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Indians in British America, 1898 (Caughnawaga Excerpts)

(Note: Several extracts from longer article, link follows)

Nearly 100,000 on the Canadian Reservation at Present


In Quebec there are 10,622 Indians …..

The most interesting reservations are those of eastern Canada, continuing the remnants of the nations who figure so prominently in the early history of this continent; the tribes who ruled over the dark forests before Champlain had landed at Quebec or the Pilgrim Fathers on New England’s coast. There are two Iroquois reservations in Quebec.

One is at Caughnawaga, on the south bank of the St. Lawrence, ten miles above Montreal. It is an old settlement, established under the French regime Continue reading

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Picnic At Caughnawaga (1923) | Surnames: Kentaratiron,Two Axe

Gala Day Planned by Iroquois for Saturday

Glimpses of life as it existed for the redmen in the early days of Canada before the wholesale invasion of the white man and the subsequent introduction of “civilized” modes of living, will be furnished in abundance at a big picnic to be held on Saturday afternoon and evening by the Iroquois Indian Band at the Caughnawaga reservation under the auspices of Chief Dominique Two Axe. On this occasion the good old days when the burning of palefaces at the stake was one of the popular pastimes, will be vividly recalled by means of allegorical displays. There Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Farmer Held For Firing Pistol (1938) | Brasseur, Gordon, Jocks,

Caughnawaga Farmer Held for Firing Pistol

Arraigned yesterday on a charge of discharging a firearm with intent to maim, Fernand Brasseur, 45, of Caughnawaga, was ordered to post a bond of $300 pending preliminary hearing of the case on April 5. Continue reading

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Lay In Ambush (1911) Surnames: Beaudin, Bourette, Cyr, Jocks, St-Mars

Surnames: Beaudin, Jocks

Lay In Ambush

Montreal Officers Arrest Desperate Character

MONTREAL, Aug.18 – At large for the last twelve months, after having escaped from the asylum, Osias Beaudin, charged with having poisoned cattle belonging to Pierce Bourette, at the Caughnawaga Reserve, was arrested last night at St. Agnes de Dundee by High Constable St. Mars, and Deputy Constable Cyr.  The accused will be brought before the court of sessions Thursday for trial. Continue reading

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Extract: Caughnawaga Teachers (1918) | Surnames: Beaudin, Beauvais, Doherty, Regis, Thomson

Roman Catholic – Caughnawaga Boys

Sister Mary Gabriel (Princ.)

Sister Mary Joseph Herman (1st teacher)

Sister Mary Zeta (2nd teacher)

Sister Mary Lutgarde (3rd teacher)

Miss Margaret Regis (4th teacher) Continue reading

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