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Cormier Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

New Brunswick Pioneers


The earliest Cormier I’ve found in Grande-Anse were Agapit Cormier (son of Damase Cormier and Marie Hache) and Agapit’s first wife Philomene Hache (daughter of Pierre Hache and Theorist Duguay, 1849) and second wife Virginie Doucet (daughter of William Doucet and Mary Deroseby (?) of Grande-Riviere, QC, 1897). Continue reading

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Bertin Family of Grande Anse | New Bandon

The Grande-Anse Bertins descend from the pioneer  Bertins of nearby Bathurst, New Brunswick through one of their sons Joseph Bertin.

Joseph Bertin and his wife  Louise Boudrault / Boudreau (daughter of Joseph Boudreau and Rosalie Hache)  married in 1816 in Holy Family Church, Bathurst, Tharsille (m. Fabien/Fabian Theriault, 1854, Grande-Anse), Sigfroi (m. Celestin Hache, 1839, Petit-Rocher), Hilarion (m. Angele Boudreau, 1884), Antoine / Anthony  (m. Marguerite Arsenault, Bathurst), MarieContinue reading

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The Gionets | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick


Caraquet history


The first Gionets to settle in Caraquet were Francois Gionet and his first wife Marie LeVicaire (daughter of Pierre LeVicaire and Francoise Rousseau). Their children were: Pierre (m. Anne Robert dit LeBreton, daughter of Pierre Francois dit LeBreton and Therese Boise and then Marguerite Frigault, daughter of Pierre Frigault and Josette Bouthillier), Genevieve (m. Nicolas Chiasson, son of Joseph Chiasson and Anne Hache), Francois (m. Marie Roussi, daughter of Leon Roussi and Anne Chapadeau), Marguerite (m. Francois Robert dit Lebreton, son of Francois Robert dit Lebreton and Continue reading

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The Cormiers | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Caraquet, New Brunswick

Caraquet Cormier pioneers


The original Cormiers in Canada (Robert Cormier and Marie Theriault) came from La Rochelle, France. The earliest Cormier couples I have found in Caraquet are the three sons of Jean-Baptiste Cormier and Marie Theriault.

1. Alexis Cormier and Elisabeth Gauthier (daughter of Joseph Gauthier and Marguerite Bujold) had the following children: Joseph Alexis, Nicolas (m. Rosalie Hebert, daughter of Jean Hebert and Rose Cyr), FlorentJean-BaptisteThadeeElisabeth RebeccaJulienReine-ElisabethFredericVictoire (m. Jean-Baptiste Legere, daughter of Olivier Legere and Marie-Joseph Hebert). Continue reading

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The Laroques | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Index: Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Pioneers of Shippegan Lameque Miscou - The Laroque family
The first Laroques in Shippegan were Honore Laroque (son of Michel Larocque and Brigitte Mallet) and Marthe Stibre. Their children included: Rachel, Hortense, Gaspard (m. Marie Hache, daughter of Octave Hache and Anastasie Chiasson), Philorome, Honore (m. Louise Hache, daughter of Octave Hache and Natalie Chiasson), Adolphe, Marie (m. William Ward, son of William Ward and Marie Bezeau), Felix, Alexandrine, Joseph (m. Justine Chiasson, daughter of Fidele Chiasson and Adeline Duke). Continue reading

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