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Four Persons Injured (1941) | Surnames: Diabo, Jocks, Martel, Poirier

Four persons were injured when an automobile in which they were riding struck a horse on the Montreal – Caughnawaga road at 8 o’clock Saturday night.

The injured, all of whom were taken to Caughnawaga Hospital for treatment, were Paul Emile Martel, 40 of St Maurice (Terrebonne), driver of the auto: Mr. and Mrs. A. Poirier, 40 and 32 years old respectively of 1027 Woodland avenue, Verdun and Victoran Poirier, 27 of Valleyfield. Martel suffered a broken arm and the other tree victims excaped with mnor cuts and bruises.

The accident was investigated by Provincial Det. . Pinard and Traffic Officer P.E. Leduc, who reported that there were two horses owned by Angus Diabo, Caughnawaga Indian on the highway when the car Continue reading

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Runaway Is Found (1931) | Surnames: Delisle, Jocks, Rice


Missing Caughnawaga Lad Walked Thirty Miles

Thomas Rice, 13 years of age, of Caughnawaga, who had been reported missing last Monday afternoon, after he had left a note to his mother saying he was leaving the Indian Reserve, was located yesterday afternoon at St. Chrystotome, Que., to which place he had walked. Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 61 – 80

HOUSEHOLD 61   Note: Iroquois with scrawled notation, couple is francais

Dulude Frederic, 57   Dulude Pamala, 57

Dulude Rosario, 21   Dulude Yvonne, 18

HOUSEHOLD 62   Iroquois

Lefebvre Georges, 41   Lefebvre Blondine, 37

Courtemanche, Eustache, 81

HOUSEHOLD 63   francaise

Duranceau Adelard, 46   Duranceau Maria, 7

Duranceau Yvonne, 15   Duranceau Marie-Rose, 13   Duranceau Laurette, 11 Continue reading

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Lay In Ambush (1911) Surnames: Beaudin, Bourette, Cyr, Jocks, St-Mars

Surnames: Beaudin, Jocks

Lay In Ambush

Montreal Officers Arrest Desperate Character

MONTREAL, Aug.18 – At large for the last twelve months, after having escaped from the asylum, Osias Beaudin, charged with having poisoned cattle belonging to Pierce Bourette, at the Caughnawaga Reserve, was arrested last night at St. Agnes de Dundee by High Constable St. Mars, and Deputy Constable Cyr.  The accused will be brought before the court of sessions Thursday for trial. Continue reading

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Marijuana Plants Found On Reserve (1938) Surnames: Brisebois, Jocks

Index: Newspaper Clippings Related To Kahnawà:ke  

First Peoples Genealogy and History


Note: As always, the information below is transcribed from a period newspaper – in this case from the late 1930s. Thomas Deer left an interesting note below –

“This incident described in this article was incited by faulty information. The plants were actually an variety of hemp indigenous to North America, which has no intoxicating properties. This variety of hemp still grows wild around Kahnawake.”



Caughnawaga Police at Work Eradicating Dangerous Weed


Was to Have Been Finished Now, But Much Remains – Dope  Is Most Feared of All Narcotics

Some 3,500 pounds of marijuana plants are being picked and burned every day under police supervision at Caughnawaga, according to information obtained during the past week form reservation officers. The leaves and seeds of the marijuana plant contain a drug police fear more than any other narcotic. Continue reading

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Chief John Jocks Near Anniversary (1934) Surnames: Bouchard, Jocks, Lacouture, Letourneau, Palmer, Two Axe

Surnames:  Bouchard, Jocks, Lacouture, Letourneau, MacDonald, Palmer, Two Axe


Caughnawaga Police Head Will Have Been 14 Years In Post Next Week


Work In Interests of Indians On Reservation Notable – History is Recalled

Chief of Police John K. Jocks. R.C.M.P. of the Indian Reserve at Caughnawaga will observe next week the 14th anniversary of his appointment to this post. Chief Jocks is proud to a degree of his Indian ancestry and he is held in high regard by his compatriots, for the welfare of whom he strives ceaselessly. Continue reading

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Indian Dead On Tracks (1930) | Surnames: Diabo, Dorais, Jocks, Prince

Surnames: Diabo, Dorais, Jocks, Prince


Fatality Occurred Near C.P.R. Bridge Near Caughnawaga

Gordon Diabo, 22 years of age, an Indian of the Caughnawaga reserve, was found dead on the railway tracks on the Caughnawaga side 200 feet south of the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge at 9:30 o’clock last night. The body was removed to the morgue where an inquest will be held. Continue reading

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