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Theriault Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

Theriault Genealogy | Grande Anse | New Bandon | Gloucester County | New Brunswick | Map

The George Theriault  who married Agnes Aube in 1872 and then settled in Grand-Anse (New Bandon) was the son of Sidefroy Theriault and Luce Landry and the grandson of the first Theriault couple to have settled  in Grand-Anse – Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet.   

George Theriault and Agnes Aube had at least the following children: Marie Phebee (m. Augustin Thibodeau, son of Alexis Thibodeau and Rose Fournier of Green Point, 1897), Alfred (m.  Francoise Godin of Caraquet, daughter of Nazaire Godin and Olive Dugas, 1900), Georgiana also Georgie Ann (m.  Elmeric Laliberte, of Fall River, U.S.A., son of Patrick Laliberte and Celina Lavallee, 1900), Valerie (m. Albert Chouinard, 1901), Albert (m. Therese Doucet of Bathurst Village, 1906)

George’s father Sidefroy Theriault (son of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet) had married Luce Landry (daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau)  on January 27th, 1824. Fidele Theriault says they had fifteen children of which 9 were still alive at his death. Their children included Jean C, a sailor who was born in 1840, Lazare, a teacher who married Mary Lewis), Agnes, Georges  himself, who married Agnes Aube, Elisabeth who married Alfred Aube (widower of Marie-Anne Blais), and ValerieContinue reading

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Hector Leger & Alblanda Brunet | Evelyn in Montreal

Yvon Pelletier said –

I’m looking for the father or the grand father of Hector Leger maried to Alblanda Brunet.



Hector Leger (son of Joseph Leger and Malvina Gareau) married Alblanda Brunet (daughter of Antoine Brunet and Amanda Charon) on September 30th, 1907 in St-Jovite in Terrebonne, Quebec.

Joseph Leger (son of Joseph Leger and Angelique Valois) married Malvina Gareau (daughter of Joseph Gareau and Zoe Riendeau) on January 18th, 1883 in St-Michel Parish in Vaudreuil (Quebec). Continue reading

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The Robichauds | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Robichaud Genealogy | Founding family of Shippegan

Jean Baptiste Robichaud (son of Joseph Robichaud and Claire Leblanc) and Felicity Cyr (daughter of Jean Cyr and Marie Josephte Hebert) founded the Robichaud line in Shippegan. They were Acadian refugees who had ended up in St-Malo (Bretagne, France) and who were then able to make their way back to Prince Edward Island (Canada) on one of Robin’s ships. Continue reading

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They Passed Through Kahnawake: John Forbes and Octavie Leger

forbesJohn  Forbes (son of Alexandre Forbes and Anastasie Leger) married Octavie Leger (daughter of Antoine Leger and Christine Lefort) on February 16th, 1863 in St-Michel Parish in Vaudreuil.

At the time of the 1901 census,  this French-speaking couple were living in the Sault-St-Louis census district in a household headed by  their son, Father Joseph-Guillaume-Laurent Forbes (St-Francois-Xavier Parish). The household also included their three children John, Joseph and Seraphine as well as a cousin named Maria Barbeau and the vicar Albert Lessard.

Indexes: First Peoples

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Theriault Rosaire m. Leger Yvonne, m. 1921

Rosaire Theriault and Yvonne Leger were my paternal grandparents. They were married in St-Honore Parish in the Temiscouata on December 6th, 1921.

Rosaire was the son of  Philippe Theriault and Marguerite Plourde while my grandmother Yvonne was the daughter of Louis Leger and Celeste Babineau.

Continue reading

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Legere Marcellin m. Dupuis Rosalie, Memramcook, 1830

Marcellin (Frederic) Leger and Rosalie Dupuis (m. 22 Nov. 1830, Memramcook) are my great-great-great grandparents. Rosalie was the daughter of Pierre Dupuis and Anne Landry. Continue reading

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Leger Louis m. Babineau Celeste (Bouctouche, 1897)

My paternal grandmother Yvonne Leger was the daughter of Louis Gonzague Leger and Celeste Babineau. My great grandparents were married on November 22nd, 1897 in St-Jean-Baptiste Parish in Bouctouche (Kent, New Brunswick). Continue reading

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A Canadian Family Through The Generations: Our Legers (2)

Generation 2

Jacques Pierre Leger and Anne “dite Tourangeau” Amirault

Jacques Pierre Leger and Anne Amirault were both born in Port Royal, Acadia – Jacques in 1698 and Anne in 1691. They were also married there on January 12th, 1717. Anne was the daughter of Francois “dit Tourangeau” (from Tours, France) Amirault and Marie Pitre, and Acadian. Anne gave birth to 13 children . They were Armand, Anne, Elizabeth, Francois,  Francoise, Jacques Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Joseph “dit Fluzan” Marie (1), Marie (2), Olivier, Paul, Pierre, Simon.

Their son Joseph “dit Fluzan” Leger is our direct ancestor. He married Claire Leblanc, daughter of Rene Jean Leblanc and Anne Theriault, on June 4th, 1744 in Beaubassin, Acadie (later Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia). Joseph and Claire had 7 known children – 6 of whom survived to adulthood and married. Continue reading

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A Canadian Family Through The Generations: Our Legers (1)

Generation 1

Jacques “dit La Rosette” Leger and Anne Madeleine Trahan.

Jacques La Rosette (aka Larozette) Leger was born in France in 1663 and died on the 28th of March 1751 in Port Royale Acadie (now Nova Scotia). He began as a military drummer and then became a farmer.

He married Anne Madeleine Trahan on March 13th, 1693 in Port Royale. Trahan was Acadian-born (Port Royale – 1677)  and was the daughter of Guillaume Trahan and Marie Magdeleine Brun who had come originally from St-Germain-de-Bourgeuil in the Indre-et-Loire region of France.

Jacques La Rosette and Anne Madeleine had 11 known children – Anne Marie, Elizabeth (1), Elizabeth (2) Francoise, Francois Baptiste, Jacques Pierre, Jean, Madeleine, Marguerite, Marie, Marie Francoise, Marie Josephte.

We descend from Jacques La Rosette and Anne Madeleine’s eldest son Jacques Pierre Leger and his wife Anne “dite Tourangeau” Amirault. Jacques and Anne were married in Port Royal on January 12th in 1717. They were both natives of Port Royal though she was seven years his senior. Anne was born on December 14th, 1691 while Jacques was born in 1698. Anne’s parents were Francois “dit Tourangeau” Amirault and Marie Pitre. Her father was from Tours, France while her mother was a Port Royal Acadian. Jacques Pierre and Anne had the following children: Anne, Armand, Elizabeth, Jacques Pierre, Jean Baptiste, Joseph “dit Fluzan”, Marie (1), Marie (2),  Olivier, Paul, Pierre, and Simon. Continue reading

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Leger, Marianne – 1954

Canadian Family GenealogyMarianne Leger

Wife of

Louis Theriault

1894  –  1954



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Leger Marriages Extracted From A Canadian Family Tree Database (5) | Leger, Raymond to Zoel

Leger Marriages: Series Introduction and Index

Leger, Raymond | Mills, Alice

Married: 28 Jan 1889  Westmorland  NB CAN

Leger, Raphael |  Jaillet, Apollonie

Married: 22 Jan 1833 Richibouctou Kent NB CAN

Leger, Raymond Tilmon  | Melanson, Eva

Continue reading

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