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French Canadian Pioneers: The Emonds of Quebec

Sault-au-Recollet pionners | Emond surname

Jean-Samuel Emond | Marie-Anne Menard

May 19th, 1783, Sault-au-Recollet

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Chapais of Quebec

Riviere Ouelle Pioneers | Chapais surname | Bridge

Francois Chapais / Chapel | Marie-Genevieve Marchand

February 3rd, 1753, Pointe-de-Levy (Lauzon)

[Occ. fisherman] Continue reading

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Evelyn in Montreal: Levesque, Francois Robert m. Aubert, Marie Charlotte


Looking for info on Marie Charlotte Aubert and Francois Robert Levesque married on Nov 7th 1701, Thank you Matthew Perreault


Francois Levesque (son of Robert Levesque and Jeanne Lechevalier) married Marie-Charlotte Aubert (daughter of Felix Aubert and Claire-Francoise Thibault) on November 7th, 1701 in Notre Dame de Liesse Parish in Riviere Ouelle (Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada)

Index: Evelyn in Montreal

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Index: Riviere-Ouelle – Cemetery on Chemin de la Haute-Riviere

Beaulieu, Cezarie – 1933

Caron, Lucien – 1964

Dionne, Remi – 1893(?)

Labrie, Eudoxie – 1940

Lagace, Arthur – 1992

Lagace, Doris – 1924

Lagace, Lucien – 1929

Leveque, Theophile – 1894

Lizotte, Auguste – 1940

Lizotte, Rose- 1978

Lizotte Rosa Alma 1991

Michaud, Elzear – 1956

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Riviere-Ouelle Virtual Field Trip: Pt.5/5

If you drive along the St-Lawrence River today you can still see the way the land was originally distributed under the seigneurial system. The first settlers were allotted long strips of land set up in such a way that each farmer had access to river frontage. In the earliest days of la Nouvelle France (New France) the river was the quickest way of transport and was also an important source of food.


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Evelyn in Montreal: Pierre & Jean Baptiste Rouleau (French Canadians)

Kathy Link was looking for genealogical  information about Pierre Rouleau and his brother Jean-Baptiste who were both early French-Canadian settlers in Riviere-Ouelle (La-Pocatiere), Quebec. The Rouleaus are in my database because they married into the Lagace dit Mignier family. They’re not one of my focus families, so what you’ll see below is data I’ve entered about some of the earliest descendants who married. This information has been collected from printed church registers and online  indexes (not primary documents).

We are indebted to the Rouleau Family Association for making a clear distinction between Pierre’s two Josette Boucher wives and I’ve included a link below to their excellent website. Their website introduces several Rouleau lines from Quebec so I think it’s a must for those just beginning Rouleau/Rullo/Rullots research.


1. Pierre Rene Rouleau and Elisabeth Pholin were married in 1710 in Bacilly Avranches Normandie France. Two children from this marriage were: + 2 M i. Pierre Rouleau / Rullot + 3 M ii. Jean Baptiste Rouleau/Rullot. Both Pierre and Jean Baptiste emmigrated to Quebec, Canada and by 1747 were settled in the Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere region. According to the Rouleau Association (see link), Pierre and his brother were both farmers and Jean-Baptiste’s farm was actually in family hands until 1967.



2. Pierre Rouleau / Rullot I (Pierre Rene 1) was married three times. His first two wives were both named Josette Boucher!

He first married Josette Boucher/St Pierre, daughter of Pierre Boucher and Anne Darde on 15 Jan 1748 in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatiere (Kamouraska) Quebec. Some children from this marriage were: + 4 F i. Anne Joseph Rouleau + 5 F ii. Marie Josephte Rouleau + 6 F iii. Catherine Rouleau + 7 F iv. Marguerite Rouleau.


Pierre’s second wife was Josephte Boucher – the daughter of Philippe Boucher and Marie Dionne. They were married on 20 Sep 1756 in Riviere-Ouelle (Kamouraska) Quebec. Some children from this marriage were: + 8 F i. Angelique Rouleau + 9 F ii. Charlotte Rouleau + 10 F iii. Euphrosine Rouleau + 11 M iv. Jean Baptiste Rouleau + 12 M v. Pierre Joseph Rouleau + 13 F vi. Victoire Rouleau

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Riviere-Ouelle Virtual Field Trip: Pt.4/5 – Links Restored


A Canadian Family Photo Archives

A modern-day farm in Riviere-Ouelle, Quebec – home of some of the earliest French-Canadian settlers.

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