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St. Willibrord’s Academy and Park, Verdun, Quebec

Historical Images of Verdun, Quebec PostcardsWillibrord Academy, Park and Avenue share a name with  St. Willibrord Parish   which as founded to serve the English speaking Catholic Irish of Verdun. Willibrord Avenue was originally called Rockland Avenue.

Other Historical Images of Verdun

The Verdun Natatorium And Wading Pool

Desmarchais Blvd During The Depression Years

Historical Verdun, The Beach

Verdun, Quebec – Church Avenue (rue de l’Eglise)

Of Possible Interest

Saint-Willibrords Academy  Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame (Marguerite Bourgeoys)

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The Desmarchais Family of Blvd. Demarchais (Verdun, Quebec) | Pt. 2

This is a follow-up to the Desmarchais Family post in which we have been looking at the ancestors of Don Desmarchais in order to determine whether he is related to the Desmarchais family who gave up the farmland which is now covered by Desmarchais Blvd. and Parc Desmarchais in Verdun, Quebec.

1. General Note

Don descends from the Durand/Desmarchais. The founders of this line were Pierre Durand/Desmarchais and Jeanne Chartier who were married in 1673 in Quebec. Like so many others, Pierre came to Quebec as a soldier in the Carignan-Salieres regiment  [Source: Fichier Origine, Michel Langlois]

2. Genealogical Notes

Joseph Durand-Desmarchais (son of Joseph Durand-Desmarchais and Marguerite Poirier) married Tharsile Latour (daughter of Francois Latour and Marie-Marguerite Sedilot-Monreuil) on April 23rd, 1848 in St-Laurent (Montreal, Quebec).

Joseph-Zephirin Durand-Demarchais was born (and baptised) on October 28th, 1866 in N.D.G. (Montreal, Quebec). The godparents were Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin and Emma Desmarchais. [Source: BMS2000] Continue reading

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The Desmarchais Family of Blvd. Demarchais (Verdun, Quebec) | Pt.1

Some time ago I shared a vintage postcard of Desmarchais Blvd During The Depression Years and Don Demarchais left the following query:

My great grandfather was from Verdun. Does anyone know who Desmarchais Blvd was named after?

General Notes:

Verdun’s Blvd. Demarchais was named after the Demarchais family (“……Les grandes fermes sont subdivisées et leurs limites deviennent, pour la plupart, le tracé de nouvelles voies. En 1907, le secteur fait encore partie de la ferme de la famille Desmarchais. Source:  http://patrimoine.ville.montreal.qc.ca/inventaire/fiche_zone.php?zone=oui&requete=simple&id=1206) .  There is also a Parc Demarchais which is believed to have been named after a rich farmer –  Julien Demarchais – who owned much land in that area of Verdun in the 1880s. (“Tire probablement son origine en mémoire du riche fermier, Julien Desmarchais, qui avait une terre dans les années 1880 dans les environs de l’actuel parc Desmarchais.Source: http://infoverdun.com/page/Parc_Desmarchais.html).

Census Information:

Ancestors of Don Demarchais in the twentieth century.

Source 1 : 1901 Census of Canada, Subdistrict: Saint-Antoine (Ward/Quartier), MONTRÉAL (City/Cité)/175, QUEBEC, District Number: 175, Subdistrict Number: a-34. Archives Microfilm: T-6534

Desmarchais Zeph   Nov 6   1867   33

Desmarchais Mary   Nov 17 1867  33

Desmarchais Elvia July 26 1889  11

Desmarchais Harry Dec 25 1892  8

Desmarchais Walter Jun 13 1896  4 Continue reading

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The Verdun Natatorium And Wading Pool

Canada's Finest Swimming Pool | Union Jack | History of Montreal

Verdun Natatorium – City of Verdun, P.Q.

Swimming pool 200 ft x 75 ft. & diving pool. 75 ft x 50 ft.

Continue reading

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Desmarchais Blvd During The Depression Years | Historical Verdun

When Desmarchais Blvd. was built in 1920 Verdun was midway through a decade in which its population tripled, the roadway system branched out, new schools were built and the retail sector grew.

Verdun Desmarchais Blvd Residential section

This photograph was taken between 1920 (when the buildings were constructed on the land of Julien Desmarchais) and 1935 (the date on the postmark).

