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Etienne Lessard, Militiaman | A Portrait Gallery of Traditional Quebec Life, Trades & Professions

Index: A Portrait Gallery of Traditional Quebec Life, Trades & Professions

LESSARD Etienne Lessard was a militia trainer who arrived in Quebec in 1846 and became co-seigneur of the Lanoraie fief in 1688.


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French Canadian Pioneers: The Langlois of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

Index: Filles du Roi


QUEBEC SURNAMES: Chamberlan, Chauvin, Huard, Langlois Kahnawake, Langlois Metis, Lefebvre, Lessard LOCATIONS: Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, St-Malo, France, Le Havre, Pabos, Trois-Rivieres | Vintage colour postcard of Main Street, St. Anne de Beaupre, early 20th century


Jacques Langlois | Marie-Therese Lessard

November 8th, 1681  Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre Continue reading

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They Passed Through Kahnawake: John Forbes and Octavie Leger

Index: They Passed Through Kahnawà:ke

main-street-in-caughnawaga b


John  Forbes (son of Alexandre Forbes and Anastasie Leger) married Octavie Leger (daughter of Antoine Leger and Christine Lefort) on February 16th, 1863 in St-Michel Parish in Vaudreuil.

At the time of the 1901 census,  this French-speaking couple were living in the Sault-St-Louis census district in a household headed by  their son, Father Joseph-Guillaume-Laurent Forbes (St-Francois-Xavier Parish). The household also included their three children John, Joseph and Seraphine as well as a cousin named Maria Barbeau and the vicar Albert Lessard.



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Index: They Passed Through Kahnawà:ke

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