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Traditional Canoes As Depicted By L’Oiseau Bleu

The L’Oiseau Bleu (bluebird) magazine was published by Quebec’s St-Jean-Baptiste society during the first half of the 20th century. Its romanticized images of early Quebec history were produced for Quebec schoolchildren and young people. This is a selection of their covers that depicted canoes.

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A Difficult Portage in the Highlands of Canada (8/14)

Traditional Native Canadian Canoes

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Extracts: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (F/G)

Main Index: Native American Names of Eastern Canada  (Marriage Documents)

Updated January 2015

Native genealogy of Odanak Yamaska Quebec

Fatsete, Joachim | Kawentuosta, Philomene

Married: Before 1900

Ferguson, John  | Simon, Minnie

Married: July 8th, 1908 Oka | Kanesatake

Fernandes, Michel | Karonhienhawi, Marie Anne

Married: 1923 Akwesasne

Filiatrault, Cyprien  | Canadien, Amanda

Married: 18 Jul 1916 Kahnawa:ke | Caughnawaga | St-Francois-Xavier Parish

Fisher, John | Stacey, Louise Rose A.

Married: June 26th, 1948 Kahnawake

Fitzpatrick Terihori, Robert Rhea |  Fitzpatrick, Catherine

Married: Before 1820

Fitzpatrick Konwantontion, William   | Smiths, Catherine

Married: Before 1830

Forester, George Anderson | Bruyere, Therese

Married: May 23rd, 1927 Aumond | Gatineau | Ste-Famille Parish

Forester, John | Bruyere Brouille, Lucie

Married: July 21st, 1919  Maniwaki | Gatineau | L’Assomption-de-la-B.V.M.

Forester, James | Jocko, Theresa

Married: August 22nd, 1892 Riviere Desert/Desert River | Pontiac | Anglican

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Extracts: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (Ke …)

 Main Index: Native American Names of Eastern Canada

Latest update March 2014

Akwesasne GenealogyKedjitayhetch, Jacques | Abitakijikkokwe, Marie Catherine

Married: August 4th, 1823 Oka | Kanesatake | L’Annociation Parish

Kejiajiwanwete, Amable | Madjiyabanokwe, Elizabeth

Married: August 10th, 1841 Oka | Kanesatake | L’Annonciation Parish

Kek8echimintc, Ignace | Michissek8e, Suzanne

Married: 1787 Oka | Kanesatake | L’Annonciation Parish

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Extracts: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (J)

Main Index: Native American Names of Eastern Canada  (Marriage Documents)

Latest Updates January 2015

Montagnais Innu  Genealogy | Jourdain

Jabaissang, Joseph | Kageiash, Mary Jane

Married: 1905  Algoma | Sault-Ste-Marie

Jabot, Norbert | Wabicib, Oma

Married: January 12th, 1891 Maniwaki | Gatineau | L’Assomption-de-la-B.V.M.

Jacko, Joseph Patrick | Commandant, Judith

Married: October 5th, 1931  Maniwaki | Gatineau | L’Assomption-de-la-B.V.M

Jacko, Pierre | McDougall, Angen Cecin

Married: Before 1931

Jackson, John | Tarbell, Anastasie

Married: June 15th, 1945  Akwesasne |

Jackson Thaweiakenrat,Louis | Meunier Lafleur, Honorine

Married: January 19th, 1888 Kahnawake |

Jackson Tiresha, John | Kanonwiiostha, Therese

Married: August 14th, 1937  Akwesasne |

Jacco/Jacko/Jaco, Adolphe | Vincent, Georgette

Married: April 21st, 1945 Oka | Kanesatake | L’Annociation Parish

Jacco/Jacko/Jaco, Alexandre | Leclerc, Cecilia

Married: October 11th, 1909 Mattawa | Nipissing | Ste-Anne Parish

Jacco/Jacko/Jaco, Antoine | Makons, Mami

Married: June 12th, 1884 Maniwaki | Gatineau | L’Assomption-de-la-B.V.M.

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Main Index: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (Marriage Documents)

Quebec Native Genealogy | Wendake Huron

Research Problem:  The life history of  Quebec and Ontario natives can be  notoriously difficult to trace. The first – and perhaps greatest – layer of difficulty for genealogist sand family  historians  is the late adoption of  western surname usage ie. stable family names handed down from male parent to child. This has led to given individuals in certain time periods carrying multiple surnames (native only, native and westernized, westernized).

The second layer of difficulty is that Native surnames were transcribed phonetically which led to spelling variations  in various official documents (e.g. between different church registers, census documents, border crossings etc.).

A last difficulty is the varying  quality and approaches of the different indexing projects which makes it difficult to access the primary documents (microfilmed records) and cross-check with other indexes.

Goal: To create a Master Cross-Index of Names carried by Natives in Quebec and Ontario during the 18th/19th and 20th centuries sorted by surname variations.

