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Annual Report (1890) Surnames: Brosseau

Surnames: Brosseau

The Honourable

The Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs,



I have the honour to transmit to you my report for the year ended the 30th of June last, together with a tabular statement respecting the affairs of the Iroquois Indians of Caughnawaga. Continue reading

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Extracts: Native American Names of Eastern Canada (P)

Main Index: Native American Names of Quebec and Ontario (Marriage Documents)


Pacikin, William | Pakiwcialian, ScolastiqueIndian Church River Desert Quebec Maniwaki Continue reading

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Index: Families of Kahnawake – A Genealogy Series

The Canadiens

1. Jean Baptiste Raientonni CANADIEN (Big John) & Malvina MCCOMBER of Kahnawake

2. Jean Baptiste Raientonni CANADIEN (Big John) & Malvina MCCOMBER of Kahnawake

Historical Document: Jean Baptiste Raientonni Canadien & Malvina Mccomber

Continue reading

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Headstone: Margaret Stacey (m. Louis A. Beauvais) | Kahnawake Catholic Cemetery

Kahnawake/Caughnawaga Indian genealogyMargaret Stacey

1903 – 1970

Beloved wife of the late

Louis A. Beauvais

Of Possible Interest

Index: Headstones of Kahnawak:ke Catholic Cemetery

The Iroquois of Kahnawake

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Jean Baptiste Karontarirhon Stacey & Rosine Rice of Caughnawaga (4/4) | Overview

Some Descendants of  Jean Baptiste Karontarirhon Stacey  and Louise-Rosine Rice

An Incomplete Family Tree

Jean Baptiste Karontarirhon Stacey (son of Joseph Arontarirhon Stacey and Marie Teiosaktannhen Monique) married Louise-Rosine(a) Rice (daughter of Pierre Atawenrate and Scholastique Kaniserentha Picard) on 26 Aug 1873 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. Louise-Rosine(a) died on 6 Apr 1926. Jean Baptiste was a blacksmith.

Jean Baptiste and Louise Rosine had at least 6 children: Jacques-Alexandre Akwirakenhiate, John (Jean Baptiste) Karonhiohare, Frank Thawenrate, Ignace/Angus-Ignatius Sakawihon, Louis and William.

1. Jacques-Alexandre Akwirakenhiate

Jacques-Alexandre was born in 1879 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. Jacques-Alexandre married Fabiane Perras on 4 Sep 1898 in Kahnawake Laprairie Monteregie  Quebec CAN. Fabiane was born in Oka Deux-Montagnes QC CAN and her parents were Hormidas Perras and Mathilde McComber. Notes: Jacques-Alexandre was present at his mother Louise-Rosine’s funeral in Kahnawake in 1926. There is a Canada/USA border document that appears to be for him. It states that he was travelling from Cornwall, Ontario to Nyando, New York on 10 august 1926 and that he was a blacksmith. His contact in the U.S. was an uncle named George Rice living at 1202 Lawrence St., Brooklyn, N.Y. The document also states that he had lived in Providence, Rhode Island (U.S.A.) from 1888 – 1896.

Jacques-Alexandre and Fabiane had four children: Marguerite Rosina Agathe Akwirakahiate, Leon-Henri (Henry), Elisabeth-Laure-Laura and Mabel Karonhianoron.

Marguerite was born on 23 Jun 1909 in Kahnawake  Laprairie Quebec CAN. Her godmother was Catherine Ouennokon. Marguerite married Paul Kelly in 1928 in Brooklyn NY USA.  Leon-Henri married Fabiola Goyette (daughter of Pierre Goyette and Albina Deschatelets) on 29 Aug 1927 in Montreal QC CAN in St-Zotique parish.. (Their son Joseph Henri Alexandre Stacey was born on 21 Jul 1931 in  Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN). Elisabeth-Laure-Laura married Michel Takaronhienne Montour on 12 Nov 1918 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. Michel was the son of Ignace Sosawetes and Anne Konwawennawi Hemlock. Mabel married John Ohnawatekha Delormier on 7 Jan 1919 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. John’s parents were Pierre Karhiio and Marie Watsennine Canadien.

2. John (Jean Baptiste) Karonhiohare Stacey

John was born in 1877 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN.  He married Phebee Teioswathe McCumber on 22 Aug 1898 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN.  Her parents were Edouard Teioswathe McComber and Agnes Rice. John’s occupation was “pilot”. They had four children: Fred-Dalvida, Marie, Bernadette-Berney and Joseph Karonhiohare.

Fred-Dalvida married Flossie McComber (daughter of Ignace McComber and Marthe Stalk) on 7 Sep 1936 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. Marie married Henri Aronhiio Montour on 27 Aug 1928 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. Henri’s parents were Thomas Aronhiatis and Marie Kanatanoron-Montour. Bernadette-Berney married Jacques-James Arakwatiron Deer (son of Thomas Aronhiatis and Marie Kanatanoron Montour). on 27 Sep 1926 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN. Joseph Karonhiohare Stacey was born on 28 Dec 1917 in Kahnawake Laprairie Quebec CAN.  His godmother was his aunt Beatrice McComber.