From Period Newspapers


Enclosure 150 by 200 feet under Construction At Foot of Desmarchais Blvd.

With the completion of a wading pool at the foot of Desmarchais Avenue, Verdun kiddies will be afforded an opportunity to enjoy the cooling waters of the St. Lawrence on hot summer days. Although this action is being taken rather late in the season, it will be welcomed by hundreds of youngsters who desire to seek relief during the hot spells of August.

Keep reading in the … Montreal Guardian, 1932


Protest to Council Of Little Folks’ “Indecent” Attire

Continue reading

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Index: Vintage Postcards Of Communities On The Island Of Montreal

Montreal is the name of both a city and an island. Traditionally, Montreal Island included  the city of Montreal proper,  and various incorporated or un-incorporated communities. Many of these communities eventually became towns in their own right, but in the last decade many lost their independent status and became boroughs of the Greater City of Montreal. More recently, there as been a de-merging movement.

For this reason I have divided my postcards into two indexes. The first contains  places in the historical City Of Montreal , while this index includes all other communities on the Island.

Verdun Natatorium Canada finest swimming pool Union jack over Canada


Continue reading

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Historical Verdun, The Beach | Quebec postcard, pre-1960s

vintage postcard, bathers

A few weeks ago Montreal Gazette reporter Monique Beaudin devoted one of her Green Life columns to the issue  that though Montrealers live on an island in the middle of the St-Lawrence River they’ve had little or no access to that river since the 1960s, because of the increased pollution including improper raw sewage treatment.  She goes on to say that “Now there are two public beaches on the island – one at the Cap St. Jacques nature park in Pierrefonds and the other the man-made Jean Drapeau Park beach on Ile Notre Dame” and authorities are working on many new projects including “a floating dock on the waterfront near the Natatorium swimming complex in Verdun”. Continue reading

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Verdun in Black and White (4): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s | Links Restored

A b/w photograph from WWII (ca.1945)

My Leger (m.Theriault) grandmother and uncle in front of their Cool St. flat in Verdun, Quebec.

Verdun Quebec, Cool St., WWII, soldier

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Verdun in Black and White (3): Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s

Verdun (Quebec) 1956Verdun Quebec, b/w, 1950s. A Canadian Family Photo Archives

A b/w photograph of my mother and me at my Theriault cousins’ Verdun flat.


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Verdun in Black and White: Family Photographs from the 1940s/1950s

In 1955 our Theriaults were living in Verdun on ave. de l’Eglise (Church Avenue) in a third floor walkup.

This photograph shows Daughter No.1 on the front blacony.Verdun in Black and White 1

This extract from the 1956 Lovell’s Directory confirms that my parents were living at 1429 ave de l’Eglise. it also mentions that my father (whose nickname was Eddy) was working at the local Steinberg’s.


Useful link for Montreal Area Family History Research

BNQ-Collection numérique-Annuaires Lovell’s-Accueil

Wordless Wednesdays

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Verdun, Quebec – Church Avenue (rue de l’Eglise)

Church Avenue, North View, Verdun P.Q.


L. Lemieux Dry Goods was located at 73 Church Ave., Verdun (Source: Lovell’s)

Sellen's Gough Furriers



This ad on the left is an enlargement from the right hand side of the postcard. It’s partially obliterated but I reconstructed what it says from the Sellers listing in the 1905 Lovell’s Directory . To your right – Sellers Gouch Fur Co., Ltd. 280 St. Catherine S.W. Cor. St. Alexander Tel. Uptown 5870. Largest Exclusive Furriers in the British Empire. D.J. Sellers, The Linton. A.J. Gouch, the Linton. Today, there are furrier by the name of Seller’s Gough in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).


Verdun Early 20th Century(?)


Reverse of Postcard:



H.W. Reynolds, Druggist,

corn. Hickson Ave. and Wellington, Verdun P.Q.

Printed in Saxony

Lovell’s Directory (1905)



Are any of these the Herbert W. Reynolds (chemist\druggist) on the postcard?

Herbert W. Reynolds m. Mary Ellen McConnell (1894)

Herbert William Reynolds m. Mary Ann Williams (1908)

Herbert W. Reynolds. m. Mary R. Stanger (1925)

* * *

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