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Traditional Canoes As Depicted By L’Oiseau Bleu

The L’Oiseau Bleu (bluebird) magazine was published by Quebec’s St-Jean-Baptiste society during the first half of the 20th century. Its romanticized images of early Quebec history were produced for Quebec schoolchildren and young people. This is a selection of their covers that depicted canoes.

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A Tessier Lineage Back To Jacques Tessier and Laurence Boiglou of Limoges

A message from Steven Lemire

I’m going out on a limb here .. But I’ve been told I have 2 Mohawk grandparents.. I’m working with these following surname’s (Pilote and Tessier) . My grandfather is Francois Xavier Tessier. I can not find much on them at all. I’ve been at this for 5 years now.. And now hoping to dig alot deeper. I’ve viewed all the surnames listed on this site and can’t really find any matches. So maybe the myth of my Grandparents has been solved. But any help or good direction would help. I tried Ancestry .ca. But nothing at all.. Thank for any reply or information…

IntroductionVintage postcard | Quebec pioneer settlers | farm, peasants

Many people begin tracing their family history when they want to prove/disprove a family belief – in your case that of Native heritage. In the vast majority of cases that I’ve examined, there is a kernel of truth in family oral history claiming native descent, however it is commonly only one strain and it frequently comes through a female who married into the line. For example, if you look at your maternal Tessier line below you have many generations and in each of these generations each wife has multiple generations leading back, any one of which could provide evidence  to support (or not) your family’s belief.

So if you are looking for Native roots the approach I recommend never varies.

Track your generations back one-at-a-time.

Record each generation in a family tree program.

As you complete a lineage do methodical online searches by names/region.

You will need patience to tease out this information – and I hope that in the meantime you will enjoy the wonderful history you discover along the way – such as your descent from the 17th century French Canadian settlers Mathieu Tessier and Marguerite Carrreau (see below).

Your Lemires

Valmore Lemire (son of Lucien Lemire and Juliette Fleurent) married Henriette Tessier (daughter of Francois Continue reading

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Early French Canadian Pioneers : The Laportes of Quebec

Jacques de Laporte/St-Georges | Nicole Duchesne

September 3rd, 1657

Louis Laporte de Louvigny | Marie Nolan

October 26th, 1684 Continue reading

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Beauvais of Quebec

Beauvais St-Gemme, Jacques | Soldé, Jeanne

January 7th, 1654

Beauvais Bouvet St-Joseph, Joseph-Xavier, Jacques | Desnoyers, Marie-Josephe

February 21st, 1757


Beauvais Variations or associated surnames

Atientonko – Bauvais – Berlinguette – Bigones(s)e – Bigunese

Coderre – Crenet – de Beauvais – Delisle – Emery Continue reading

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Sose Oserase, Mohawk Ironworker Who Perished In The Quebec City Bridge Collapse (1907)

Caughnawaga Mohawk Ironworker, victim of Quebec Bridge Collapse

This headstone memorializes Sose Oserase (aka John Deer) who was one of more than 30 Caughnawaga Ironworkers who perished in the Quebec City bridge collapse of 1907.

Of possible interest

Index: Headstones of Kahnawak:ke Catholic Cemetery

The Iroquois of Kahnawake

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Index: Vintage Postcards of La Mauricie

The central Quebec region of La Mauricie region includes the major cities of  Shawinigan and Trois- Rivieres as well as several smaller centers.

Maskinonge – Caillette

Shawinigan (1960s) – La 5e avenue dans le centre commercial  Most recent

Trois-Rivieres Hippodrome (Racetrack)

Trois Rivieres, St-Lawrence Paper Mills

Trois Rivieres, St-Maurice Paper Co. Ltd.

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Index: Vintage Postcards of the Bas-St-Laurent

The Bas-St-Laurent includes several regions where my ancestors lived including the Kamouraska, Matapedia, Matane, Rimouski, Riviere-du-Loup and the Temiscouata.

Catholic Church at Amqui


Ste-Flavie et le feu de 1948

In Camp On Lake Temiscouata, Quebec

Price Lumber Plant, Matane

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Eglise St-Joachim (1/2) | Chateauguay Today

St-Joachim Church of Chateauguay

This St-Joachim church (with its two central symmetrical windows, bell tower and oval window) dates back to the 1770s. The Chateauguay area had already been settled for 100 years. so this was not the first religious structure. Charles Lemoyne had been  granted the seigneury of Chateauguay in 1673. We know that  in that earliest period there had been a St-Joachim chapel on Ile-Ste-Bernard and that by the 1730s there was a wooden church built near the present site on Youville Blvd.

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Interested in the Traditional Foods of New France/La Nouvelle France? Check Out Montreal’s Chateau Ramezay Museum

An early twentieth century view of Montreal’s Chateau de Ramezay.


This November there’s a new exhibit opening at the Château Ramezay Museum called  “À Table! Let’s Eat!” which will “explore different facets of the culinary culture in Quebec, from the arrival of the first colonists to the modern days.” I think this exhibit will be fascinating for most family historians because even if you’re already familiar with the traditional foods of Quebec (e.g. sugar shack meals, ginger beer, shepherd’s pie) there’s a lot of new research coming out about the origins of these foods as well as “food preservation methods, meal preparation etc.”.

Continue reading

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