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French Canadian Pioneers: The Boutets of Quebec

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BOUTET | French Canadian Pioneers


Jean Boutet / Leboeuf |  Marie Guerin

October 6th, 1687 Quebec (Notre-Dame)

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Theriault Family of Grande-Anse | New Bandon

Theriault Genealogy | Grande Anse | New Bandon | Gloucester County | New Brunswick | Map

The George Theriault  who married Agnes Aube in 1872 and then settled in Grand-Anse (New Bandon) was the son of Sidefroy Theriault and Luce Landry and the grandson of the first Theriault couple to have settled  in Grand-Anse – Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet.   

George Theriault and Agnes Aube had at least the following children: Marie Phebee (m. Augustin Thibodeau, son of Alexis Thibodeau and Rose Fournier of Green Point, 1897), Alfred (m.  Francoise Godin of Caraquet, daughter of Nazaire Godin and Olive Dugas, 1900), Georgiana also Georgie Ann (m.  Elmeric Laliberte, of Fall River, U.S.A., son of Patrick Laliberte and Celina Lavallee, 1900), Valerie (m. Albert Chouinard, 1901), Albert (m. Therese Doucet of Bathurst Village, 1906)

George’s father Sidefroy Theriault (son of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Genevieve Pinet) had married Luce Landry (daughter of Anselme Landry and Marie Brideau)  on January 27th, 1824. Fidele Theriault says they had fifteen children of which 9 were still alive at his death. Their children included Jean C, a sailor who was born in 1840, Lazare, a teacher who married Mary Lewis), Agnes, Georges  himself, who married Agnes Aube, Elisabeth who married Alfred Aube (widower of Marie-Anne Blais), and ValerieContinue reading

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Pedro da Silva/Dassylva/Desilva/dit le Portugais Descendants | Documentary Launch

Dassylva, Desilva, le Portugais

Carlos Taveira contacted me recently to let me know that the French-language launch of a new documentary about Pedro da Silva will take place in Laval on January 26th, 2014. Those planning to attend are asked to R.S.V.P. by January 10th. Bill Moniz (the producer) and Francine Dassylva will both be present at the screening. Carlos Taveira contributed his research (which will be published as a book) for Bill Moniz’ project.

You can find further information here –  Pedro Da Silva, premier courrier de la Nouvelle-France | Facebook.  Whether or not you can attend, you may wish to “like” the Facebook group or this post so that the word gets out to others in the family history community 🙂

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M-Line: Eveline Melvina Luce

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Luce, Alice Jeanne | Bathurst Holy Family

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Index: New Brunswick Cemeteries

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Canadian FamilyThis is the final resting place of Alice Jeanne Luce, wife of Armand Arseneault. She died On December 26th, 1912 in Bathurst Mines. Alice Jeanne was the daughter of a George Luce and Clementine Silva. I presume – but can’t be 100% sure – that these are my maternal great-grandparents George Hl Luce (son of Philippe Luce and Anne Ward) and Clementine Desilva (Dassylva). Continue reading

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Chaisson (Chiasson?) Emelie, 1935


Emelie Chaisson

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Index: Headstones of New Holy Family Roman Catholic Cemetery (Bathurst, Gloucester)



Lagace/Legacy, Adelard


Luce, Alden J.


Luce, Alice Jeanne


Luce Evelyne


Luce, Livain


Luce, Marielle




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Luce, Livain | Bathurst Holy Family

Index: Bathurst | Catholic Cemetery

Index: New Brunswick Cemeteries

Main Index: New Brunswick Genealogy and History


Bathurst NB genealogy, New Brunswick cemeteries

Livain Luce

Died 1937

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