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Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan

baiedeschaleursThis index includes materials related to the region of Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan on the New Brunswick side of the Bay des Chaleurs. You will see general genealogical and other information about the area and its founding families (including my ancestors the Luces of Miscou).



Main Index: New Brunswick Genealogy and History


First Families of Shippegan

Index: Pioneer Families of Shippegan



Index:  Miscou, St Antoine de Padoue Cemetery

Index: Lameque, Petite Riviere de l’Isle Headstones


My Lineage

The Luces from Jersey, Channel Islands to Canada

Historical Document: Philippe Luce & Anne Ward – Marriage, 1863

Historical Document: George Lewis & Clementine Desilva – Marriage, 1896

A Canadian Family M-Line: Eveline Melvina Luce



Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1769

Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1857(?)


Vintage Postcards

Vintage Postcard: Marinage du Poisson, Gaspe, Que. Curing Fish

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Peat Moss, New Brunswick

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Harbour, New Brunswick

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan, New Brunswick, Canada

Cafe Royale, Shippegan – “the best fish meal … cod in cornmeal”



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Core Index: Acadian & French-Canadian Genealogy and History



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Ward | Miscou Cemetery

William J. Ward

Canadian Family Genealogy




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Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan

Ebenezer Ward and Mary Gray (Descendants: Gaspe to New Brunswick)

Core Index: Acadian & French-Canadian Genealogy and History





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The Irish Aylwards of Shippagan, New Brunswick

Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan


Finally a chance to take part in Small-Leaved Shamrock’s

Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture

My family tree is almost exclusively Acadian and French-Canadian so I’ve never taken part in Irish Blog Carnivals but when I looked through my family tree for Irish surnames (the theme for the 13th Edition) I came across the Aylwards of Shippagan, New Brunswick. They are on the far edge of my family tree on a branch that connects me to the Witzells. Continue reading

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Historical Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1857(?)

Place-names on this map:

Bathurst-Beresford-Bonaventure – Caraquet

Cascapedia-Dalhousie-Jacquet R. – Miscou

New Carlisle-Pabos-Paspebiac – Pokemouche-Port Daniel

Saumarez – Shipegan(Chipagan, Shippagan, Shippegan) – Tracady(Tracadie)




Rapkin, John, fl. 1845-51. East Canada and New Brunswick /

the map drawn & engraved by J. Rapkin ;

the illustrations by H. Warren & engraved by J.B. Allen?. —

Scale [ca. 1:2 661 120] (W 74º–W 64º/N 48º–N 46º). —

London [England] ; Edinburgh ; Dublin : J. & F. Tallis, [1857?].

1 map : hand col. ; 22 x 30 cm. on sheet 28 x 35 cm.

LOCATION: G3402.S3 1857 R3 RBD Map


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Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan


External Links

La Collection W.H. Pugsley de Cartes Anciennes du Canada


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Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1769

If you skim through our Ward/Luce and other Canadian Jersey lines you’ll notice that there’s a lot of movement between Gaspe and  Shippegan/Miscou. Nowadays, we see these as two places – one in Quebec and one in New Brunswick – but to the fishermen of centuries past, all the land around the Baie des Chaleurs was seen as one large region bordering fertile fisheries.

Partie du Canada ou se trouvent le Fleuve St.Laurent/Didier Robert de Vaugondy


Detail (cropped & enlarged)

Robert de Vaugondy, Didier, 1723-1786.

Partie du Canada où se trouvent le Fleuve St. Laurent et La Nouvelle Ecosse?. — 
Scale [ca. 1:5 800 000] (W 76º–W 61º/N 52º–N 44º). — [Paris : s.n., 1769].
1 map : hand col. ; 17 x 22 cm. 
LOCATION: G3402.S3 1769 R6 RBD Map



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Map: Lamecque, Miscou, Shippegan

Further Reading:

La Collection W.H. Pugsley de Cartes Anciennes du Canada


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Map: Lameque, Miscou, Shippegan

This map of Lamecque, Miscou and Shippegan is taken from W.F. Ganong’s “The History of Miscou and Shippegan”  which was originally published in 1908. It lies in modern-day Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.


Historical Map of Miscou and Shippegan – Ganong

Placename var.:

Chipagan, Shippagan, Shippegan

L’Amec, Lamecque


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Index: Lameque, Miscou and Shippegan

Map: Baie des Chaleurs

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The History of Miscou and Shippegan

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Joseph Anglehart/Migkelharte and Marie Anelkawine (Descendants: Gaspe to Gloucester)


1.  Joseph Anglehart / Migkelharte was born about 1730 and died after 1787.  Joseph married Marie Anelkawine about 1750 in Canada. Marie was said by some to be Native but this is disputed by researcher Dominique Ritchot. See                                       ……..for more information.

The child from this marriage was:

+2 M i. Jean Baptiste Anglehart / Migkelharte I who was born about 1750 and died after 1800. Continue reading

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LUCE | Lameque Headstone

This is the final resting place of our direct ancestor Philippe Luce who married Anne Ward on May 4th, 1863 in Grande-Riviere (Perce)  Quebec, Canada.  Their son George Luce (Lewis) and daughter-in-law Clementine Desilva were my grandparents.



Philippe Luce and Anne Ward’s children included the following: George H., Philip Charles, Elie Jean, Francois, Thomas, Ann Elizabeth, William.

Continue reading

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