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The Bertins of Bathurst | New Brunswick

Bertin Genealogy

The first Bertin to settle in Canada was the Frenchman Joseph-Gabriel Bertin.  He was a sergeant with Montcalm’s troops (Languedoc regiment).   On November 10th, 1760 he married Marie-Josephe Lefebvre  in Cap-Sante, Quebec. It is their eldest son Dr. Jean-Joseph Bertin and his second wife Marguerite Pitre who would found the first New Brunswick line of Bertins. Continue reading

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Leboeuf, Pitre, Prud’Homme | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Ste-Philomene Cemetery Mercier Prud Homme Pitre Leboeuf


DEC. LE 12 MARS 1919

A L’AGE DE 71 ANS Continue reading

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Bourcier, Livernois, Pitre | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC), cemetery headstone









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Pitre Pharand | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Quebec headstones


1896 – 1980 Continue reading

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Livernois, Pitre, Primeau | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC) , French Canadian Genealogy


1860 – 1929 Continue reading

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Doucet, Tranquille & Pitre, Rebecca

Tranquille Doucet and Rebecca Pitre are from my maternal Doucet line. They were maried in Petit Rocher on May 9th, 1826. His parents were Charles Doucet and Marie Arsenault and and hers were Michel Pitre and Marguerite Pitre.  All Acadians!

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Historical Document: Joseph Adelard Lagace – Birth, 1895

This is the baptismal record of my grandfather Joseph Adelard Lagace (Gen.9). He was baptised  on  March 17th, 1895 but had actually been born on the 5th . Father W.E. Sormany lists his parents as Joseph J. Lagace and Elisabeth Doucet.  Godparents were Stephen Pitre and Helene Doucet.


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A Canadian Family in the Census: 1911 Lagace – Doucet

The 1911 census shows a Joseph J. and Elizabeth Legacy who were living in Bathurst, Gloucester County, New Brunswick with their children Adelard, Amanda, Lorette, Arthur, Martina, Francis, Joseph, William and Mary. We know this couple as Joseph Lagace and Elizabeth Doucet and in our lineage, they are the 8th generation of Lagaces in Canada.

The census confirms what we already knew– that the Lagaces were Catholic, French-speaking New Brunswickers living in a rural area near Bathurst, but I’ve also learned that they understood two languages (French and English) and that they could read and write.


A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection

Something else we knew was that Joseph was working as a labourer at the Bathurst Lumber Mill and that he earned his living there for most of his adult working life. What we didn’t know, however, was that his son Adelard was already working there even though he was only 16 years old.

In addition a closer inspection of the document shows that Adelard and his son worked 60 hour work weeks. It’s hard to imagine doing such hard work for that many hours per week and I wonder whether the work was distributed over a five or six day work week? The census form doesn’t have that information but it does tell us that in 1910 Joseph worked only 20 weeks at the mill, whereas his son worked 32 weeks. I notice also that many of their neighbours worked twice as many weeks (in 1910) so it would be interesting to know whether Adelard and his son worked less hours by choice. You might wonder how much Adelard and his son earned for their labour. According to the census record their total earning for the year 1910 were: Joseph – $210 and Adelard – $192. Continue reading

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THIS DAY IN HISTORY – A Canadian Family marriages of Jan. 11th

A selection of January 11th marriages

from church records

1762 – 1921 

(surnames standardized)


Andre / St Amant, Thomas and Leger / Parisien, Francoise

(11 Jan 1762, St-Anne-de-Bellevue Montreal-Island  Quebec CAN)

Comeau, Armand and Coulombe, Veronique Continue reading

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