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French Canadian Pioneers: The Pollets of Quebec

French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec



Arnoul-Balthazar Pollet | Angelique Hamelin

May 10th, 1729 Grondines Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Hamelins of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers 


Jacques Hamelin  |  Marie-Barbe Sulliere

January 13th, 1749 L’Assomption Continue reading

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Perrin, Charles m. Rivest, Odile | Evelyn in Montreal


According to the “Drouin bleu”, their marriage took place on Oct. 30, 1874, in St-Sulpice (Montreal?). I would like to 1- Ascertain if Charles-françois is the son of Dieu-Donné Perrin, who was married to Marie-Eulalie Castonguay, in Notre-Dame de Montreal on Jan. 6, 1826. 2- Know if Charles-François has a son named Hector (he is my great-grandfather). Hector married Georgine Senecal on June 1m, 1886, in St-Cesaire. Thank you for any insight. Colette Tremblay


Charles Perrin was the son of Dieudonne Perrin and Marie Eulalie Castonguay. He married Odile Rivet, (daughter of Charles Rivet and Julie Hamelin) on Octobert 30th, 1854 in St. Sulpice, L’Assomption, Quebec
Notes: Dieudonne Perrin already deceased at time of his son’s marriage.
Odile was a minor, while Charles was of age.



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