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Evelyn in Montreal: Isaie Lagasse m. Hanora Daly

Messages from Corrina:

(1) Well I finally broke through my brick wall only to hit it 2 seconds later. I could not find info on my grandpa James Lagace’s line. Then when the New Brunswick archives updated more photos, it showed his marriage record to Louisa Savoie, my grandma, and showed that his parents names were Pierre Lagace & Sara Daigle….and thats my brick wall. (2) Today doing another search at the PANB, I was able to find Pierre’s father & mother. Their names are Issac Lagace & Honora Daly.

Information 1

This couple is a good candidate for the one you are looking for.- especially since Lagace is a common name but I haven’t come across too many Lagaces married to Dalys.

Isaie Lagasse maried Hanora Daly | Canadian Family

This Ste-Famille, Bathurst parish record states that an Isaie Legasse and Hanora Daly were married on May 31st, 1871 and that both were from that parish. Their parents aren’t listed but the witnesses are – Stephen Daly and Margaret Bal(???). In an interesting coincidence, several years ago I was assisting someone with a Bathurst  Guitard | Lagace line and this couple popped up as having one daughter – Nora Lagace who married into the Guitards of Robertville, New Brunswick.

Information 2

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Feature – – Brick Walls Can Bring Delight (Pt.1) Guest Post by Peter Lagasse

The title of this post may seem odd at first glance. You have been working on your family tree and then a wall blocks your path. There seems no way around it, let alone through it. That family branch extending further into the past can even appear hopeless when the days become years and still nothing. Continue reading

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St Martin (Ile de Re) – La Citadelle de les Forcats attendant leur depart pour la Regne

Andre Mignier dit Lagace’s parents Michel Mignier and Catherine Masson were from St Martin de Re (Aunis), Poitou. Andre Mignier and his wife Jacquette Michel are the progenitors of the Lagaces/Migniers of North America. I descend from this couple through my Lagace mother.

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Fred Legace & Margaret Stuart | Narcisse Legace & Marie Doucet

A message from Leo Lagacey –

Hi,  I am trying to find a Great Grandfather of my brother in law “Alvin Legace” father Vincent Legace b 1913,mother Leona Simoneau, b1925 grand parents Fred Legace & Margaret Stuart, great grand parents Narcisse (Legace & Marie Doucet) for whom I cannot find any information The only way I know they are the great grandparents is the marriage certificate shows them as parents of Fred Legacy. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

On this certificate the mother is identified as Louise Doucet. I presume she was called  Marie Louise Doucet.


This might be the couple you are looking for:

NAME: Narcisse Legassie
SPOUSE: Louisa Doucett
MARRIAGE: 1832-1860 – Gloucester, Comté (Bureau de Santé de Bathurst), Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)

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Lagace, Joseph m. Doucet, Elizabeth – 1894

The marriage of my maternal grandparents Joseph Lagace and Elizabeth Doucet on the 26th of June 1894.Witnesses were Jerome Daigle and Mary Jane Lagace.

Ste-Therese Parish, Robertville


Index: Mignier Lagaces | France/QC/NB

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Paulie “Cat” Lagasse – New Canadian Flash! (3/3)

Vintage Boxing Poster | 1930s | Boxing HistoryNew Canadian Flash!

Paulie “Cat” Lagasse

The Fans Know Him


Never On The Floor!

Has fought such battlers as Jerry Mazza, Al Casimino, Ernie Robinson, Al Wells, Artie Murphy, Arthur Primrose, the Canadian Crack; Harry Oberman, Jimmie Barnholly, Bernie Vulgur, Young Laske, Benny Arrows, Sol Uba, Caspar La Rosa, Harry Tedasco, Jack Morant, Al King.

Anxious To Meet Any And All Lightweights


A Natural Fighter

Always aggressive – always a favourite with the crowds

Managed by

Barney Downes and Jim Burns

Baldwin, Long Island Telephones Freeport 687, 1671R


Let’s Put Some Meat On The Bones! Paulie “Cat” Lagasse

Paulie “Cat” Lagasse – Slideshow

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Lagace, Arthur – 1992 | Lagace, Doris – 1924 | Lagace, Lucien – 1929

Canadian FamilyArthur Lagace

Doris Lagace

Lucien Lagace

Index: Riviere-Ouelle – Cemetery on Chemin de la Haute-Riviere



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A Canadian Family Headstone: Adelard J. Legacy/Lagace, died Nov. 3rd, 1959

My maternal grandfather – buried at

Holy Family Church in Bathurst, New Brunswick

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Lagace/Mignier Marriages – A Canadian Family Tree (4) | Lagace/Mignier, Ignace to Julien

This is the 4th in a series of posts in which I share marriages extracted from my database (A Canadian Family) where the groom was a Lagace/Mignier who descended from the Quebec pioneer couple Andre Mignier dit Lagace (Soldier of the Regiment Carignan) and his wife, the  “fille du roi” – Jacquette Michel.

First visit?

Please see Lagace/Mignier Marriages – A Canadian Family Tree (1) for important notes and an index.

A Canadian Family Tree (4) | Lagace/Mignier, Ignace  to Julien

Lagace / Mignier, Ignace  |  Gagnon, Angelique/Angele

Married: 27 Nov 1820 Baie-du-Febvre Yamaska QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Irenee  |  Fortin, Hermine

Married: 28 Jul 1873 L’Islet-sur-Mer L’Islet Chaudiere-Appalaches QC CAN

Lagace / Mignier, Isaac  |  Ouellet, Modeste

Married: 1814 St-Roch-des-Aulnaies L’Islet Chaudiere-Appalaches QC CAN Continue reading

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