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Lortie Orphan Photo | Montreal (?) Quebec | Lortie Ed. married Caumartin, Legault, Robert, Roy

Last weekend I was rummaging through some cluttered shelves at a flea market in the Laurentians, when I came across a stack of unidentified – or barely identified – old photographs. My heart always sinks when I come across these  because I can always imagine what they might mean to a family historian somewhere.

Today I’d like to share one of them – this wedding image taken by Montreal photographer  Roger Janelle.

The couple in the image is not identified but there is a pencilled notation on the back that reads – Ed. Lortie. Could this be the groom’s name? Perhaps yes, perhaps no – but since this is my only lead I’m going on the assumption that it might be. Now Edouard Lortie was not a rare name in 20th century Quebec but I did a bit of research on Roger Janelle and found that his photography business (L’Illustration) was listed in directories from 1937 to 1957.  The first year he did business from 2349 Notre Dame E., and the address on the wedding photograph is “2306 Mt. Royal Ave.”, so I was able to further narrow the Lortie wedding date down to a range of 1938/39 to 1957. So here are the Lortie Ed. weddings in that period in Montreal –

Lortie Edouard m. Caumartin Doris 1944     Montreal

Lortie Rogers Edouard m. Legault Marie L. 1945     Montreal

Lortie Edgard m. Robert, M.-Paule 1948     Montreal

Lortie Edmond m. Roy Therese 1949     Montreal


Detail – Photographer Roger Janelle

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A Canadian Family Headstone: Adelard J. Legacy/Lagace, died Nov. 3rd, 1959 – Links Restored

My maternal grandfather – buried at

Holy Family Church in Bathurst, New Brunswick

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Lagace/Mignier Marriages – A Canadian Family Tree (3) | Lagace/Mignier, Felix to Hubert

This is the 3rd in a series of posts in which I share marriages extracted from my database (A Canadian Family) where the groom was a Lagace/Mignier who descended from the Quebec pioneer couple Andre Mignier dit Lagace (Soldier of the Regiment Carignan) and his wife, the  “fille du roi” – Jacquette Michel.

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Please see Lagace/Mignier Marriages – A Canadian Family Tree (1) for important notes and an index.

A Canadian Family Tree (3) | Lagace/Mignier, Felix  to Hubert

Lagace / Mignier, Felix  |  Beaulieu, Delina

Married: 30 Aug 1892 Grand Isle Aroostook ME USA

Lagace / Mignier, Felix   |  Pelletier, Marie

Married: 17 Oct 1906 St-Paul-de-la-Croix Temiscouata Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Ferdinand  |  Belanger, Celina

Married: 29 Jan 1884 St-Mathieu-de-Rioux Rimouski QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Firmin | Bernier, Rose

Married: 3 Feb 1913 Granby Shefford QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Flavien  | Francoeur, Melina

Married: 1 Feb 1886 Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Flavien Pierre |  Gamache, Celeste

Married: 18 Nov 1851 La Pocatiere Kamouraska QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Florent |  Lagace / Mignier, Claudia

Married: 1895 Madawaska Aroostook ME USA

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Index: In The Here And Now: The 21st Century


Index: Chateauguay Today / Photographs Continue reading

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When Bicycling Wasn’t Just A Leisure Activity

The theme for this issue of I Smile For The Camera (hosted by Shades of the Departed) is Travel so I’ve decided to share this image of my mother and one of my uncles in the late 1940s near West Bathurst, New Brunswick. At that time bicycles were an important form of transport for families in many rural communities – especially large families like that of my grandparents Adelard Lagace and Eveline Luce who had 14 children in all!


Golda Lagace & Clifford Dick Lagace in 1948


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Verdun in Black And White (3): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s – Links Restored


The 83rd Carnival of Genealogy (hosted by Janet Iles at  Janet The Researcher) is dedicated to Musical Instruments, so I thought it would be the perfect moment to share this photograph of me at the piano in 1957.

No one in my family actually knew how to play the piano – or any other instrument for that matter. The piano belonged to our landlord and the photograph was taken in the living room of our third floor walk-up on Church Street in Verdun.  My own parents both came from modest backgrounds without any disposable income for instruments – let alone  music lessons, but they loved the idea that their children might some day play an instrument.

This b/w photograph was taken was taken by my mother with her Brownie camera. She loved this photograph so much that she walked down to Wellington Street (Verdun) and bought a little tin frame for it. Then she inserted some blue cardboard backing and added some silvery little letters. By the way, in the 1950s these letters didn’t come with an adhesive backing and there weren’t any glue sticks; these letters were carefully attached one-by-one with good old fashioned liquid glue! This picture hung in my bedroom until we moved to Ville Lasalle.

It was in those Verdun years that my mother first discovered the modern American women’s magazines such as Redbook and Ladies’ Home Journal but she couldn’t afford to buy them. Instead she would just leaf through them at the IGA checkout corner and this is where she got many of  her home decorating ideas and her vision of what a modern dream home – and a modern ’50s suurban family –  should look like. Continue reading

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Growing Up In Ville Lasalle, Quebec (1950s/60s)

This vintage black and white postcard of the Mercier Bridge Cabins (Villa du Pont Mercier), first caught my eye because I grew up in the Montreal suburb of Ville Lasalle – and because of the odd telephone number (ELwood 0148) in the top right hand corner.


