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Busy Bathurst Bridge & Village

Main Street – Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

Vintage Bathurst! – Vintage Stedman ‘s, Kent Theatre, HFC Loans

Pulp and paper industry

Bathurst Pulp & Paper Mill – New Brunswick, Canada

View Near Pulp Mill – Bathurst (Gloucester, N.B.)

Pulp Mills, Bathurst (pub. CNR)

Bathurst Pulp and Paper Mill – in colour (Gloucester, N.B.)

Bathurst Mill (Gloucester, New Brunswick)



Caraquet Le presbytere et l’Eglise

Caraquet Highway Near Post Office

Caraquet, La Chapelle Ste. Anne et Ses Environs

Caraquet, Le Couvent

Caraquet, Les Abords De La Station

Caraquet, Main Street Looking West

Caraquet, N.B. Marines

Caraquet, Grande route contre l`hotel Dominion


Vintage Postcard: Caraquet – Vue Generale, collection du college


Dalhousie Lumber Mill (Restigouche, N.B.)

Dalhousie (Restigouche, N.B.) – Panorama


Edmunston NB – International Ferry (ca 1907)

Edmundston Business Block | Vintage Imperial Gas Bar & Classic Cars  New

Edmunston N.B. – Fraser Paper Mill, Edmunston, N.B.  New


Moncton, New Brunswick “Main Street and Subway”



Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Harbour, New Brunswick

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Peat Moss, New Brunswick

Vintage Postcard: Shippegan, New Brunswick, Canada

Cafe Royale, Shippegan – “the best fish meal … cod in cornmeal”


Gagetown from the St John River | Early 20th Century

Cotton and Lumber Mills – Nashwaak Marysville, New Brunswick

St Basile NB – Wire/Cable Ferry Boat (1915)

St George NB – Pulp Mill | Canadian Family

Historical wire/cable ferries | St-Leonard N.B. – Van Buren Maine 

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Vintage Postcards: Codfish at Shippigan (Shippagan/Shippegan) Links Restored

Postcardy’s theme for her May Scavenger Hunt is FISH ,

so I thought I would use the opportunity to share another vintage black and white postcard of Shippagan, New Brunswick.    Quite a contrast to Lynne’s glossy fish cards, don’t you think !


L'Industrie de Peche - Codfish at Shippagan, N.B.

L’Industrie de Peche – Codfish at Shippigan, N.B. 


fish back







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Early Pioneers of Gloucester, New Brunswick From The Channel Islands – Links Restored

Pioneers from Jersey/Guernsey, Channel Islands

who settled in Shippegan and Caraquet

and environs


Joshua Alexandre & Mary Jane LeBrocq

Francis Alexandre & Viatrice Robichaud

Charles M. Brien & Marie Blanche Nixon

Jean Butler (Bouthillier) & (1) Anne Benoit & (2) Marguerite Poirier

Tom Cabot & Annie Sutherland

Charles Delagarde & Venerante Robichaud

Perry Dumaresq & Delphine Arseneau

Amice Duval & Esther Rouet

Guillaume Egre (Gray) & Vitalin Paulin

Joseph Galluchon/Duguay & Theodoree Losier

Rene LeBouthillier & Angelique Giraud (maybe!)

John Mourant & (1) Jane Isabella Battam & (2) Marguerite Theriault

John Picot & Adeline Mailloux

Philip Rive & Catherine Lawlor Dwyer

Georges Sivret & Appoline Chiasson

Andrew Travers & Julie Cormier


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Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1857(?) – Links Restored

Place-names on this map:

Bathurst-Beresford-Bonaventure – Caraquet

Cascapedia-Dalhousie-Jacquet R. – Miscou

New Carlisle-Pabos-Paspebiac – Pokemouche-Port Daniel

Saumarez – Shipegan(Chipagan, Shippagan, Shippegan) – Tracady(Tracadie)


Rapkin, John, fl. 1845-51. East Canada and New Brunswick /

the map drawn & engraved by J. Rapkin ;

the illustrations by H. Warren & engraved by J.B. Allen?. —

Scale [ca. 1:2 661 120] (W 74º–W 64º/N 48º–N 46º). —

London [England] ; Edinburgh ; Dublin : J. & F. Tallis, [1857?].

1 map : hand col. ; 22 x 30 cm. on sheet 28 x 35 cm.

LOCATION: G3402.S3 1857 R3 RBD Map


La Collection W.H. Pugsley de Cartes Anciennes du Canada

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Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Peat Moss, New Brunswick



What does a bag of peat moss have to do with Shippegan – land of fishermen?  We already know that when our ancestors first settled in the Shippegan area, they were there to harvest the sea (especially cod) – certainly not to farm the land which was poorly suited to most types of agriculture.

