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French Canadian Pioneers: The Auberts of Quebec

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Jacques Aubert / Antoinette Meunier

November 9th, 1665, Champlain

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Evelyn in Montreal: Some Lagasses of Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire

Earlier this week I was contacted by Peter Lagasse of the Maine Mignier(Meunier)/Lagaces(Lagasse). Peter had already completed his line from Andre Mignier dit Lagace down to himself but wanted to doublecheck the data he’d collected against what I had in my database. The good news is that (with one exception see L.St-Hilaire) I was able to confirm Peter’s Quebec marriage dates with original documents or reputable indexes. This didn’t surprise me because Peter’s Reference List includes a wide-range of high quality sources that show him to be a methodical family history researcher.

Peter and I both descend from Andre Mignier’s great-grandson Basile Mignier dit Lagace but Peter descends through his first wife Madeleine Leclerc/Francoeur while I descend through Basile’s second wife  Catherine Dube.  Many of Basile’s descendants stayed in Quebec, but my branch migrated to Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada while Peter’s branch put down roots in New Hampshire, U.S.A.

I’ve already published the Lagace dit Mignier first three generations + and some of my Basil Mignier/Dube branch who migrated to Bathurst, New Brunswick, (see Index: Mignier Lagaces | France – QC – NB), so today I’m taking the opportunity to post the Basil Mignier/Leclerc descendants through their son Basile and daughter-in-law Genevieve Viel. I am including only those marriages that are in my official database which specializes in Lagace/Mignier genealogy in Quebec and New Brunswick up to 1911.

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1. Basile Lagace/Mignier (son of Basile Mignier/Lagace and Madeleine Leclerc Francoeur) married Genevieve Viel in 1798 in St-Andre, Kamouraska (Bas-St-Laurent), Quebec, Canada.  Genevieve’s parents were Michel Viel and Genevieve Dumont. A child from this marriage was: +2 M i. Joseph Paul Lagace/Mignier.


2. Joseph Paul Lagace/Mignier’s (Basile 1) first wife was Elisabeth Drapeau and they were married on 24 Sep 1827 in St-Nicolas, Levi (Chaudiere-Appalaches), Quebec. Elisabeth was the daughter of Simon Drapeau and Marie Demers. Children from this marriage included: +3 F i. Isabelle Lagace/Mignier +4 M ii. Jean Baptiste Lagace/Mignier. + 5 F iii. Rosalie Lagace Mignier. +6 M iv. Francois Lagace/Mignier +7 M v. Paul Lagace/Mignier. +8 M vi. Anselme Lagace Mignier.

Joseph Paul’s second wife was Marie-Monique Wagner, daughter of Jean Baptiste Wagner and Monique Martineau. They were married on 13 Feb 1849 in St-Nicolas, Quebec.


3. Isabelle Lagace/Mignier (Joseph Paul 2, Basile 1) married Magloire Wagner on 11 Aug 1851 in St-Nicolas, Quebec. His parents were also Jean Baptiste Wagner and Monique Martineau.

4. Jean Baptiste Lagace/Mignier (Joseph Paul 2, Basile 1) married Caroline Huot/St Laurent (daughter of Louis Huot and Flavie Dubois) on 17 Jul 1860 in St-Nicolas, Quebec. Lagasse  Children from this marriage included: +9 M i. Joseph Lagace Mignier. + 10 F ii. Anne Lagace/Mignier.

5. Rosalie Lagace/Mignier (Joseph Paul 2, Basile 1) married Benjamin Laine/Laliberte on 20 Jun 1865 in St-Nicolas (Levi ) Chaudiere-Appalaches, Quebec. His parents were Anthime Laine and Marie Paquet.

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“You like po-tato and I like po-tahto!” Pt.2

Earlier, I had promised specific examples of the various Lagace dit Mignier surnames that have emerged out of  a recent spate of emails between five of us who are researching descendants of  Andre Mignier dit Lagace and Jacquette Michel.  Today (with their express permission) I’m sharing some excerpts from those emails. I begin with Fred who inspired these posts.

Fred Legacy is a direct descendant of Andre Mignier dit Lagace and Jacquette Michel through  Andre / Michel / Michel / Basil / Joseph / Pierre / Hypolite / Abraham  / Joseph / Walter / Joseph Lester.

Fred Legacy says:

Our line moved through Grand Falls, Van Buren, Jacquet River and Lepreau, New Brunswick. I reside on Campobello Island . … I descend from from Basile and Madeleine (Leclerc) through their son Joseph. The spelling variations of the name are very interesting.  In my own line, my Great Grandfather Abraham was a Lagace, however through records, Walter, my Grandfather, changes to Legace.  Walter’s children, are all recorded as Legacy.  It is said that Walter did not know how to read.  As with many French names, Lagace was written differently by English people trying to spell French names.  Walter relied that the spelling was correct when he said the family name.  I believe, from my research, that my line is the only one that ended up with the spelling as Legacy.  Could you confirm that?

 and the next day:

You know, after my last email to you, I started to wonder about my own questions to you, regarding whether my line was the only line to adopt the Legacy spelling. In all my research and document gathering, I never asked my Father to see his birth certificate!  Amazing how the simple things get over looked in favour of all the complicated ones. My research had shown that Abraham and Walter (my G/Grandfather and Grandfather respectively) were  Lagace and Legace, and then Walter’s children (my Dad and uncles) had become Legacy. You will never believe this…my Father, a few years ago got his birth certificate in preparation for retirement.  He showed it to me tonight, and his last name is spelled LAGACE !  With an accent over the last E.  This means that my father and his siblings were taught incorrectly (we believe at school) to spell his last name Legacy.  His father Walter did not know how to read or write and I know from a 1911 census that his Grandfather Abraham and Grandmother Louise did now know how either.  So with no one to tell the children any differently, they adopted Legacy and all important records (military, marriages, birth certificates of their children and even death records of my uncles) have this Legacy name. Just amazing isn’t it? Now this does not answer the original question are we the only “Legacy” branch – but it is an interesting story, and I know that it is actually my generation that is the official first of it! Continue reading

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Evelyn in Montreal: Joseph Boileau m. Sophie Minier (Meunier/Mignier/Lagace) Pt.2

EVELYN IN MONTREAL  posts detail my “conversations” with other family history researchers.


These are three marriages of the offpsring of Francois Meunier & Sophie Henrichon. You will see that three marriages = three variations of the same surname!

In addition, there are three marriages listed as the children of a Francois Lagace and Sophie Henrichon between 1866 and 1875 – probably the same family? It bears investigation.


Further offspring of Francois Meunier and Sophie Henrichon


Joseph Meunier,

son of Francois Meunier and Sophie Henrichon


Zoe Chartrand,

daughter of Joseph Chartrand and Marguerite Boucher

Parish: St-Vinent-de-Paul

Location: Laval, Ile-Jesus, Quebec

Date: April 9th, 1871


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