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Man’s Strange Disappearance 15 Years Ago Linked With Discovery (1933) | Surnames: Decaire (Dicaire), Goodleaf, Fontaine, Jargaille, Jocks, Lasnier, Mayo, Robertson

Warning: contents slightly graphic!


Workman’s Gloves Worn by Victim, Pipe and Other Articles Turned Over For Investigation

The gruesome discovery of a skeleton in the Caughnawaga Cemetery on Saturday afternoon, made my three Indians digging a grave, may be linked with the strange disappearance 16 years ago of Mike Decaire, an Indian of Caughnawaga, who has never been found. Provincial detectives are at present checking up on those details as the missing man’s age and height correspond with the data given concerning the skeleton examined by Dr. Rosario Fontaine, provincial medico-legal expert. Continue reading

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Indian Drowns In Peculiar Manner (1934) | Surname: Delaronde, Jocks

Found Dead on River Bank With Face Only Submerged in Shallow Water

Frank Delaronde, 35-year-old Caughnawaga Indian, was found dead with his face submerged in several inches of water on the shore of the St. Lawrence River near the Indian Reservation at fve o’clock Saturday afternoon. Drowning, following an epileptic fit, is believed to be the cause of death but the body was removed to the morgue and an inquest will take place this morning. Continue reading

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White Farmers in Caughnawaga (1880) | Surnames: Beauvais, Delisle, DeLorimer, Jocks, Murray, Williams

Interview with Chief Jocks and others – the question of white labour – the case fairly and fully stated

Yesterday we had an opportunity of meeting three of the prominent Indians from Caughnawaga, namely, Chief Jocks and Messrs. DeLorimier and Francois Delisle from whom we learned something of the difficulties which are prevailing in Caughnawaga, to which frequent references has been made in the newspapers. The following interview with the Chef will give our readers, perhaps, a better understanding of the whole question than they could get in any other way.

Rep.– I understand that the difficulties in connection with white residents n the reservation of Caughnawaga have not been settled?

Chief– They have not.

Rep.- What has given rise to this difficulty? Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Farmer Held For Firing Pistol (1938) | Brasseur, Gordon, Jocks,

Caughnawaga Farmer Held for Firing Pistol

Arraigned yesterday on a charge of discharging a firearm with intent to maim, Fernand Brasseur, 45, of Caughnawaga, was ordered to post a bond of $300 pending preliminary hearing of the case on April 5. Continue reading

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Four Persons Injured (1941) | Surnames: Diabo, Jocks, Martel, Poirier

Four persons were injured when an automobile in which they were riding struck a horse on the Montreal – Caughnawaga road at 8 o’clock Saturday night.

The injured, all of whom were taken to Caughnawaga Hospital for treatment, were Paul Emile Martel, 40 of St Maurice (Terrebonne), driver of the auto: Mr. and Mrs. A. Poirier, 40 and 32 years old respectively of 1027 Woodland avenue, Verdun and Victoran Poirier, 27 of Valleyfield. Martel suffered a broken arm and the other tree victims excaped with mnor cuts and bruises.

The accident was investigated by Provincial Det. . Pinard and Traffic Officer P.E. Leduc, who reported that there were two horses owned by Angus Diabo, Caughnawaga Indian on the highway when the car Continue reading

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Marijuana Plants Found On Reserve (1938) Surnames: Brisebois, Jocks

Surnames: Brisebois, Jocks


Caughnawaga Police at Work Eradicating Dangerous Weed


Was to Have Been Finished Now, But Much Remains – Dope  Is Most Feared of All Narcotics

Some 3,500 pounds of marijuana plants are being picked and burned every day under police supervision at Caughnawaga, according to information obtained during the past week form reservation officers. The leaves and seeds of the marijuana plant contain a drug police fear more than any other narcotic. Continue reading

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