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Landry Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

Surnames: Boudreau, Gauvin, Goulet, Landry, Legere, Theriault

The first Landrys to settle in Grand-Anse were Omer Landry (son of Remi Landry and Charlotte Doiron) and his first wife Luce Goulet (daughter of Jean Goulet and Pauline Comeau of Bertrand, and his second wife Felicite Legere, Romain Hache’s widow. Continue reading

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Blanchard Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

The earliest Blanchards I have found in Grande-Anse were Jean-Baptiste Blanchard and his wife Genevieve Landry. The couple were from Caraquet  and were married there on November 23rd, 1824. His parents were Isidore Blanchard and Isabelle Leger while she was the daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau. Continue reading

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Theriault Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

Theriault Genealogy | Grande Anse | New Bandon | Gloucester County | New Brunswick | Map

The George Theriault  who married Agnes Aube in 1872 and then settled in Grand-Anse (New Bandon) was the son of Sidefroy Theriault and Luce Landry and the grandson of the first Theriault couple to have settled  in Grand-Anse – Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet.   

George Theriault and Agnes Aube had at least the following children: Marie Phebee (m. Augustin Thibodeau, son of Alexis Thibodeau and Rose Fournier of Green Point, 1897), Alfred (m.  Francoise Godin of Caraquet, daughter of Nazaire Godin and Olive Dugas, 1900), Georgiana also Georgie Ann (m.  Elmeric Laliberte, of Fall River, U.S.A., son of Patrick Laliberte and Celina Lavallee, 1900), Valerie (m. Albert Chouinard, 1901), Albert (m. Therese Doucet of Bathurst Village, 1906)

George’s father Sidefroy Theriault (son of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet) had married Luce Landry (daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau)  on January 27th, 1824. Fidele Theriault says they had fifteen children of which 9 were still alive at his death. Their children included Jean C, a sailor who was born in 1840, Lazare, a teacher who married Mary Lewis), Agnes, Georges  himself, who married Agnes Aube, Elisabeth who married Alfred Aube (widower of Marie-Anne Blais), and ValerieContinue reading

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The Chapadeaus | Pioneers of Caraquet

Gilbert Chapadeau (son of Michel Chapadeau and Rosalie Landry) from Paspebiac and Marie Hebert (daughter of Joseph Hebert, widow of Jacques Lanteigne) are the first Chapadeau couple in Caraquet. They had three children: Agnes (m. Hyacinthe Lanteigne, son of Xavier Lanteigne and Caroline Bouthillier), Angele and Louise (m. Adolphe Cormier, son of Bernard Cormier and Olive Landry).

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The Dugas | Pioneers of Caraquet

Caraquet history
Joseph Dugas
(son of Charles Dugas and Anne Leblanc) and Agathe Landry (daughter of Alexis Landry and Marie Theriault) were the founding Dugas couple of Caraquet.  They had the following children:

Barbe (m. Pierre Pinet, son of Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau), Hypolite (m. Genevieve Pinet, daughter of Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau), Joseph Amable, Bruno, Anastasie (m. Firmin Theriault, son of Joseph Theriault and Marie-Joseph Girouard), Laurent (m. Marie Allain, daughter of Michel Allain and Josette Savoie), Amand Constant (Francoise Theriault, daughter of Pierre Theriault and Marguerite Pinet), HilaireBlanche (m. Leon Robichaud, son of Jean-Baptiste Robichaud and Felicity Cyr). Continue reading

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The Poiriers | Pioneers of Caraquet

Caraquet history

Charles Poirier (probably the son of Joseph Poirier and Jeanne Arsenault) married Madeleine Landry (daughter of Jean Landry and Claire Leblanc). The couple had the following children: Joseph Hubert (m. Charlotte Legere, daughter of Olivier Legere and Marie Joseph Hebert,), Charles (m. Jeanne Bourg, daughter of Joseph Bourg and Catherine Comeau), and Marie Veronique.

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The Cormiers | Pioneers of Caraquet

Caraquet Cormier pioneersThe original Cormiers in Canada (Robert Cormier and Marie Theriault) came from La Rochelle, France. The earliest Cormier couples I have found in Caraquet are the three sons of Jean-Baptiste Cormier and Marie Theriault.

1. Alexis Cormier and Elisabeth Gauthier (daughter of Joseph Gauthier and Marguerite Bujold) had the following children: Joseph Alexis, Nicolas (m. Rosalie Hebert, daughter of Jean Hebert and Rose Cyr), FlorentJean-BaptisteThadeeElisabeth RebeccaJulienReine-ElisabethFredericVictoire (m. Jean-Baptiste Legere, daughter of Olivier Legere and Marie-Joseph Hebert). Continue reading

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