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Query by Glenn McDonald

On one of your posts, I followed a link that showed native marriages from the 1900’s. On 8/5/1901 Louis Jocks married Anne McComber in st. Francois Xavier parish, in Caughnawaga
How can I get more detail of this marriage, trying to trace my ancestry to Louis Jocks? Are the parish records available online? Appreciate all your posts! Continue reading

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The Caughnawaga Ploughing Match (1883) | Surnames: Tehoniataronwe, Montour, Jocks, Sky, Phillips, Daillebout, Patton, DeLorimier, Leaf


The first ploughing competition ever held in Caughnawaga was looked forward to by the residents with an intense interest, which was not confined to the Indian reserve but spread among the farmers for miles around. The farm of John Tehoniataronwe had been chosen as the scene of the completion, and early on Saturday morning spectators began to arrive in large numbers. It is estimated that between four and five hundred people were on the ground, among them many visitors from the neighbourhood of Chateauguay.

For the first class, over 18 years of age, there were twenty-three entires, a number which few older and more pretentious associations could equal. Each man had to plough a width of twenty four feet by about two acres in length, with a prize ridge in the centre. The competitors drew lots for position, and at the given signal started off, every man appearing to be perfectly at home with the plough. Excellent work was done, indeed some of the farmers present declared it equal to the best they had seen. One of the judges remarked that he had seen some of the best Canadian pressmen do worse work. After over an hour’s examination, in addition to watching the progress of the work, the judges awarded the prizes in this class as follows:-

Class I – 1st prize, $8, Chief Montour; 2nd prize, $5, Matthew Jocks; 3rd prize, $4, Francis Sky; 4th prize, $2, Thomas Phillips. Continue reading

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Fire At Caughnawaga (1889) | Surnames: Jocks, Murray, Lalonde


The stone houses of Chief Jocks (now Mayor) and James Murray, and the wooden house of John Price, with thier contents and the stables, were destroyed by fire last evening at Caughnawaga. By bringing pails up from the river the Indians – men, women and children – kept the neighboring houses wet enough to prevent the fire from spreading further, though the breeze was pretty strong. About $?,000 damage was done. Miss Lalonde had her shoulder broekn by a box thrown out of her father’s upper window.

Continue reading

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Dark Angel Visits Caughnawaga With Tidings of Chief White Cloud’s Death (1931) | Surnames: Atrenho, Canadian/Canadien, Jocks

Caughnawaga, Que., February 13.-

Chief White Cloud is dead. Mumbling feebly the incantations that went with the mystic lore of the tribal medicine man, he died today at Watertown, N.Y. a victim of influenza. With him was extinguished an Iroquois line whose roots went deep into the days before the pale face trod the Canadian land which gave birth to one famed all over the Continent for his lore in medicine. He was fifty years old.

James Atrenho was the family name of the dead chief. He came of lusty stock and was a native of this reservation. In his younger days he was renowned among te braves as one of the fleetest of foot within the tribe. Reaching mature years, he turned to the medicien magic of is forefathers, and years of study enabled him to emerge with a reputation that soon spread across the line line to others of the Six Nations. Much of his life was spent in travelling from trbe to trib, bringing comfort to the suffering of his race. Several years ago, the cheif joined a show at Glen’s Falls, N.Y., and had been with that organization since. From tme to time, however, he returned here.

Chief Jocks, of the Caughnawaga police, received the news this afternoon: the reservation was plunged into gloom, but was somewhat consoled by the fact that the Chief’s wife, whose maiden name was Marion Canadian, was present at the last.

The funeral, with full tribal panoply, will take place here probably Tuesday morning, the body being due tomorrow. Six braves of the Iroquois will act as pall-bearers, while hundreds will attend.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Feb. 14, 1931

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CAUGHNAWAGA TO BE EN-FETE TODAY (1932) | Surnames: Atrenho, Canadian, Tosini

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Angus Skye, 16 of Caughnawaga, Drowned While Cycling Home (1930) | Surnames: Skye, White, Deer, Jocks

Angus Skye, a 16-year-old Indian youth living here, was drowned shortly before two o’clock this afternoon, when, while crossing the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge between Lachine and this place on his bicycle, he lost his balance and fell from the bridge into the cold waters of the St. Lawrence River. The body has not yet been received although a search is being made.

