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Chief’s Widow to Fight Extradition (1933) | Surnames: Canadian, Crankshaw, Delisle, Phillips, Tosini, White Cloud

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Former Marion Canadian Appears Under Warrant Charging Perjury

The fourth person and the first woman to be haled before Judge J. O. Lacroix, extradition commissioner on charges of perjury arising out of evidence given at Watertown, N.Y. at the probating of the will of the late Chief White cloud of Caughnawaga, appeared yesterday before His Honor in the person of comely Marion Canadian – now Mrs. Cesare Tosini, of this city – the widow of White Cloud. Continue reading

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Dark Angel Visits Caughnawaga With Tidings of Chief White Cloud’s Death (1931) | Surnames: Atrenho, Canadian/Canadien, Jocks

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Caughnawaga, Que., February 13.-

Chief White Cloud is dead. Mumbling feebly the incantations that went with the mystic lore of the tribal medicine man, he died today at Watertown, N.Y. a victim of influenza. With him was extinguished an Iroquois line whose roots went deep into the days before the pale face trod the Canadian land which gave birth to one famed all over the Continent for his lore in medicine. He was fifty years old.

James Atrenho was the family name of the dead chief. He came of lusty stock and was a native of this reservation. In his younger days he was renowned among te braves as one of the fleetest of foot within the tribe. Reaching mature years, he turned to the medicien magic of is forefathers, and years of study enabled him to emerge with a reputation that soon spread across the line line to others of the Six Nations. Much of his life was spent in travelling from trbe to trib, bringing comfort to the suffering of his race. Several years ago, the cheif joined a show at Glen’s Falls, N.Y., and had been with that organization since. From tme to time, however, he returned here.

Chief Jocks, of the Caughnawaga police, received the news this afternoon: the reservation was plunged into gloom, but was somewhat consoled by the fact that the Chief’s wife, whose maiden name was Marion Canadian, was present at the last.

The funeral, with full tribal panoply, will take place here probably Tuesday morning, the body being due tomorrow. Six braves of the Iroquois will act as pall-bearers, while hundreds will attend.

Source: The Montreal Gazette, Feb. 14, 1931


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