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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Chapais of Quebec

Riviere Ouelle Pioneers | Chapais surname | Bridge

Francois Chapais / Chapel | Marie-Genevieve Marchand

February 3rd, 1753, Pointe-de-Levy (Lauzon)

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Evelyn in Montreal: Levesque, Francois Robert m. Aubert, Marie Charlotte


Looking for info on Marie Charlotte Aubert and Francois Robert Levesque married on Nov 7th 1701, Thank you Matthew Perreault


Francois Levesque (son of Robert Levesque and Jeanne Lechevalier) married Marie-Charlotte Aubert (daughter of Felix Aubert and Claire-Francoise Thibault) on November 7th, 1701 in Notre Dame de Liesse Parish in Riviere Ouelle (Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada)

Index: Evelyn in Montreal

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Anctils of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Jean (Jean-Louis) Anctil / Anquetil / St-Jean  |  Marguerite Levesque

November 25th, 1738, Riviere-Ouelle

[Occ. fisherman]

Variations and associated surnames

Francine – St-Jean Continue reading

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A Canadian Family Database: Some LEVESQUE Marriages

Acadian and/or French Canadian Marriages

Male| Female

Levesque, Abraham | Rioux, Therese

18 Oct 1870 St-Eloi Temiscouata Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Levesque, Achille | Levesque

1862 St-Pacome Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Levesque, Achille | Rioux, Emilie

11 Jul 1871 St-Eloi Temiscouata Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Levesque, Alexis | Dorval, Eleonore

1836 St-Paul Joliette Lanaudiere QC CAN

Levesque, Alphee | Theriault, Maria

30 Oct 1929 Ste-Anne Madawaska NB CAN

Levesque, Anatole | Cote, Marie

28 Jul 1885 St-Eloi Temiscouata Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Levesque, Andre | Lafrance, Claire

27 Nov 1843 L’Isle-Verte Temiscouata Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN Continue reading

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Famous Relatives: Rene Levesque, Quebec Nationalist

Family members who’ve been following my Mignier/Lagace posts may have noticed that our ancestor Andre Mignier dit Lagace’s great-great grandson Louis Lagace married a Madeleine Levesque back in 1805 in Riviere-Ouelle. Madeleine Levesque was the great-great grandaughter of Francois Robert Levesque and Charlotte Aubert. What you may not have realized however is that Quebec nationalist leader Rene Levesque descends from the same pioneering couple of Riviere-Ouelle.

For those readers unfamiliar with Quebec issues, you need to know that there is a certain percentage of the Quebec population who wish to secede from Canada. In modern times their greatest leader has been Rene Levesque. Rene Levesque was a great orator and he founded the separatist Parti Quebecois and led a movement which nearly led to the separation of Quebec from Canada in 1980. This video is an hommage to Rene Levesque from the separatist point of view.

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