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Tessier dit Lavigne Family | Evelyn in Montreal

Yvonne Gustafson said:

I am one of the twins born of Edward Roger Tessier, DOB 3-2-27
My Father’s family was from Montreal, Canada. They moved shortly before 1927. My dad had two sister’s: Fern and Rose both born in Canada. My Grandfather was Adolph D. Tessier born 1-6-1885. He had 10 children, Medana,Clemence,Laurant,Fernand,Medard,Neamic,Helena and Helaire. Two Children I do not remember the names. My sister, Yvette and I were born in 1957, and my brother Andre in 1951. As the story goes. My Father lived in Holyoke, Mass and was friends with Ruth Allaire, She was actually a friend of Rose Tessier. My dad Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Richards of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

Index: Filles du Roi  


French Canadian Pioneers: The Richards of Quebec


Claude Richard | Charlotte Perigneau dit Lamarche

September 30th, 1776, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ.-] Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Archambaults of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

French Canadian Pioneers: The Archambaults of Quebec


Jacques Archambault | Francoise Tourault

married in France

[Occ. labourer and vinyard]

Laurent Archambault | Catherine Marchand Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Tessiers of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

QUEBEC SURNAMES: Tessier + Archambault, Halle, Letourneau, Normand, Vermet LOCATIONS: | Quebec, Chateau-Richer | Presbytere de St. Augusten, Portneuf


Joseph Tessier / Laliberte | Marie-Elisabeth Normand

October 30th, 1730, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military, troupes de la Marine]

Joseph Tessier / Tesseire / Latulippe | Marie-Angelique Bizet

January 7th, 1756 Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. mil., troupes de la Marine, Duplessis]

[Baptismal record]
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Tessier m. Boiglou | Evelyn in Montreal

A message from Steven Lemire

I’m going out on a limb here .. But I’ve been told I have 2 Mohawk grandparents.. I’m working with these following surname’s (Pilote and Tessier) . My grandfather is Francois Xavier Tessier. I can not find much on them at all. I’ve been at this for 5 years now.. And now hoping to dig alot deeper. I’ve viewed all the surnames listed on this site and can’t really find any matches. So maybe the myth of my Grandparents has been solved. But any help or good direction would help. I tried Ancestry .ca. But nothing at all.. Thank for any reply or information… Continue reading

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Barbeau m. Barre | Evelyn in Montreal

Query from Pat Erickson

I am so sorry for answering you so late. All I have is Andre Barbeau, m. Marquerite Barre..there son Joseph Barbeau m.Marcelline Menard or Minor…there son was my grandfather Henry Barbeau m. Amanda Venne. Don’t know why some changed there name spelling from Barbeau to Barboo.  If you anything on this family I would love to have it. Thanks.



Information Continue reading

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Ascendancy of Louis Vincent (m. Chevrefils, Marie Eulalie) | Pt.1 | Evelyn in Montreal

This is for reader Nicole Getty who is attempting to firm up her lineage  through the Quebec Vincents.

Your great grandparents Louis Vincent (farmer)  and Marie Eulalie Chevrefils were married on October 19th, 1875 in Ste-Martine Parish (Chateauguay county) – though bans were posted in both Ste-Martine and St-Urbain. His parents were  Seraphin  Vincent and Henriette Lacoste while Marie Eulalie was the daughter of Georges Chevrefils (also a farmer) and Angelique Allard. Continue reading

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