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Jonquiere (Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean), rue St-Dominique

Quebec Vintage Postcard | vintage retail signs | Canadian Family

Jonquiere (like numerous other Quebec communities) has now been amalgamated into a larger city (Saguenay). It is located in the modern region of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean. The modern Jonquiere  had also been the result of an amalgamation (Jonquiere, Kenogami and Arvida). The original settlement of Jonquiere has existed since the mid 19th century, but the regional population really exploded in the second decade of the 20th century with the opening of Alcan’s  Shipshaw hydroelectric station which served their Arvida aluminium plant in Arvida, as well as the Price lumber operations in Kenogami.

The surnames below were present in Jonquiere  proper at the time of the 1911 census. it will be interesting to see the changes when the 1921 census is published – although I imagine that the changes will be more dramatic in the 1931 returns!

Click on name to access 1911 Canada Census

Beaudoin   Belley   Bergeron   Bilodeau   Boily   Bouchard   Boudreau   Boulianne   Brassard   Crowther

Dallaire   Deschêne   Duchêne   Dufour   Fortin   Gagnon   Gauthier   Girard       Kironack   Laberge

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Moncton, New Brunswick “Main Street and Subway”

historical Monction, New Brunswick

Detail: Vintage billboards – Ganong chocolate & Sweet Caporal cigarettes

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Baie-Comeau (Cote Nord, Quebec) Main Shopping District In The 1960s – Links Restored

This is a 1960s view of Baie-Comeau’s main shopping district. Baie-Comeau is a relatively new town. It was established “at the instigation of Robert R. McCormick, publisher of the Chicago Tribune, as a pulp and newsprint milling centre”.

Baie Comeau

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A circa 1960s view of Main Street in Granby, Quebec

This is a vintage view of Granby‘s busy Main Street shopping district during the early 1960s. Granby is located in the modern administrative region of the Monteregie, Quebec.


Granby was first settled by two waves of English-speaking peoples: United Empire Loyalists who fled the United States of America after the War of Independence, and then the Irish who were fleeing the terrible potato famine of Europe. These were later joined by other English-speakers who built cabins and used the area as a summer retreat from their hot, steamy cities.

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Ste-Agathe-des-Monts (Laurentians/Laurentides)

This is is a postcard of Ste-Agathe-des-Monts which was mailed in the early 1960s, though the image might actually be from the late 1950s. Ste-Agathe is located in the Laurentians, and is part of the modern administrative region called Les Laurentides. The Laurentians are best known to outsiders as a great skiing region.


I bought this postcard because the SHELL sign is one that I used to see in my childhood.

Here’s a message that PostcardKris of Postcard Images: 100 years of life, love and mystery left in the comment box below. I guess we know where to get our cars dated now!.

“Close as I can tell, the first parked car facing the camera is a 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner. I can tell by the very distinctive small parking lights under the headlights. The dark car on the right pointing away from the camera is late 40’s. All the cars look like late 40’s, early to mid 50’s. My best guess is the photo for this postcard was taken in the mid-fifties.”

And here’s a great new message from  Michael Litvack.  Thanks!

The defining way to date this St. Agathe postcard is to locate the Laurentien Bar restaurant. I believe it moved from the right side to the left side about 1952.  Whistles on the cash sold for one cent,  Bazooka gum for 2 cents,,,and the Smokeburgers and vanilla cokes were just great ! Smokeburgers???  machine sliced commercial smoked meat formed in to a patty, and the grilled and put in a hamburger bun, with mustard. It was 60 years ago…yummy!

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A Festival of Postcards (3rd Ed.) – Signs

A Festival of Postcards Logo

A Festival of Postcards –  Signs

Welcome to the third edition of A Festival of Postcards where bloggers share their love of vintage and modern postcards. This month we have contributions from over 30 bloggers on 3 continents (Asia, Europe & North America) and from several postcard “communities” including artists, deltiologists, family historians and Postcrossers. Some have interpreted the theme literally so we have a great selection of postcards showing painted, wooden, metal and neon signs but others have worked with the idea of sign as symbol, so we have a great selection of postcards for everyone!

With so many entries this time, I’ve divided the Festival into three sections: The Artful Postcard (altered postcards, mail art and  postcard design), Postcards in the Past Tense (images from the past, family & social history), and Contemporary Postcards (images from the 1990s on including family & social history and Postcrossing).

The topic for this month’s featured article was inspired by Vickie Everhart’s June Festival entry Main Street in Rockdale. She inspired me to take another look at many of my favourite blogs and I was struck by how many artists and family historians are experimenting with scrapbooking techniques as a way to present their family history, so the feature article for this Festival is by mixed-media artist Mandy Collins.

Feature Article

Pearl Maple

In her article Altered Art-Mail or Postal Art, blogger Mandy Collins (aka Pearl Maple) provides an introduction  to altered art, shows us the steps she followed in her postcard project, and closes with a bevy of useful links to other postal and mail art sites. We’re very lucky to have this article from Mandy because she’s a very busy professional mixed-media artist. You can see an example of her work online at  Featured Artist Of The Week at Paperclippings and  she has also been published in Somerset Memories and most recently in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Altered Art by Allyson Bright Meyer.

The Artful Postcard

Kevin Kidney

Kevin Kidney is a “self-employed art director, illustrator, writer, sculptor and maker of things” who has worked as a Disney designer. I asked his permission to link to this Old Lamplighter article because Kevin’s post displays and discusses some of the artwork related to the production of a Disney postcard. If you’re interested in the art behind Disney postcards, type “postcards” into Kevin’s Search Box and you’ll find two more articles of interest (“Chicken of the Sea Tuna Pirate Ship Restaurant” and “In Amazing Realtistic Presence”).

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