Phase I: A. Transcription of names from marriage registers of parishes that have been associated with Native American populations in Quebec and Ontario. B. Creation of a Master Index that sorts  those individuals by surname. Timeline: 2012/2013

To Date – Majority of marriages from Quebec, a few from Ontario & New Brunswick

Last Extensive Update January 2015


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Index: Headstones of Kahnawak:ke Catholic Cemetery

Armstrong, Josephine

Atrenho, Sak

Bush, Michael

Canadien, Alexandre

Canadian, Annie

Canadian, Annie

Canadian, Emma

Canadien, Joseph A.

Canadian, John S.

Canadien, Louis

Canadian, Louise

Canadien, Mary

Canadian, Melvina

Canadian, Therese

Charles, John

Charles, John Bapt.

Cross, Michael

Curotte, Louis

Dailleboust, Clothilde

Dailleboust, Jacob

Diabo, Clifford 

Diabo, John K.

Diabo, Onwari

Diabo, Peter S.

Deerfoot, Mary

Delisle, Joseph K.

Delisle, Joseph

Delisle Louise E.

Delisle, Stephen W.

Goodleaf, Josephine

Hemlock,  Daisy Therese  

Jacobs, Helena Kawennotas

Jacobs J.H.,

Jacobs, Onwari

Jacobs, Thomas

Jocks, John K. “Big Six”

Jocks, Jeanne

Jocks, John M.

Jocks, Paulin

Kanonsakaenion, Sarot  

Karoniahente, Anna

Kartwentna Louise

Lacombe, Louis 

Leborgne, Joseph

Leborgne, Mary

Mayo, Joseph

McComber, Beatrice

McComber, Dominick 

McComber,  Leon

McComber,  Mathilde

McGregor, Cecelia

McGregor,  Jeanne

McGregor, Peter K. 

Montour, Charles

Montour Mike T.

Morris John C. (Sawatis Tioronihathe)

Oserase, Sose  

Ositakehte, Alex  
Otsitsatakon, Wishe

Owenokon, Katis  

Perras, Marie-Louis

Rice, Mary Kawisenhawe

Rice, Damase Rice

Rivers, Mary Ann

Sakaronhiotane, Peter

Smith, Elmer

Snow, Louis

Snow, Margaret

Snow, Mary Anne

Splicer, John E,

Stacey, John B.

Stacey,  Margaret

Tarbell,  Cecilia Karonhienhawi

Tekonwatonti, Teres

Williams Kelly,  Margaret

Zachary/Zacharie, Mary

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The Iroquois of Kahnawake


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Kahnawake Catholic Cemetery – Location

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1. Jean Baptiste Raientonni Canadien (Big John) & Malvina McComber of Kahnawake | Series: Families of Caughnawaga

Big John of Kahnawake (Caughnawaga) A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard CollectionA few weeks ago reader Shawlee Canadien came across my vintage postcard of Big John of Kahnawake negotiating the Lachine Rapidsand left the following comment:  I just stumbled across your site. Big John is my great, great, great…. grandfather. My name is Shawlee Canadien. I was hoping you might know about my family, and could tell us more. It was such an honour to hear from a descendant of  one of Caughnawaga’s most historically prominent peopleand since I noticed that you can read alot online about Big John’s achievements but there’s no extended discussion of his family’s genealogical roots, I’ve prepared a series of posts exploring some pre-1920 genealogical information about –

The Canadiens – a Mohawk Family of Caughnawaga/Kahnawake

The First Generation

1.According to hismarriage certificateJean Baptiste Raientonni (aka Big John) was the son of Ignace churchkahnawakeBriwakennhen Canadien and Louise Konwanonwehon. Jean Baptiste was born in 1843 in Quebec and died on February 16th, 1919.  He married Malvina McComber on 16 Feb 1863 in St-Francois-Xavier Church in Caughnawaga (Laprairie Quebec, Canada).  Malvina was a member of another well-known Kahnawake family – the McCombers. Her parents were  Gervais McComber and Agathe Pauline/Hyppoline Vincent DeJean. Malvina was born in 1845 in Kahnawake  and died after 1911.


*   *  *   *   *

Children from this marriage included:

+ 2 M i. John Ariwakenha Canadien – born 1866, Quebec(m. Marie Karakwiio French)  + 3 M ii. Joseph Atihentonko Canadien – born 1869 Kahnawake (m. Anne Katsitsioronkas Diaume) + 4 M iii. Alexandre – Louis Tonaokate/Tanahokathe Canadien – born 1871, Kahnawake (m. Celine Guerin) + 5 M iv. George Kasennakeron Canadien, born 1875 , Kahnawake (m.Marie Karonhienhawe Laforce)  6 M v. Thomas Anenharison Canadien born 1880 Kahnawake + 7 F vi. Cecilia/Cecile Tierente Canadien – born 1874, Kahnawake (m. Ignace Skahetatii Jacobs)  + 8 M vii. Jean Baptiste Lindo Tiohatekwen Canadien – born 1884, Kahnawake (Anne Tekonwakennion McComber)  9 M viii. Frank/Francois/Xavier Canadien –  born 1887 Kahnawake. (Note: Birth dates extracted from various census documents are notoriously unreliable, but good indictors of birth order) Continue reading

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