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Shawinigan (1960s) – La 5e avenue dans le centre commercial

If you’re a family historian and you’re looking for Shawinigan-area information in the 1901/1911 census, you will find it in the Trois Rivieres-St-Maurice region. (e.g. St-Boniface, St-Boniface-de-Shawinigan, Shawinigan Falls)

Historical Shawinigan | Main Street | stores, signs, cars | Vintage postcard

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Lortie Orphan Photo | Montreal (?) Quebec | Lortie Ed. married Caumartin, Legault, Robert, Roy

Last weekend I was rummaging through some cluttered shelves at a flea market in the Laurentians, when I came across a stack of unidentified – or barely identified – old photographs. My heart always sinks when I come across these  because I can always imagine what they might mean to a family historian somewhere.

Today I’d like to share one of them – this wedding image taken by Montreal photographer  Roger Janelle.

The couple in the image is not identified but there is a pencilled notation on the back that reads – Ed. Lortie. Could this be the groom’s name? Perhaps yes, perhaps no – but since this is my only lead I’m going on the assumption that it might be. Now Edouard Lortie was not a rare name in 20th century Quebec but I did a bit of research on Roger Janelle and found that his photography business (L’Illustration) was listed in directories from 1937 to 1957.  The first year he did business from 2349 Notre Dame E., and the address on the wedding photograph is “2306 Mt. Royal Ave.”, so I was able to further narrow the Lortie wedding date down to a range of 1938/39 to 1957. So here are the Lortie Ed. weddings in that period in Montreal –

Lortie Edouard m. Caumartin Doris 1944     Montreal

Lortie Rogers Edouard m. Legault Marie L. 1945     Montreal

Lortie Edgard m. Robert, M.-Paule 1948     Montreal

Lortie Edmond m. Roy Therese 1949     Montreal


Detail – Photographer Roger Janelle

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A Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.) – GEO

An online showcase of the best postcards in the blogosphere!Ed. Evelyn Yvonne Theriault

* * *

Welcome to the Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.)GEO – featuring dozens of entries that depict the geography of our planet through images and cartography. As always, participating bloggers come from a variety of backgrounds. Many specialize in  the collection and study of postcards, others use postcards to enhance their historical or socio-cultural research interests and finally, there are a few who showcase their altered mail art.  What unites us all is our love and appreciation for postcards!

Our Feature Article for this issue is –  It’s A Small World After All – and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the way Caroline Pointer uses several “geographically inspired” ideas and metaphors to reexamine the worlds of genealogy and postcards from a fresh perspective. Caroline is well-known in the family history and genealogy communites for her storytelling skills. You can sample her work at Family Stories and as well as at her other blogs –  Family Stories in Stone and Texas Family Stories.

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Caroline Pointer | Family Stories

It’s A Small World After All

(excerpt) Have you ever heard or used the term, “worlds apart”? It’s usually used to indicate how far apart two people’s lives, ideas, beliefs, faith, etc. are from one another. Before I started researching my family’s genealogy, I thought I was “worlds apart” from other people. I thought I was not really connected to much ~ not to other people nor to history. Nothing. Oh, I knew who my family was [mostly], but not where my family fit into things. Where I fit into things. Now, I know. Genealogy has become sort of a map for me …..

Leo Schifferli | Postcardiness

23 Skidoo – The Flatiron Building – New York City

(excerpt) The metaphorical intersection of architecture, idiomatic phraseology, and – at least to some extent – postcards, all converged on the geographic intersection of Fifth Avenue, Broadway, and 23rd Street in New York City in the very early 1900s to produce what some lexicographers consider to be the first fad phrase to sweep the entire nation: “23 skidoo”

Susan | This Old Paper: Curious Things That Are Flat

Thanks for writing, Verena!

(excerpt) Of all the postcards in the Schifferli postcard albums, this one is a perfect match for the current A Festival of Postcards (8th Ed.): Geography theme – with a genealogical twist! On the front is featured Gruss aus Dottingen Aargau, Switzerland. My paternal German-speaking ancestors were from the city of Dottingen in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland!

Mandy Collins | Pearl Maple


(excerpt) This month’s theme in the Carnival of Postcards is geography so I have included maps, lots of maps and even a little postage stamp with a globe on it. Here are the first few pages, keep checking back for updates as more pages are added. And as always, I confirm for my postcard & stamp collecting friends, all materials have been checked for significance before being altered. Continue reading

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Ste-Anne Blvd. Near Chute-Montmorency-Falls

This is a historic view of the Auberge de la Chute and White Rose Gas Station on Blvd. Ste-Anne near Montmorency Falls, Quebec.  I love this card because it captures the “modern feel” of late 1960s Quebec. Look closely and you’ll see old fashioned gas pumps out front and a large juke box in the interior shot.

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The Bellevue Casino On A Swizzle Stick

Bellevue Casino Swizzle Horizontal

As I’ve mentioned before, during the 1940s and 50s my parents often frequented nightspots that were part of Montreal’s heyday as the jazz and nightclub capital of Canada. As my mom would leave me with the babysitter she always promised to bring me back a swizzle stick! The words along the side of the swizzle stick read “Bellevue Casino Montreal Canada”.

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The Seville Theatre (1910s) | Montreal In The Time Of Tramways

 Historic views of Montreal’s trams in the early 20th century (2/12)


 This is another vintage postcard from my Ste-Catherine St. collection. It shows Montreal’s core shopping district  (with trams, of course) at the turn of the twentieth century.


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