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French Canadian Pioneers: The Quimpers of Quebec

Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers   

QUEBEC SURNAMES: Quimper + Viau, Lizotte  LOCATIONS: Longueuil, Lizotte


Louis Quimper / Divelec / Civellec | Marie-Josephe Viau

December 1st, 1718, Longueuil

[Occ. tinsmith] Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 161 – 180

HOUSEHOLD 161  Iroquois

D’Ailleboust John M., 27  D’Ailleboust, Ida, 22

HOUSEHOLD 162   Iroquois

Jacobs Peter, 44   Jacobs Josephine, 34

Jocks Marie, 74 Continue reading

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Dextras, Schinck | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC), Quebec Genealogy, cemetery


1869 – 1954 Continue reading

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Caughnawaga Census 1921 | Households 61 – 80

HOUSEHOLD 61   Note: Iroquois with scrawled notation, couple is francais

Dulude Frederic, 57   Dulude Pamala, 57

Dulude Rosario, 21   Dulude Yvonne, 18

HOUSEHOLD 62   Iroquois

Lefebvre Georges, 41   Lefebvre Blondine, 37

Courtemanche, Eustache, 81

HOUSEHOLD 63   francaise

Duranceau Adelard, 46   Duranceau Maria, 7

Duranceau Yvonne, 15   Duranceau Marie-Rose, 13   Duranceau Laurette, 11 Continue reading

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Extract: Indian Affairs Annual Report (1903) | Surnames: Boucher, Boudras, Bourget, Brosseau, Demers, Dorais, Jacobs, Laberge, Mallette, Mercier, Viau

Surnames: Boucher, Boudras, Bourget, Brosseau, Demers, Dorais, Jacobs, Laberge, Mallette, Mercier, Viau Continue reading

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Reader Query: The Viaus of Kahnawake (2/2)

Following some research I did awhile back for Carmen Vieau   about her father’s belief that their family was in some way connected to Caughnawaga, I decided to list the Caughnawaga-related Viau marriages that I have from their parish records, as well as some links to related census records.

The first Viau couple that I identified who were associated with  Caughnawaga for many years consisted of Alexis Viau (son of Joseph Viau and Felicite Briault) who had married Theotiste Guerin (daughter of Jean Guerin and Marie Louise Marotte) on February 14th, 1825 in her parish of La-Nativite-de-la-Ste-Vierge in Lapraire. The Viaus were from Laprairie. Alexis descended from Joseph and Felicite and then  1. Louis Viau who had married Felicite Breau on January 17th, 1791  and 2. Pierre Viau who had married Marie Menard  in Longueuil (Chambly)  on January 17th, 1747.

If we turn our attention back to Alexis Viau and Theotiste Guerin at the time they were living in Kahnawake, we can see the following offspring who were all married in St-Francois-Xavier Parish:

Caughnawaga Kahnawake marriages | Mohawk genealogyOctave Viau married Hermine Brunot (daughter of Augustin Brunot and Catherine Decoste) on January 14th, 1856.

Francois Xavier Bourdeau (son of Francois Bourdeau and Charlotte Gagnon) married Anne Viau on November 3rd, 1857.

Gilbert Viau married Odile Gibeau (daughter of Jacques Gibeau and Angelique Perras) on July 4th, 1864. (A note on the marriage records states that he had previously been married to Cleophee Bourdeau but I haven’t located the marriage record).

Hormidas Viau married Alphonsine Gagnon (daughter of Francois Gagnon and Marie Rufiange) on February 11th, 1870.

Isaie Viau L’Esperance married Marie Livernois (daughter of Francois Livernois and Sophie Viau) on October 9th, 1871.

Other Viau marriages from the St-Francois-Xavier Parish records

Gedeon Viau (Louis Viau/Catherine Demers of St-Constant)

Continue reading

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Reader Query: Duquettes in Caughnawaga | Part 2/3

This is a follow-up to an earlier post in which Donna Lee Duquette was asking whether I could shed light on any possible connections between her Duquette ancestors and Caughnawaga.

My basic findings are that one line of Duquettes settled in the region of Chateauguay, and some of these were among the French Canadians who were allowed at one time to live in Caughnawaga. Most of these were farmers who were permitted to lease land (which is no longer the case).

Here are a few connections I’ve found after a cursory examination of several online sources and I would ask that any readers with connections (or further information) about these Duquettes  consider leaving information or contact details in the comment boxes below. Merci!

* * *

A Caughnawaga marriage from 1864

Duquettes in Caughnawaga KahnawakeJean Baptiste Duquette (son of Jean Baptiste Duquette and Josette Laberge) married Virginie Viau (daughter of Joseph Viau and Marie Anne Gervais) on January 25th, 1864 in St-Francois-Xavier Parish in Caughnawaga.

Note 1: Viau family – At a certain point, Virginie’s uncle Alexis Viau died, and his wife Theotiste Guerin remarried and gave birth to many children in Caughnawaga.

This Jean Baptiste Duquette (who married Virginie Viau) descends as follows from Denys Duquette and Catherine Gauthier –

Jean Baptiste Duquette and Marie Josette Laberge who married on 12 January 1761 in Chateauguay. Continue reading

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Viau m. Duranceau | 1/2 | Evelyn in Montreal

Carmen Vieau wrote:

Hi my name is Carman Vieau, I am doing a family history. Can not find too much on the Canadian side of my family. I can go back as far as Jean Baptiste Viau born 1803, M. Catherine Duranceau born 1807. They married , do not know the date, I know they moved to Trenton Ontario and that is where they both are buried. Both were born Chateauguay, Quebec. My father had told me we are part Indian {I think Mohawk] not too sure. Can you please help. My daughter is also doing her husband history seeing he is Indian from Newfoundland

Chateauguay GenealogyJean-Baptiste Viau (son of Paul Viau and Angelique Picard) married Catherine Duranceau (daughter of Etienne Duranceau and Catherine Hubert) on November 21st, 1825 in  St-Joachim Church, Chateauguay, Quebec. Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Viaus of Quebec

Index: French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

Index: Filles du Roi

QUEBEC SURNAMES: Viau + Boucher, Filles du Roi, Plouard, Provost, Viau Kahnawake, Viau Native Metis LOCATIONS: Montreal, St. Nicolas, Quebec | Vintage postcard, Montreal_Interior_Notre_Dame_Church_1907


Jacques Viau / Lesperance | Marie-Madeleine Plouard

January 21st, 1670, Montreal (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. military, Carginan-Salieres, Dugue]

Marie-Madeleine Plouard was a Fille du Roi (see 2nd note below). Continue reading

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