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Erratum: August Werner Schellenberg Metis [self-identified Metis] Actor


Inter left this message –

I almost hate to ask, but is there any documentary evidence that August Schellenberg had Indigenous ancestry?

It’s looking like his mother was an English immigrant. See this page (especially the comments section).


Thanks so much for your comment, Iter.

When I first wrote this post in 2014, I accepted at face value that when someone proclaimed indigenous ancestry AND  it was being touted on so many mainstream sites including the National Arts Council – then it must be true. That was a serious mistake and I apologize for adding to that misconception.

I did some new searches this morning at BM2000 and I find no traces of his mother that would allow me to see First Nations ancestry. Tt doesn’t mean it isn’t true – but I see no evidence of it. Continue reading

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