My family moved to Ville Lasalle in the late 1950s. It was still relatively undeveloped. There was no Lasalle Hospital, Civic Centre or high school! As a matter of fact it was a few years before the first big department stores opened. It was quite an adjustment for us to leave a third floor walkup in a French-speaking, Catholic neighbourhood of Verdun and settle down in a modern little bungalow in the predominantly English-speaking, Protestant neighbourhood of Riverside Park but many young families were making the move because it seemed to be a great place to raise children!Rotary

One of the first things my parents did when we first arrived was to teach me and my sister our new telephone number – Dominic6 – 7025. The prefix made it easier for us to remember the number and it also instantly told you where someone lived. I remember that my friends in Verdun had the prefix POntiac. The prefix was always a word based on two letters of the rotary dial – in my case DO stood for the numbers 36.I found a great online resource about heritage telephone numbers and in a section called Montreal telephone exchange geography it says that DOminic was in use from 1959 until the early sixties. The ELwood Continue reading

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In Living Memory: The Twentieth Century

Family history from the 20th Century

Theriault Lagace

Before 1953

The Noble Life, Philippe Theriault

My Paternal Grandfather’s Military Career, Rosaire Theriault

Black Sheep and Moonshine, Rosaire Theriault

Rosaire Theriault Tries to Immigrate

A Canadian Family in the 1911 Census: Joseph J. Lagace & Elizabeth Doucet

Uncle, Uncle!,  Ruben (Roubine) J. Leger of Schenectady, N.Y.

All Creatures Great And Small, Marie Eveline Luce

Wedding Belles, Edouard Theriault & Golda Lagace

Tripping the light fantastic, Edouard Theriault & Golda Lagace

Home Sweet Home:The Lagace Homestead in 1950s Bathurst

La Dolce Vita: Italian Sophisticates from 1950s Milan (Italy)

When Bicycling Wasn’t Just A Leisure Activity

Verdun in Black and White (4): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s

After 1953

“Pain et Melasse, Cherie!”

Verdun in Black and White(1): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s

Verdun in Black and White (2): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s

Verdun in Black and White (3): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s

“Celebrate Your Name” Week, Evelyn Yvonne

“Oh, you beautiful doll … you great big beautiful doll!”

Vintage Postcard: T. Eaton Co. Montreal, Quebec

The Toboggan – A Gift From The First North Americans

Vive Le Vent!

Growing Up In Ville Lasalle, Quebec (1950s/60s)

The Bellevue Casino On A Swizzle Stick

“Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays c’est l’hiver …”

Vintage Postcard: Bathurst and the Twist!

Carnival of Genealogy (74th Ed.) Swimsuit Issue

Growing Up In Ville Lasalle, Quebec (Montreal)

All That Jazz – The Top Hat Cafe in the City of Sin (Montreal,Quebec)

St-Helen’s Island (L’Ile Ste-Helene) Montreal, Quebec

Chief Poking Fire Indian Museum, Caughnawaga Indian Reserve

Mmmm – Prince Edward Island Seaweed Deserts!

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Index: Theriaults – An Acadian Family


Dictionnaire Visuel | Philippe Theriault |  Visual Dictionary 

Our Theriaults

A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.1)

A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.2)

A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.3)

A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.4)

A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.5)

A Canadian Family Through the Generations: Our Theriaults (Gen.6)

Philippe Theriault and his wives Tharsile Plourde & Mathilde Theriault

Marriages: Theriault Grooms

Theriault Marriages – Canadian Family Tree (1) | Theriault, A.J. to Cyrille Pierre

Theriault Marriages – Canadian Family Tree (2) | Theriault, Damase to Frederick

Theriault Marriages – Canadian Family Tree (3) | Theriault, Gaspard to Israel

Theriault Marriages – Canadian Family Tree (4) | Theriault, Jacob to  Luke

Theriault Marriages – Canadian Family Tree (5) | Theriault, Magloire to Prudent

Theriault Marriages – Canadian Family Tree (6) | Theriault, Raphael to Zotique

Marriages:  Theriault Brides

Theriault Marriages (Brides)  (1) | Extracted from Canadian Family

Theriault Marriages (Brides) (2) | Theriault, Delima to Theriault, Exsail

Theriault Marriages (Brides)  (3) | Theriault, Febronie to Theriault, Hortense

Theriault Marriages (Brides) (4) | Theriault, Ida to Theriault, Lumina

Theriault Marriages (Brides)  (5) | Theriault, Madeleine to Theriault, Prudente

Theriault Marriages (Brides) (6) | Theriault, Radegonde to Theriault, Tivali

Theriault Marriages (Brides) (7) | Theriault, Ursule to Theriault, Zoile

Some Theriault Family Trees

Descendants of Paul Theriault m. Anne Hebert (18th Century Acadie)

Pierre Theriault m. Louise Genevieve Gauvin.  1766-1920s

Paul Theriault 1.Genevieve Berube  2. Veronique Dancause.  1776 – 1912.

Jean Theriault & Josette Berube. Descendants from 1769-1911
Acadian Family Tree: Jean Jacques Theriault & Magdelaine Grandmaison. Descendants from 1781-1920s (Pt.1)

Jean Jacques Theriault & Magdelaine Grandmaison. Descendants from 1781-1920s (Pt.2/Gen.3)

Our Theriault Family History

Theriault, Gregoire, burial, 1879

Theriault Rosaire m. Leger Yvonne, m. 1921 

Our Theriaults – The Wandering Years

Smile For The Camera – The Noble Life

My Paternal Grandfather’s Military Career

Black Sheep and Moonshine

Famous Relatives: Nicole Theriault


Map by W.F. Ganong of Caraquet Area.

Early Acadian Pioneers of Caraquet, New Brunswick

Theriault, Nicholas D. –  Historic Building in Caraquet, New Brunswick

see also

Theriault Headstones

Index: Vintage Postcards of Quebec

Index Vintage Postcards of New Brunswick

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