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The Cormiers | Pioneers of Caraquet

Index: Pioneer Families of Caraquet

These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. If you don’t have access to the book you can contact me for extra information by leaving a comment underneath this post.

Caraquet Cormier pioneers


The original Cormiers in Canada (Robert Cormier and Marie Theriault) came from La Rochelle, France.

The earliest Cormier couples I have found in Caraquet are the three sons of Jean-Baptiste Cormier and Marie Theriault.


1. Alexis Cormier and Elisabeth Gauthier (daughter of Joseph Gauthier and Marguerite Bujold) had the following children:

  • Joseph Alexis (died in infancy)
  • Nicolas (m. 1807, Rosalie Hebert, daughter of Jean Hebert and Rose Cyr),
  • Florent (did not marry)
  • Jean-Baptiste (born 1779)
  • Thadee (did not marry)
  • Elisabeth Rebecca (died in infancy)
  • Julien (did not marry)
  • Reine-Elisabeth (died young)
  • Frederic (born 1793)
  • Victoire (m. about 1785, Jean-Baptiste Legere, daughter of Olivier Legere and Marie-Joseph Hebert).


2. Jean Cormier and Anastasie Aucoin (prob. the daughter of Pierre Cormier and Marguerite Dupuis) had the following children:

  • Madeleine (m. Desiree Blanchard, son of Olivier Blanchard and Catherine Admirault and then m. Beloni Theriault, son of Joseph Theriault and Marie-Joseph Girouard, and finally m. Michel Hache)
  • Marie (m. Leon Brideau, son of Louis Brideau and Marie-Therese Vienneau)
  • Thomas (m. Francoise Pinet, daughter of Pierre Pinet and Marie Vienneau)
  • Marguerite
  • Paul (m. Reine Gauvin, daughter of Charles Gauvin and Madeleine Paulin)
  • Julie (m. Jean de la Croix Charles Leblanc, son of Joseph Leblanc and Francoise Dugas)
  • Etienne (m. Rosalie Godin, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Godin
    and Rosalie Theriault)
  • Ambroise (m. Olive Theriault, daughter of Pierre Theriault and Marguerite Pinet)


3. Joseph Cormier  and his first wife Madeleine Savoie (daughter of Jean Savoie and Anne Landry) had the following children:

  • Marguerite (m. 1787, Jean-Baptiste LeBlanc, son of Joseph Leblanc and Josette Daigle
  • Benjamin (m.1791,  Angelique Doiron, daughter of Joseph Doiron and Marie D’Entremont dit Dazie),
  • Joseph (m. 1801, Elisabeth Arsenault, daughter of Eustache Arsenault and Marie Savoie, and then (m.1814,  Genevieve Levesque, daughter of Francois Levesque and Marie Granger).


Joseph Cormier and his second wife Marie-Joseph LeBlanc (daughter of Joseph Leblanc and Marie-Joseph Daigle). had the following children:

  • Helene (m 1792, . Joseph Fournier, son of Jacques Fournier and Catherine Turgeon)
  • Marie-Julie (m.1863,  Pierre Babin, son of Ambroise Babin and Anne Cyr)
  • Theotiste (m.1803,  Joseph Poirier, son of Pierre Poirier and Anne Gaudet)
  • Marie-Jeanne Elisabeth (m1802, Joseph Lepage, son of Jean-Baptiste Lepage and Rose Arsenault)
  • Louis, (m.1802, Mathurin Leblanc, daughter of Amand Leblanc and Marie Duon)
  • Aime-Constant (m.1810, Brigitte Leblanc, daughter of Amand Leblanc and Marie Duon)
  • Rosalie (m.1808,  Gregoire Comeau, son of Francois Comeau and Marie Leblanc)
  • Ephrem (m. 1811, Genevieve Leblanc, son of Amand Leblanc and Marie Duon)
  • Hubert (m. 1811, Marguerite Lejeune, daughter of Louis Lejeune and Marguerite Marquis),
  • Raphael (m.  1819, Nathalie Leblanc, daughter of Amand Leblanc and Marie Duon)


Note: Les Familles de Caraquet has the following Cormier family pictures: [Charles Cormier, son of Thomas Cormier (1817-1904), pg. 101],   [Michel Cormier (b.1844), son of Charles Cormier, pg. 101],   Xavier Cormer (son of Melchiade Cormier) and wife Valerie Legere, daughter of Stanislas Leger, pg. 107],   [Maxime Cormier, son of Dominique Cormier, and his wife Rose Poirier, pg.107]   [Seraphin Cormier, son of Melchiade Cormier (1835-1905), pg. 113]   Mrs. Seraphin Cormier (1848-1883), maiden name Charlotte Legere, pg.113],   [Suzanne A. Cormier (1846-1931), Sylvain A. Cormier, Anicet Cormier, Marie Cormier (daughter of Augustin Cormier), pg. 116],  [Anatole Cormier, pg.247],   [Antoine S. Cormier, pg.247],   [Augustazade P. Cormier, pg.247],,   [Raphael S. Cormier, pg.247],  [Irenee J. Cormier, pg.377],   [Gelase A. Cormier, pg.377],   [Gillette Cormier (1820-1909), wife of Jean-Louis Poirier, pg.414],   [Michel C. Cormier, pg.377]

Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR):  [Cormier, Xavier, 1899. Xavier Cormier’s barn was destroyed by fire]   [Cormier, Sylvestre, 1918, Our main merchants – D.D. Landry, Jos.-L. Blanchard and Sylvestre Cormier have been doing great business]   [Cormier, Seraphin, 1902, August 25th, the marriage of Richard Hache (son of deceased Juste Hache and deceased Suzanne Cormier) and Marie Dina Theriault (daughter of Timothy Theriault and Marie Godin). Wedding dinner for more than 200 people at Mrs. Theriault’s house. Seraphin Cormier placed his new house at the disposal of the newly married couple. Honore Godin was the “home de police”(?) for the day.



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The Trudels | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

Index: Pioneer Families of Shippegan

This is a series of micro posts about the pioneers of Shippagan in Gloucester County, New Brunswick. Each post is organized around initial information from Msg. Donat Robichaud’s Le Grand Chipagan: Histoire de Shippagan, supplemented with genealogical data from F. Theriault’s Les Families de Caraquet and is now being gradually enriched with information from other sources. These are mostly French-language sources and some aren’t easily available, so if you need more information please leave your questions in a comment box below  🙂


The Trudels | Genealogy of founding families of Shippegan


The Shippegan Trudels came from the Trudels of St Gregoire de Nicolet (Quebec). Two Trudel brothers had become priests in Prince Edward Island and several of their relatives followed them. Eventually one of their sisters (Hortense) married a McNally and settled in Shippegan. Afterwards others followed including Camille Trudel who married Emilienne Poirier. Continue reading

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Evelyn in Montreal: Bruneau m. Belanger, Lotbiniere, Quebec

Art Landymore had asked me for information about the ascendants of Paula Bruneau of Melville, Sask. P. Bruneau’s father was George(s) Bruneau (Quebec) who had married Marie Louise Lamoureux (Quebec).


Georges Bruneau, son of Georges Bruneau and Adelaide Belanger
Marie-Louise Lamoureux, daughter of Alcibiade Lamoureux and Almira Senecal
Date: 22 May 1905
Parish: St. Damien
Place: Bedford, Missisiqoi, Quebec, Canada Continue reading

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Mystery RPPC Postcard: (Pt.2) 1920s Quebec Alphonse Turgeon & George Martineau

This is the second post about a “mystery postcard” I picked up on eBay last year. In a former post I mentioned that there was a notation on the back with the names Alphonse Turgeon and George Martineau, and I listed some Quebec Alphonse Turgeons of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today I’m sharing some close-ups of that postcard and listing some George Martineaus from the same period.

Detail 1


Detail 2

MysteryHouseFront Detail2

George Martineau – Quebec Marriages 1880 – 1920

MARTINEAU Georges-Narcisse-… AUGE Marie-Ada-Alvine-…


Québec, Québec-Vill…
MARTINEAU Georges-Hector BENOIT Clara


Montréal, Ile-de-Mo…
MARTINEAU J.Georges Alcide CARON Alexina


Laurierville, Mégan…


St-Apollinaire, Lot…


Montréal, Île-de-Mo…


St-Herménégilde, St…




Montréal, Ile-de-Mo…
MARTINEAU Georges LACAS Marguerite-Marie


Montréal, Ile-de-Mo…


Québec, Québec-Vill…


Coaticook, Stanstea…
MARTINEAU Georges TURGEON Elisabeth Anna


Plessisville, Mégan…


Montréal, Ile-de-Mo…



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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Turgeons of Quebec

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Turgeons of Quebec

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QUEBEC SURNAMES: Turgeon + Jean, Laforge, Lefebvre, Turgeon Kahnawake, Turgeon Native Algonquin, Turgeon Native Ojibway LOCATIONS: Quebec City, Beaumont, Mortagne-au-Perche | Quebec City's Chateau Frontenac, historic drawing with walls, and house below


Charles Turgeon | Pasquiere Lefebvre

about 1649, Mortagne-au-Perche Continue reading

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Mystery RPPC Postcard: (Pt.1) Alphonse Turgeon, George Martineau(?)

For PFF this week I though I’d share this postcard that languished on eBay for several months. I bought it because it intrigued me. There’s a cryptic notation on the back and I think it would be a wonderful addition to someone’s family history – but whose family precisely?


Transcript: Avant le demenagement de la maison Alphonse Turgeon e(?) George Martineau(?) avant


demamagement de la maison … 1920 Continue reading

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