Easter Eggs

Easter scrapbooking art

This postcard was sent to a Master Carl Nelson of Gardiner, Maine. You may wonder why  the salutation Master is used. I don’t know whether this was the case in the U.S., but here in Canada when I was growing up in the 50s/60s my grandfather would get mail addressed with his name followed by the initials Esq. (Rosaire Theriault, Esq.). If I remember correctly the rule was that if you were a married adult,  the Esq. could be added to your formal correspondence. If you were younger and/or unmarried the salutation Master would be used (although I never saw an example of this).

In any case, here’s what the message says: Continue reading

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Easter Bunnies Admire Easter Bonnet (1929)

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Scrapbooking | Brown male rabbit (old fashioned top hat, yellow & blue outfit) & white rabbit (old fashioned red dress and bloomers) admire Easter bonnet in the window | early 20th century postcardPRETTY CLOTHES N EVERYTHING




Continue reading

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