Continue reading

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Vintage Postcard: Iroquois Indians, Caughnawaga, Que.

A Mohawk (Iroquois) couple from Caughnawaga on the South Shore of the St-Lawrence River near Montreal, Quebec. Caughnawaga borders the city of Chateauguay and is now called  Kahnawake.



Iroquois Indians, Caughnawaga, Que.



I’m from the same family tree. His son Paul Kelly was my great grandfather. I also have photos of scar face. My mother has the bear necklace in this photo here in Kahnawake (formerly known as Caughnawaga).

Towanna Miller

*   *   *

OMG that photo you have here is of my Great great Grandmother and grandfather.. I have another Photo of them with their Names.. This is AN AWESOME find!!! The man is “Thomas J. Williams.” his wife,- “Wealthy ArmindaS. Williams.” My Mothers Great grand parents from her mothers side!!

Skennen ko:wa kenh.

Onen ki wahi.

William-(Billy “Snakehawk” Johnson.) Haudenosaunee -Kanien’kehaka.


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Micmac Indian Camp, Nova Scotia, Canada – Links Restored

This is a vintage postcard of a Micmac Indian Camp.

I believe the postmark reads January 14th, 1907.

Alternate spellings of Micmac include Mi’kmaq and Migmaw.














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Andre Mignier dit Lagace – what did he look like?


Andre Mignier was a simple, 17th century soldier, so we certainly have no images of him, however we do have this recent painting by Francis Back of a typical soldier of the Carignan-Salieres Regiment. The painting is historically accurate as it is based on equipment lists and descriptions of the period.

Andre Mignier’s regiment was stationed in Nouvelle France (Quebec) between 1665 and 1668. The soldiers were brought here to defend the colony from what Europeans called “marauding” Iroquois warriors. Of course, the Iroquois (and other First Nations and Inuit) were already here before the arrival of the Europeans so they would undoubtedly write this history from a different perspective!

At the end of the three years soldiers (and officers) were offered the chance to settle in Nouvelle France. Officers received seigneuries while their soldiers were offered plots of land. In return they had to meet certain requirements (such as building a house) but most importantly – they had to marry!


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Patrimoine Militaire Canadien

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A Canadian Family M-Line: Eveline Melvina Luce

An M-line is a lineage built by beginning with a woman and tracing her line back mother-to-mother.  As a result, the surname changes with each generation. This is a big trend right now, especially with the advent of genetic genealogy which allows both men (through their mothers) and women to trace their bloodlines through their mtDNA.

Eveline Melvina Luce’s  M-Line

 (M. Caplan’s mother  was Native, but not necessarily Mi’kmaq)


First Named Generation

Marguerite Caplan m. Francois Larocque

About 1729 – Acadie

Second Generation

Catherine Larocque m. Jean Chapados

1750 –Gaspesie, Quebec

Third Generation

Anne Chapados m. Jean Baptiste Anglehart

1787 – Gaspesie, Quebec

Fourth Generation

Marie Anglehart m. Alexandre Huard

1826 – Gaspesie, Quebec

Fifth Generation

Marie Huard m. Paul Hypolite Blais

1849 – Gaspesie, Quebec

Sixth Generation

Marie Blais m. Clement Desilva

1871 – Gloucester, New Brunswick

Seventh Generation

Clementine Desylva m. George H. Luce

1896 – Gloucester, New Brunswick

Eighth Generation

Eveline Melvina Luce m. Adelard Lagace

1924 – Gloucester, New Brunswick

Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh Generations


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 The Origins of Gaspe Fisherman Jean Baptiste Anglehart/Migkelhardt | Hessian mercenary? American Loyalist? | Dominique Ritchot

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HISTORICAL DOCUMENT: Angleharte & Huard – Marriage, 1826 – Links Restored

Who: Marie Angleharte, Alexandre Huard + Chappado

 Family Connection:  ancestor, Luce M-line  Where: Paspebiac, Quebec, Canada


This is the original entry for Jean Huard and Marie Angleharte‘s marriage from the Notre-Dame-de-la-Purification in Paspebiac. The basic information confirms my records which dates their marriage to January 30th, 1826, and confirms their parentage. Alexandre Huard was the son of Jean Huard and Madeleine Denys while Marie’s parents were Jean Baptiste Anglehardt and Anne Chappado. Marie had Amerindian – Native (metis) heritage.

Something new that I learned was that Marie’s father was already deceased on that date. Another useful fact regards Marie’s surname. In fact when her parents were married their names were registered as follows: Jean Baptiste Migkelharte and Anne Chappadeau. I knew that Anglehart/Migkelhart were the same family but I always wondered when Anglehart came into use. Now I know it was used at the beginning of the 1800s.

Those researching this lineage sure have their work cut out for them!



from A Canadian Family Database

Alexandre Huard and Marie Anglehart had a daughter Marie who married Paul Hypolite Blais in 1849 in Perce, Quebec. That Marie married Clement Desilva and their female descendants became part of our New Brunswick M-line. Continue reading

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