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Lauzier m. Beaulieu | Evelyn in Montreal


Seeking any information with regards to Marie (Mary) Beaulieu parents & siblings. She maried Louis in St-David, Maine 1871-10-30 & François Xavier Martin in Grand Isle, Maine 1882-04-17. Jean Guile Girard Continue reading

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Index: Grande-Riviere Cemetery (Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec)

Gaspesie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine Qyebec Genealogy | Canadian Family


Beaudin, Josephat

Beaudin, Marthe Continue reading

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Grande-Riviere Cemetery | Methot, Jacques – McGee, Flaurestine – Thibodeau, Philias – McGee, Suzanne

Gaspe Quebec Genealogy | Canadian Family

Jacques Methot  1868 – 1937

his wife Flaurestine McGee  1871 – 1932

Philias Thibodeau 1858 – 1846

his wife Suzanne McGee  1865 – 1930



The first couple might be Jacques Methot (son of Charles Methot and Charlotte Beaudin) and Euphrosine Maguy (daughter of Simeon Maguy and Clarisse Sweeney) who were married in Grande-Riviere on September 20th, 1892.

Philias Thibodeau and Suzanne McGee were married in 1884, also in Grande-Riviera.


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French Canadian Pioneers: The Thibodeaus Of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Ile Jesus _ St Vincent de Paul _ 1920s


Francois Thibodeau / Thebaudeau  |  Marie-Louise-Catherine Durocher

February 17th 1749, St-Francois-de-Sales (Ile-Jesus)

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Evelyn in Montreal: Lauzier m. Beaulieu, 1871

Jean Guile Girard asked for information about a  Marie (Mary) Beaulieu and her parents & siblings. This was the Marie Beaulieu who had maried Louis in St-David, Maine 1871-10-30 & François Xavier Martin in Grand Isle, Maine on April 17th in 1882.


Louis Roy Lauzier, son of Louis Roy Lauzier and Elisabeth Thibodeau married Marie Beaulieu, daughter of Hubert Beaulieu and Anastasie Cyr in St-David parish in Madawaska, ME  (United States of America) on October 30th, 1871.

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Beaulieus of Quebec

Evelyn in Montreal

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Begin m. Champagne, Beauceville, Quebec | Evelyn in Montreal

Etienne Begin was trying to start his family tree beginning with his grandparents Edmond Joseph Begin and Rose-Anna Champagne.


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Cafe Royale, Shippegan – “the best fish meal … cod in cornmeal”

goodshipYesterday I showed you a vintage postcard of Shippegan, New Brunswick and this evening Phil Thibodeau  was kind enough to leave a comment in which he shared his memories of the Cafe Royale. They’re so interesting that I thought I’d give him a post of his own. Here’s what M.Thibodeau has to say:

“In the mid-fifties I used to deliver pop each summer to the Café Royale. I worked for Pepsi products bottled by Bosca and Buraglia in East Bathurst. Café Royale and the theater there were big customers.

I ate at the restaurant and once slept upstairs because the next day we had to go to Miscou Island to deliver more pop.

Café Royale had the best fish meal, cod in cornmeal. It was so good, served with soup, choice of tomato soup or green pea soup. I can still see the big industrial cook stove. Everyone there was so nice. Happy and friendly to this teenager who was small and looked younger than 16. Even til this day I consider it the best fish meal and I am a cook now. Whenever I go to Shippegan I remember that experience.
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