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Vintage Postcard: Chicoutimi, Quebec (rue Racine) Links Restored

Vintage coloured postcard of the rue Racine in Chicoutimi, Quebec

Chicoutimirue Racine

Chicoutimi, Quebec – Vintage Sign


Le Plus Grand Choix


Chicoutimi Reverse

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Vintage Postcard: Sorel, Quebec

This is a vintage (ca.1906), b/w postcard of the rue du-Roi in Sorel, Quebec

Sorel rue du-Roi

Reverse of Postcard of Sorel, Quebec

Sorel Reverse


Miss E Neumann, 83 Beaumont St., Brooklyn, N.Y., N.Y.


Sunday 8-9-26

Hello Elizabeth, We made Sorel by 7 PM. I called Albert on the phone and wanted us to come to Drummondville but we stayed at the Sorel Hotel. We saw Drummondville lose a tough game 3 to 2. The game went 10 inings. Firoud picked for Drummonville. We got your letter tonight and we regret that you couldn’t come because we are staying at a pretty classy dump and we have twin beds. Joe & Gir…


Can you identify this vehicle? If so, I would

be so grateful if you dropped me a line

in the Comment box below.

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St-Helen’s Island (L’Ile Ste-Helene) Montreal, Quebec | Links Restored


Family Photo - Summer of 1956

When I was growing up in the 1950s, St-Helen’s Island (L’Ile Ste-Helene) was a popular destination with Montrealers trying to escape the city’s heat – and this was especially true for working-class families (like mine) who couldn’t afford “real” vacations in far-off places. St-Helen’s Island is located just off Montreal Island in the St-Lawrence River and water was clean at the time (or at least we thought it was) so its beach and picnic grounds were always paced with fun-seeking Montrealers!

For this photograph, my parents posed me and my sister in front of our pride-and-joy – the family’s Morris Minor.

What we didn’t know at the time was that St-Helen’s Island would be completely transformed less than a decade later as part of Montreal’s preparation for its world fair – Expo 67. Montreal’s brand new subway system (le Metro) was being built, and an engineer hit on the idea of dumping the excavated earth into the St-Lawrence River to build up Ile Ste-Helene and Ile Notre- Dame-Islands. I suspect this type of project would not pass muster in our more ecologically aware times, but the 1950s/60s were a time of grandoise ideas and mega-projects (see also Happy 5oth Birthday – St-Lawrence Seaway!). In this excerpt from the Montreal Expo 67 Official Guide entitled “Nouveaux Travaux d’Hercule” or “The Miracle of Expo” you can see that Quebeckers really felt they were taking their place on the world stage.

Quote from the Expo 67Official Guide:

In two years the original Ile Ste-Sainte-Helene (top) was extended and

Ile Notre-Dame built up from a few acres of rocks (bottom).


Expo 67 Official Guide:

Map showing the new Metro (red dotted lines)

Ile Ste-Helen with new amusement park La Ronde

Ile Notre-Dame site of the Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix Races


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Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, Quebec – Links Restored

Main Street, St. Anne de Beaupre, Quebec Canada

(Columbus House, Irish Shop, Colisee(?), Royal …Museum)

Ste Anne de BeaupreFr

Detail: Vintage Car in Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre


Can anyone date this car?

Reverse: Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre (Quebec)  Postcard

Ste Anne de BeaupreReverse

Canada Series


The Post Card & Greeting Card Co., Ltd., Toronto – Canada Series – Canada Series is a guarantee of Canadian Manfacture – Made in Canada – Correspondence – Address Only __________________________________

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A Canadian Family Vintage Postcard Collection: QUEBEC

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Verdun, Quebec – Church Avenue (rue de l’Eglise)

Church Avenue, North View, Verdun P.Q.


L. Lemieux Dry Goods was located at 73 Church Ave., Verdun (Source: Lovell’s)

Sellen's Gough Furriers



This ad on the left is an enlargement from the right hand side of the postcard. It’s partially obliterated but I reconstructed what it says from the Sellers listing in the 1905 Lovell’s Directory . To your right – Sellers Gouch Fur Co., Ltd. 280 St. Catherine S.W. Cor. St. Alexander Tel. Uptown 5870. Largest Exclusive Furriers in the British Empire. D.J. Sellers, The Linton. A.J. Gouch, the Linton. Today, there are furrier by the name of Seller’s Gough in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).