Nowadays it turns out that the land itself can also be “harvested”. I’m talking about the peat moss. Peat moss is in great demand today – especially by organic gardeners – and Shippegan peat moss is particularly valued!

                                                                              Western Peat Moss, Shippagan


“… the vast plains of Shippagan had been considered a serious handicap to the growth of the community.  People could not foresee that these plains would one day be the basis of a flourishing peat moss industry.  Since 1942, various companies such as Fafard, Western, Atlantic and others have successfully processed and marketed  peat moss from thousands of acres in Shippagan and surrounding area, giving employment to hundreds of workers.” 

 Town of Shippagan


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Map: Baie des Chaleurs, 1769 – Links Restored

If you skim through our Ward/Luce and other Canadian Jersey lines you’ll notice that there’s a lot of movement between Gaspe and  Shippegan/Miscou. Nowadays, we see these as two places – one in Quebec and one in New Brunswick – but to the fishermen of centuries past, all the land around the Baie des Chaleurs was seen as one large region bordering fertile fisheries.

Partie du Canada ou se trouvent le Fleuve St.Laurent/Didier Robert de Vaugondy


Detail (cropped & enlarged)

Robert de Vaugondy, Didier, 1723-1786.

Partie du Canada où se trouvent le Fleuve St. Laurent et La Nouvelle Ecosse?. — 
Scale [ca. 1:5 800 000] (W 76º–W 61º/N 52º–N 44º). — [Paris : s.n., 1769].
1 map : hand col. ; 17 x 22 cm. 
LOCATION: G3402.S3 1769 R6 RBD Map



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La Collection W.H. Pugsley de Cartes Anciennes du Canada


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Map: Lameque, Miscou, Shippegan

This map of Lamecque, Miscou and Shippegan is taken from W.F. Ganong’s “The History of Miscou and Shippegan”  which was originally published in 1908. It lies in modern-day Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada.


Historical Map of Miscou and Shippegan - Ganong

Placename var.:

Chipagan, Shippagan, Shippegan

L’Amec, Lamecque


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Vintage Postcard: Shippegan Harbour, New Brunswick


A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection. Unknown Publisher

A Canadian Family Surnames

connected to Shippagan/Shippegan

Aylward   Chiasson   David   Doucet   Duguay

Frenette   Gionet   Goupil   Guignard   Jones   Landry

Larocque   Leclerc   Leger   Mallet   Morais   Noel   Paulin

Plourde   Beloni   Poulin   Robichaud   Roussel   Savoie   Sivret

Theriault   Topham   Vallee  Ward   Witzell


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Map: Lamecque, Miscou, Shippegan

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Cafe Royale, Shippegan – “the best fish meal … cod in cornmeal”

goodshipYesterday I showed you a vintage postcard of Shippegan, New Brunswick and this evening Phil Thibodeau  was kind enough to leave a comment in which he shared his memories of the Cafe Royale. They’re so interesting that I thought I’d give him a post of his own. Here’s what M.Thibodeau has to say:

“In the mid-fifties I used to deliver pop each summer to the Café Royale. I worked for Pepsi products bottled by Bosca and Buraglia in East Bathurst. Café Royale and the theater there were big customers.

I ate at the restaurant and once slept upstairs because the next day we had to go to Miscou Island to deliver more pop.

Café Royale had the best fish meal, cod in cornmeal. It was so good, served with soup, choice of tomato soup or green pea soup. I can still see the big industrial cook stove. Everyone there was so nice. Happy and friendly to this teenager who was small and looked younger than 16. Even til this day I consider it the best fish meal and I am a cook now. Whenever I go to Shippegan I remember that experience.

My Aunt, Yvonne Thibodeau, in Bathurst NB had a car like the one in the photo. I would wash it for her. It’s a GM product – Pontiac or Chev maybe 1952″.

I see that M. Thibodeau runs a B&B  called the Toute Saisons in Pointe Verte, New Brunswick. Looks like a great place to stay the next time I visit Shippegan and area!

Toutes Saisons

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The Cafe Royal Shippegan, New Brunswick, Canada


This early twentieth century postcard depicts the Cafe Royal in Shippegan (County Gloucester, New Brunswick). There is no publisher indicated on the background – just the words “Made in England” and “Post Card / Carte Postale”. Perhaps this card was privately published as an advertisement for the Cafe Royal? Continue reading

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