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Jean Seguin, Farmer | A Portrait Gallery of Traditional Quebec Life, Trades & Professions

Index: A Portrait Gallery of Traditional Quebec Life, Trades & Professions



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French Canadian Pioneers: The Guerins of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

Traditional Quebec spinning | habtant


Bertrand Guerin | Marguerite Gariepy

February 9th, 1739, Lachenaie Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Seguins of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

QUEBEC SURNAMES: Seguin + Doiron, Hervieux, Petit, Proteau, Seguin Kahnawake, Seguin Kanesatake, Seguin Native Mohawk Iroquois LOCATIONS: Boucherville, Montreal, Quebec | Historic image Pont de la montee Seguin a Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, Quebec



Francois Seguin / Laderoute |  Jeanne Petit

October 31st, 1672, Boucherville Continue reading

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Kaneratahere Delisle m. Elisabeth Kaherori Seguin | Evelyn in Montreal

Gisele Haddow left the following message under a post about Joseph Tiiawekate Kanenho Delisle & Marie Tionahose Capitaine.

I am a descendent of Seguin’s. My records indicate that Joseph-Athanase Seguin married Jeanne Brabant on 10 Jan 1803 in Oka, PQ. If these are Elisabeth Kaherori Seguin’s parents, where did the Native name come from? e.g. “Kaherori” for Seguins? I am convinced that we have Native heritage however there is little mention of it except in the case of the marriage between Louis Seguin Laderoute and Marie-Anne Raizenne Shoentakouan. Please reply and perhaps advise where to go for more information. Thanks Continue reading

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Joseph Tiiawekate Kanenho Delisle & Marie Tionahose Capitaine

Joseph Tiiawekate Kanenho Delisle & Marie Tionahose Capitaine

Their son Ignace Kaneratahere Delisle married Elisabeth Kaherori Seguin on October 2nd, 1826 in Kahnawake. Elisabeth’s parents were Joseph Kaherori Seguin and Jeanne Braban.

Their son Joseph Iohahiio Delisle married Anne Katsitsiaroroks Mailloux on November 3rd, 1846 in Kahnawake. Anne was the daughter of Louis Katsitsiaroroks Mailloux and Marie Madeleine Kawennanron Stacey.

Their son Michel Karontaration Delisle married Therese Onatiioha Jacobs on January 28th, 1878 in Kahnawake. Therese was the daughter of Ignace Karhakenhiate and Anne Kasennenhawi Merry.

Their son Pierre/Peter Delisle married Josephine Raquette Walker Kaherawaks on September 12, 1898 in Kahnawake. Josephine’s parents were Thomas Arhakentiake and Monique Kaianwaronkwas.

Their son Joseph Delisle married Marguerite Snow .  Her parents were Louis Snow and Marie Anne D’ailleboust.

 Thank you to Kanonhsiiotha

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