Verdun Early 20th Century(?)


Reverse of Postcard:



H.W. Reynolds, Druggist,

corn. Hickson Ave. and Wellington, Verdun P.Q.

Printed in Saxony

Lovell’s Directory (1905)



Are any of these the Herbert W. Reynolds (chemist\druggist) on the postcard?

Herbert W. Reynolds m. Mary Ellen McConnell (1894)

Herbert William Reynolds m. Mary Ann Williams (1908)

Herbert W. Reynolds. m. Mary R. Stanger (1925)

* * *

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A Festival of Postcards (Premiere Issue) Wheels – May 2009


A Festival of Postcards Premiere Edition – Wheels

Welcome to the first issue of A Festival of Postcards – a new carnival where bloggers can share their love of  vintage and modern postcards. Whether you’re a casual or serious collector, whether postcards are your primary focus or just an addition to your study of art or social history, it makes no difference. If you love postcards, you’ve come to the right place!  In this issue you’ll see dozens of  postcards related to WHEELS, including bicycles, boats, cars and trains as well as water wheels and oil derricks, and spinning wheels and amusement park rides. There’s something for every taste from vintage b/w to shiny chrome and from serious to quite hilarious. So please sit back, start clicking and enjoy yourself!

Feature Article

In this month’s feature article – Big Wheels – footnoteMaven lets us peek over her shoulder as she analyzes a postcard. footnoteMaven is well-known in the genealogy community as the person behind the spectacular Shades Of The Departed site where she shares not only her collection of photographs but also her experience in managing that collection over a twenty year period.

Transportation Postcards (Motorized)

Our first postcard in this category is Donna Pointkouski’s b/w pc of  an Illinois Garage in 1932 while our second comes from Stephanie Linecum and it takes us to the 1950s era where she tells us that  Elvis has Left the Building, but I got a Postcard! Postcardy Lynne takes us for a tour of the Ford Drama of Transportation Exhibit at the 1934 World’s Fair while and thenshe bring us forward to the 1950s and shares a   1956 Chevrolet Station Wagon . Dragan Buskulic, a Croatian blogger, shares not one, but three Slovenian postcards that depict vintage automobiles: a 1959 Fiat 600, 1960 Piccolo 6HP and an 1898 Benz Velo. Next you can   Drive with LLOYD, courtesy of Earney Gerhard and then check out Elina Tozzi’s  ’50s Bon Voyage! Now, before leaving the cars behind, I’d suggest one more pit stop at Lynne’s blog where her post Ford Comics Postcards will surely put a smile on your face!  Then take a look at some trucks with Jenny Yu’s gorgeously decorated truck from the Philippines and Lynne’s postcard and research about the Brady Motorfrate Company.

Six bloggers chose to feature public transporation. First up is Judith Richards Shubert with her streetcar in Wheels of Change on the Rade de Brest. Next we have Carol Yates Wilkerson with  Railroad Wheels and Brett Payne’s Electric Trams in Derby, 1904-1934. Prefer the water? T Casteel shares her postcard of a  stern paddle-wheel riverboat while Vickie Everhart offers a  19th-Century Steam Side-Wheeler. Finally, for a look at a rarer form of public transport you can drop by Paris for a look at Sophie’Funiculaire at Montmartre. Finally, Karen Packard Rhodes sent in a only multi-view postcard with our only airplane.

Transportation Postcards (Non-motorized)

Were you thinking horses? Well, of course we have horses! M.Diane Rogers presents a four wheeled buggy from Scotland’s Ettrick Valley while Lester Larabee takes us to Thorndike, Maine for buggies and buckboards.  and Delia Furrier shows us a horse & cart postcard form her  Nellie Baley Collection. Now, for something a little different just mosey on over to Susan J. Edminster’s blog and check out the The Goat Cart. Not smiling yet? Don’t leave without checking out Emery Strand’s cart which Exceeds the Speed Limit in California and then take a look at Sheila’s ‘Bicycle for a Little Red Hen! animal-powered transportation postcard.

