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A WEDDING AT CAUGHNAWAGA (1882) | Surnames: Jacob, Burtin, Jamieson, Jacks, Jackson, Murray, Laurance

JACOBE-JAMISON. – At Caughnawaga, on the 23rd instant,by the Rev. Father Burtin, Louis Jacobe, to Julia Ann Jamieson, third daughter of James Jamison, of Onediga Point.

It has of late years been much the custom for writers in describing a wedding like that which took place at Caughnawaga on Monday morning, to treat their readers to copious extracts from Tennyson’s “Maud” and to speak of the “garden of girls” that bloomed on the occasion. I do not intend to follow this example, neither do I mean to discourse in rapturous terms about the glories of Mrs. Jacobe’s wedding dress or the marvellous beauties of her bridesmaids’ costumes. How is it possible, indeed, that anyone should do so. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 241 – 260

HOUSEHOLD 241  Iroquois

Curotte Louis, 31      Curotte Therese, 29

Curotte Magdeleine,  6      Curotte John, 4

Curotte Arthur, 4 months

HOUSEHOLD 242  Iroquois

Montour Ignace, 39       Montour Laura, 35

Montour John, 15        Montour Ida, 13

Montour Florence, 8     Montour Marguerite, 3

Continue reading

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The Caughnawaga Ploughing Match (1883) | Surnames: Tehoniataronwe, Montour, Jocks, Sky, Phillips, Daillebout, Patton, DeLorimier, Leaf


The first ploughing competition ever held in Caughnawaga was looked forward to by the residents with an intense interest, which was not confined to the Indian reserve but spread among the farmers for miles around. The farm of John Tehoniataronwe had been chosen as the scene of the completion, and early on Saturday morning spectators began to arrive in large numbers. It is estimated that between four and five hundred people were on the ground, among them many visitors from the neighbourhood of Chateauguay.

For the first class, over 18 years of age, there were twenty-three entires, a number which few older and more pretentious associations could equal. Each man had to plough a width of twenty four feet by about two acres in length, with a prize ridge in the centre. The competitors drew lots for position, and at the given signal started off, every man appearing to be perfectly at home with the plough. Excellent work was done, indeed some of the farmers present declared it equal to the best they had seen. One of the judges remarked that he had seen some of the best Canadian pressmen do worse work. After over an hour’s examination, in addition to watching the progress of the work, the judges awarded the prizes in this class as follows:-

Class I – 1st prize, $8, Chief Montour; 2nd prize, $5, Matthew Jocks; 3rd prize, $4, Francis Sky; 4th prize, $2, Thomas Phillips. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 201 – 220

HOUSEHOLD 201 Iroquois

Montour Angus,  46   Montour Anna, 46

Montour Peter, 22  Montour Thomas K. 19

Montour Josephine, 12

Hemlock Marie, 16

HOUSEHOLD 202  Iroquois Continue reading

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Many Seek Honors (1931) | Surnames: Delisle, Jacobs, Jocks, Johns, Lacombe, Lawrence, Martin, McComber, Paul, Standup, Skye, Williams

Caughnawaga Indian Reserve Name Aldermen Tomorrow

There are 15 candidates seeking aldermanic honors at Caughnawaga Indian reserve, out of which six will be chosen tomorrow morning. Of these six, one will be name mayor or chief of the Indian reserve.

The candidates are John Lacombe, John Skye, John F. Martin, Andrew Delisle, Peter J. Delisle, Peter Jacobs, Peter Williams, Frank P. Johns, Paul Paul, John Lawrence, Angus T. McComber, Angus Standup, John Norton, Joseph Martin and Dominic McComber. These candidates were chosen yesterday afternoon. Continue reading

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The Caughnawaga Murder (1888) > Surnames: Brousseau, Corneiller, Jocks, Lefort, Jacobs, Patton

The Prisoner in Court – He Hears the Evidence, But Has Nothing to Say

The alleged murderer, Jacobs, of Caughnawaga, was brought before the Coroner, in the petit jury room at the Court House yesterday morning, where all the witnesses who had testified at the late inquest were assembled. Mr. Corneiller, Q.C., attorney for the defence, Mr. Jocks, student-at-law, Mr. Brousseau, Government agent at Caughnawaga, Dr. Patton, Moise Lefort, the interpreter, and Dominique, father of the prisoner, were also present. When Jacobs entered the room he shook hands all round. He looked sad and ill at ease, but had evidently somewhat recuperated since in jail. He still wore the bandage around his neck, but the self-inflicted wounds are almost healed.

The witnesses were all re-sworn and their evidence, as already given, was read to the prisoner. When asked at the end of each deposition if he had any questions to ask, he replied no and signified his statement to that effect. Two of the witnesses made trifling changes in the wording of their previous statements, and Jacobs was taken back to jail. On the way through the corridor he met his mother-in-law. He fell on his knees, and both wept bitterly. Rising he attempted to embrace her, but she pushed him quietly away, and they parted both sobbing.

The coroner will formally commit the accused on Saturday for trial at the Court of Queen`s Bench. Until then he will not be permitted to see anybody.

Source: Montreal Herald, August 17th, 1888


 Index: Historical Extracts Related To Kahnawà:ke 

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Short On Salaries (1913) | Surname: Jacobs

Indian Player Suing For Three Weeks 

The Caughnawaga Indian council of the Indian village opposite Montreal intends to appeal to the Indian department about the back salary due Paul Jacobs. Continue reading

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Past And Future Meet in Caughnawa (1949) | Surnames: Beauvais, Bechard, Bernier, Jacobs, Karhaienton, Lalonde, Piche, Tekakwitha

Past And future Meet in Caughnawaga


Caughnawaga, Que. –

Nation-wide attention will be focussed on this little village on the banks of the St. Lawrence River later this month, when one of the most modern schools in Canada is officially opened here n the presence, it is hoped, of Prime Minter St. Laurent.

For the Indian boys and girls who fill its bright, attractive classrooms, however, school days began at Tekakwitha School in September, not later, or earlier, than in other schools throughout the Dominion. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 181 – 200

HOUSEHOLD 181  Iroquois

Twoaxe, Martin, 64   Twoaxe, Marie, 60

HOUSEHOLD 182  Iroquois

Twoaxe Dominique, 35   Twoaxe Juliette, 37

Twoaxe Marie, 9 Continue reading

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Indian Consecrated (1934) | Surname: Jacobs


First from Caughnawaga to Enter Ministry

Reverend Michel Jacobs, novice of the Jesuit Fathers at the Immaculate Conception scholastique, and first Indian of the Caughnawaga reservation ever to take holy orders, was yesterday morning consecrated to the order of sub-deacon at a ceremony which took place at St. James Cathedral. The ceremony was conducted by Msg. Alphonse Deschamps, auxiliary bishop of Montreal. Ten other Jesuits were also received in the order during the same ceremony. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Council – Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected (1924) | Surnames: Albany, Canadian, Phillips, Norton, DeLisle, Montour, Lacombe, Jacobs, Beauvais


Mayor Joseph Canadian and Two Members Re-elected

The annual election of Indian councillors and mayor for Caughnawaga resulted as follows:

Mayor – Joseph Canadian

Councillors – James Phillips, Louis Norton, Andrew DeLisle, Angus Montour, J. Lacombe Continue reading

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