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Index: Riviere-Ouelle – Memorial Cemetery at Notre-Dame-de-Liesse

Riviere-Ouelle: Pioneer Memorial Continue reading

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Dumont, Lagace | Riviere-Ouelle Memorial

Dumont | Riviere Ouelle Pioneer


This is the headstone of Anais Clementine Dumont who married Elisee Lagace on May 10th, 1886 at Notre-Dame-de-Liesse church in Riviere Ouelle.

Elisee’s parents were Edouard Lagace and Virginie Lizotte while Clementine was the daughter of Eusebe Dumont and Claire Levesque.  In my database, I have the following siblings for Elisee Lagace: Jean Charles, Augustin, Clement and Elisee.

If I have deciphered the headstone correctly, Clementine died in 1887.



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Riviere Ouelle Plaque to Pioneers Jean Anctil / St-Jean & Marguerite Levesque

This plaque is dedicated to the founding couple of the Anctils in North America

and has been placed in Riviere-Ouelle at the exact location of Jean Anctil’s land grant.

ANCTIL, LEVESQUE Jean Anctil/St-Jean married Marguerite Levesque on 25 Nov 1738 in Riviere-Ouelle (Kamouraska) in the Bas-St-Laurent region of Quebec, Canada.


Anctil/St-Jean/Levesque – Founding Family

Jean Anctil/St-Jean married Marguerite Levesque on 25 Nov 1738 in Riviere-Ouelle (Kamouraska) in the Bas-St-Laurent region of Quebec, Canada. Jean was from Ducey (St-Pair, Manche) in France and he was the son of Louis Anquetil and Jeanne Fontaine.

He arrived in Quebec in 1734 and was a fisherman. His wife Marguerite was the daughter of Francois-Robert Levesque and Charlotte Aubert. The couple settled in La Pocatiere. Continue reading

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The Battle of Riviere-Ouelle (1690)

In a former post (Riviere-Ouelle: Une Paroisse Canadienne au XVII Siecle), I introduced Abbe. Casgrain’s book and shared some of his genealogical tables of the founding families of Riviere-Ouelle. Today I’d like to recount some of what Abbe Casgrain had to say about one of Riviere Ouelle’s most historic moments.




The year was 1690. The British were attacking Nouvelle France (today’s Quebec) and word had reached all the French settlements that a flotilla of thirty British ships was coming down the St-Lawrence river. Continue reading

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Deschamps, Francois | Seigneur de la Boutellerie

DESCHAMPS, Seigneur of Riviere-Ouelle, Jean-Baptiste Francois Deschamps de la Bouteillerie.



This is the grave of Jean-Baptiste Francois Deschamps de la Bouteillerie. He was seigneur of Riviere-Ouelle when my ancestors Andre Mignier dit Lagace and Jacquette Michel settled there. Continue reading

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Berube, Emond, Roussel Memorial Headstone

This is one of the memorial headstones that I photographed during my genealogical vacation in Riviere-Ouelle a few years ago. It was placed there by the Association des Roussel d’Amerique in honour of Jacques Roussel (1720-1805) and his first and second wives. His wives were  Marie-Genevieve Berube (1731-1766) and Genevieve Gabrielle Emond (1735-1802). The stone also states that Jacques Roussel was from Evran in Bretagne (France). The final inscription at the bottom calls these couples : “the ancestors of the Roussels in America”.


Berube, Emond, Roussel Memorial Headstone



Genealogy of the first Roussel generations Continue reading

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Riviere-Ouelle 17th Century Land Grant | Notes on Andre Mignier dit Lagace





Notes on my ancestors

In the 17th century La Nouvelle France needed as many new settlers as possible. As a result, when soldiers finished their tours of duty, they were offered land in the new seigneuries that were being established up and down the St-Lawrence River. The land was always partitioned into thin strips so that each settler would have some frontage on the St-Lawrence river. Our ancestor Andre Mignier dit Lagace was offered land in the Seigneury of La Pocatiere.

Andre Mignier arrived in La Pocatiere about 1682. His seigneur was Charles Aubert de la Chenaye. By 1699 Andre Mignier son of the same name was given land measuring 4 arpents by 42 between Pierre Soucy and Philippe Boucher.

You can see Andre Mignier’s land at #122. Also, Andre Mignier’s son Michel (our direct ancestor) married Marguerite Pelletier, daughter of Jean Pelletier. You can see both Michel Mignier’s and Jean Pelletier’s land grants. If you look through the rest of Andre Mignier’s sons and daughters-in-law at:  The Mignier dit Lagaces from Poitou-Charentes to Nouvelle France  you will find most of the spouse’s family land grants as well.




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