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French Canadian Pioneers: The Charests of Quebec

Barthelemy Charest / Charet | Marie-Josephe Gueret

February 3rd, 1783, Kamouraska


Jean Charest | Elisabeth Guillot

February 3rd, 1669, Quebec (Notre-Dame)


Charest Family Tree | Charest Genealogy

Charest – Variations and associated surnames

Charet(s), Chaure, Chaurest, Chauret, Chaurette, Chevert, Chorest, Choret(te), Dorvillier, Duchatel, Dufils, Leroy



Charette Grooms

Charest, Hermas  | Leger, Rose Corinne
Married: 19 Nov 1881 Montreal QC CAN

Charest, Jean | Theriault, Angele

Married: 16 Jan 1849 St Pascal Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Charest, Michel | Rochefort / Luret, Reine

Married: 1821 Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Charest, Pierre | Monet, Victoire

Married: 1859 Montreal QC CAN

Charette, Antoine | Theriault, Marcelline

Married: 22 Nov 1853 Frenchville Aroostook ME USA

Chorette, Francois Xavier |  Legault, Marguerite

Married: 1833 Pierrefonds Montreal Island QC CAN

Charette, Francois Xavier |  Leger, Celina

Married: 3 Oct 1864 St Timothee Beauharnois QC CAN

Charette, Honore | Boutot, Marie

Married: est.1840

Charette, Laurent | Levasseur, Elisabeth Christine

Married: 1832 Kamouraska QC CAN

Chorette, Luc | Legault, Adelaide

Married: 1841 Pierrefonds Montreal Island QC CAN

Charette, Raymond | Caron, Philomene

Married: 11 September 1865 St-Francois-de-Madawaska NB CAN

Charette, Thomas | Theriault, Caroline

Married: 1874 Fort Kent Aroostook ME USA


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  1. I have traced my relatives to Honore Charest. The trail on the Charest side ends with Honore. I do know that he married Marie Christine Thiboutot b1808-d1881 and had a son named Urbain Charest.
    I would appreciate any insight or connection to the Charest family.

    Comment by Lisa (Proulx) Francone | July 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Lisa. I can help. go to the website and we’ll go from there.

      Thank you for the heads up Ray. I’ve added a link to your organization in the post since some people (gasp!) don’t read all the comments!

      Comment by Ray Thomas | March 3, 2011 | Reply

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