W. White and Tom Deer, intimate friends of Skye, who were with him at the time of the drowning, and who witnessed the accident, related a very sad story to Police Chief Jocks. They remembered how their friend ad met his death, and also for he valiant attempt Skye made to swim to shore. He was soon exhausted, however, and sank out of sight. Continue reading

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Man’s Strange Disappearance 15 Years Ago Linked With Discovery (1933) | Surnames: Decaire (Dicaire), Goodleaf, Fontaine, Jargaille, Jocks, Lasnier, Mayo, Robertson

Warning: contents slightly graphic!


Workman’s Gloves Worn by Victim, Pipe and Other Articles Turned Over For Investigation

The gruesome discovery of a skeleton in the Caughnawaga Cemetery on Saturday afternoon, made my three Indians digging a grave, may be linked with the strange disappearance 16 years ago of Mike Decaire, an Indian of Caughnawaga, who has never been found. Provincial detectives are at present checking up on those details as the missing man’s age and height correspond with the data given concerning the skeleton examined by Dr. Rosario Fontaine, provincial medico-legal expert. Continue reading

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Indian Drowns In Peculiar Manner (1934) | Surname: Delaronde, Jocks

Found Dead on River Bank With Face Only Submerged in Shallow Water

Frank Delaronde, 35-year-old Caughnawaga Indian, was found dead with his face submerged in several inches of water on the shore of the St. Lawrence River near the Indian Reservation at fve o’clock Saturday afternoon. Drowning, following an epileptic fit, is believed to be the cause of death but the body was removed to the morgue and an inquest will take place this morning. Continue reading

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Marriage of Grand Chief Jocks to Miss Josephine Marlin (1882) |Surnames: Jocks, Marlin

The marriage of Grand Chief Thomas Zocks, of the Caughnawaga Indians, to Miss Josephine Marlin, daughter of another chief, was celebrated with great ceremonies and rejoicings at the reserve.

Source: The Quebec Daily Telegraph, Apr 27th, 1882

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White Farmers in Caughnawaga (1880) | Surnames: Beauvais, Delisle, DeLorimier, Jocks, Murray, Williams

Interview with Chief Jocks and others – the question of white labour – the case fairly and fully stated

Yesterday we had an opportunity of meeting three of the prominent Indians from Caughnawaga, namely, Chief Jocks and Messrs. DeLorimier and Francois Delisle from whom we learned something of the difficulties which are prevailing in Caughnawaga, to which frequent references has been made in the newspapers. The following interview with the Chef will give our readers, perhaps, a better understanding of the whole question than they could get in any other way.

Rep.– I understand that the difficulties in connection with white residents n the reservation of Caughnawaga have not been settled?

Chief– They have not.

Rep.- What has given rise to this difficulty? Continue reading

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Motoring Accident Has Fatal Issue (1930) | Surnames: Jocks, Latour


Young man Dies at Caughnawaga as Result of Road Mishap

The body of Georges Latour, 21 years of age, of Caughnawaga, was removed from his home to the morgue yesterday afternoon. Latour, was one of a quintette of victims injured when the motor car in which they were travelling on the highway near Chateauguay overturned several times and was wrecked on October 9 last, died at the Sacred Heart Hospital at Caugnawaga, on Tuesday night. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Farmer Held For Firing Pistol (1938) | Brasseur, Gordon, Jocks,

Caughnawaga Farmer Held for Firing Pistol

Arraigned yesterday on a charge of discharging a firearm with intent to maim, Fernand Brasseur, 45, of Caughnawaga, was ordered to post a bond of $300 pending preliminary hearing of the case on April 5. Continue reading

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