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This is part of a larger project to locate surnames carried by Inuit, First Nations, Metis and mixed-heritage people from across Canada. In this series of posts, I list surnames transcribed from census documents ranging primarily from 1881 to 1921. With the exception of the 1921 returns, you can click on each surname to reach the records for just that surname. Alternatively you can scroll down to External Links for an overall main link. Orange-coloured surnames also appear in the companion series – Native – First Peoples – Metis  [Canadian Marriage Extracts], although the names may be spelled differently.




Census Data

Enumeration District 31: Millbrook Indian Reserve, Colchester, Nova Scotia (1911)





Bernard  – Brooks



Doyle  –  Francis



 Gogoo  –  Gould






Levine  –  Lewis 


Paul  Stevens


Thom  –  Whitely





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Enumeration District 31: Millbrook Indian Reserve, Colchester, N. S. (1911)

Millbrook First Nation

Millbrook Cultural & Heritage Centre


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