Are you a cycling enthusiast? You’ll definitely want to see Greta Koehl’s Welsh vintage high wheeler, Ya Chu’s contemporary Taiwanese bicycle and Linda’s Big Britches on a cool tricycle! , John Gasson’s ‘Wheels and Orphans! and  Lynn Imajica’s Malaysian Tripshaw. A last  postcard in the category of human-powered transport is Julie Cahil Tarr’s baby baby carriage.

Postcards of The Wheel In The Workplace

The two first cards in this category show some of the earliest ways in which the wheel eased man’s labour. The first – a spinning wheel – is presented by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault, while the second is a waterwheel offered by Denise Olson. The next two workplace cards bring us closer into the industrial present as Kay Bauman takes us for a visit to some Oklahoma Oil Derricks and Smallest Leaf shows us The way down under: Pottsville miners and their pit car.And finally Susan Writes shares the most recent machine which is called the  Burrell Road Engine.

A Grab Bag of Postcards

Here’s a last little selection of postcards. I suggest you start with a handful of Violet Lifesavers courtesy of Marie Reed and then head on over to Henk van Kampen’s blog for a  “wheely” good time. You can even relax a few minutes  with Judy’s kitten and then try out  the Joy Wheel at an Edwardian Fairground.

Our final postcard comes to us from Mario Ribeiro and depicts the Argentine dance duo of  Irene e Eduardo Obrigado.

Blogs featured in A Festival of Postcards – Wheels (May 2009)

(Note: List will be completed by tomorrow!)

A Canadian Family Evelyn Yvonne Theriault (CDN)

About Postcards Linda (UK)

Bits and Pieces. Lester Larrabee

CanadaGenealogy, or, ‘Jane’s Your Aunt’ M.Diane Rogers

Cpaphil Postcards Marie Reed

Elina Cuts Loose Elina Tozzi

Flipside Linda Hghes Hise

Genealogy Traces Judith Richards Shubert

Greta’s Genealogy Bog Greta Koehl

imajica is imajicated Lyan Imajica

iPentimento Carol Yates Wilkerson

Karen About Genealogy Karen Packard Rhodes

Kay B’s Place Kay Bauman

Linecum Lineage Linecum Stephanie

Mega Tree Genealogy Emery Strand

Moultrie Creek Denise Olson

Photo-Sleuth Brett Payne


Postcard Journey Around the World Earney Gerhard

Postcardy Lynne

Pre stamped Postcards&Aerogrammes Dragan Buskuluc

Roots Henk van Kampen

Shades Of The Departed footnoteMaven

Small-leaved Shamrock Smallest Leaf

The Family File Sue Edminster

What’s Past is Prologue,  Donna Pointkouski

Who Will Tell Their Story? Julie Cahill Tarr


Did you contribute to this Festival?

Then you can display either of these logos on your website



A FESTIVAL OF POSTCARDS – Headquarters (June 2009 – Main Street)

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Scenes of St-Catherine Street (4/10) Montreal, Quebec


This is the fourth in a series of vintage postcards of

St-Catherine Street in Montreal, Quebec.

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Vintage Postcard: Bathurst and the Twist!

This is a postcard from Bathurst, New Brunswick where our Lagaces lived before moving to Verdun, Quebec. Take a closer look and you’ll see that the movie “Twist All Night” with Louis Prima was showing at the Kent Theatre on Main Street. That means that this is probably Main St. Bathurst in the early 1960s.

Vintage theatre, 1960s, classic cars, wing fins

The Kent Theatre had opened in 1952 while Stedman’s was in business from 1934.

Here’s an excerpt from the movie “Twist all Night” – the twist starts about midway through!

Continue reading

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The Cafe Royal Shippegan, New Brunswick, Canada


This early twentieth century postcard depicts the Cafe Royal in Shippegan (County Gloucester, New Brunswick). There is no publisher indicated on the background – just the words “Made in England” and “Post Card / Carte Postale”. Perhaps this card was privately published as an advertisement for the Cafe Royal? Continue reading

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