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Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation.

For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life.

~  Albert Einstein

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The Harveys – English Speaking Quebeckers | Genealogy & Family History


Harvey, Parris, Slavin, Murphy & Collins – English Quebeckers In Our Family Tree

The Harvey Family

Historical Document: Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey – Baptism, 1897

You’re In The Army Now! Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey In The Canadian Expeditionary Force Continue reading

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You’re In The Army Now! Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey In The Canadian Expeditionary Force

Dear Gabrielle,

As I promised you the other day I’m continuing to post material that relates to your great-grandfather’s brother Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey. I know he’s of particular interest to you because you and your Grandpa Harvey share the same middle name as Marmaduke. What a great Harvey family tradition!

Yesterday I published your wonderful photograph from the Harvey Family Archives which shows Marmaduke in his military Uniform. Today I’m showing you something I found last summer – your great-uncle’s enlistment papers which I obtained from the Soldiers of the First World War Database . Military enlistment papers are a terrific resource for family historians because they contain all sorts of information like the person’s home address and religion, but also information that you don’t usually find anywhere else such as height and hair colour – which are pretty hard to tell from black and white photographs!

One last note – you may be asking yourself why I’ve bothered to transcribe some of the information when we can read it so clearly on the enlistment form. The reason is that search engines cannot read images. So if we want  fellow researchers to find us, we need to have text that the “search bots” can read.

Bye for now,

Auntie Evelyn

Information from Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey’s Enlistment Papers

Marmaduke lived at 176 Congregation St. In Montreal, Quebec.  He belonged to the Methodist Church (probably

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Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey At The Turn Of The Twentieth Century | The Harveys of Quebec | Links Related

This is a historic image of Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey (see also:  Baptism, 1897)  taken at the time of the First World War. We have not yet identified the lady to his left.

Can anyone confirm whether this is a Black Watch uniform?

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Harvey, Parris, Slavin, Murphy & Collins – English Quebeckers In Our Canadian Family Tree

I had a wonderful time today with my sister’s daughter Gabrielle Harvey. For the last year I’ve been tracing her family tree through her father’s lines and today she shared a lot of new information she’s been collecting about her father Daniel Harvey’s family. So far, I haven’t been able to share this research online because I hadn’t gone back far enough in time but now that I’m making more progress, I’ve decided to  begin publishing some little bits and pieces from her English background. By way of introduction, I’d like to say that her major patronym is Harvey – but it branches out into Ross, Parris, Slavin, Murphy, and Collins, and all these families seem to have roots back in England (apparently London and Manchester). Continue reading

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Historical Document: Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey – Baptism, 1897

This website has focused on our Canadian Family’s shared Jersey, French Canadian and Acadian heritage – however in recent years we’ve joined our lines with those of some Franchinis from central and northern Italy and Harveys who originated in the United Kingdom. Research on these lines has just started!

Today I’d like to share our first historical document pertaining to the Harveys.

Methodist Centenery Church – Point St-Charles (Montreal)  – 1897

Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey - Baptism

Marmaduke Lawrence Harvey – Baptism

This baptismal certificate confirms that Marmaduke’s parents were Albert Joseph Harvey and Emma Dolling Young and that the officiating minister was Melvin Taylor.

A Canadian Family Database lists four other children for this couple (Albert Cecil, Anne, John, and Margarita Elizabeth) but I haven’t located the primary documents. Our family is connected to the Albert Cecil Harvey line.


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