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French Canadian Pioneers: The Charests of Quebec

Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec


Charest Family Tree | Charest Genealogy


Barthelemy Charest / Charet | Marie-Josephe Gueret

February 3rd, 1783, Kamouraska

[Occ. settler]


Etienne Charest / Charet  |  Catherine Bissot

November 27th, 1670  Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. settler, arrived with brother Jean]

[Baptismal record]


Jacques Charest / Charet | Jeanne Dubois

September 15th, 1693  Pointe-de-Levy

[Occ. settler]

[Baptismal record]


Jean Charest | Elisabeth Guillot

February 3rd, 1669, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. settler, arrived with brother Etienne]

 [Baptismal record]




Variations and associated surnames

Charet(s)  – Chaure  – Chaurest – Chauret

Chaurette  – Chevert – Chorest – Choret(te)

Dorvillier – Duchatel – Dufils – Leroy


This series of Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec microposts is dedicated to the earliest settlers of Quebec. If you are new to the genealogy of French-speaking Canadians, please be aware that the earliest French settlers can also descend from the Acadian pioneers who originally settled in what are now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In addition, please note that any Native related links refer back to other posts citing census, marriage or other documents with indigenous or Metis individuals of that surname, however those individuals do not necessarily descend from those particular French Canadian settlers. All these posts are intended as Finding Aides – a place to find possible clues and start your own research!


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First Nations Census Records – Charest / Charette Surname

St. Vital & St. Boniface Parish | Provencher (1911)  March 2021  

Township 5 | Metis (1911)  March 2021

Battleford North | Cree, Mixed (1901) 

Dauphinais | Mixed (1901)  

Perth Tobique 44 | Maliseet (1921)

Stony Lake | Cree, Mixed (1901) 


First Nations Marriage Records – Charest / Charette Surname

BENA …  | Native – First Peoples – Metis [CDN Marriage Extracts] [QC]  (Charette)

CARI …  | Native – First Peoples – Metis [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON] (Charette)

DOKIS … | Native – First Peoples – Metis [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON-SK] (Charette) Dec 2020

LAHO … | Native – First Peoples – Metis [CDN Marriage Extracts]  [ON]  (Charette)






Charette Grooms

Charest, Hermas  | Leger, Rose Corinne
Married: 19 Nov 1881 Montreal QC CAN

Charest, Jean | Theriault, Angele

Married: 16 Jan 1849 St Pascal Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Charest, Michel | Rochefort / Luret, Reine

Married: 1821 Kamouraska Bas-St-Laurent QC CAN

Charest, Pierre | Monet, Victoire

Married: 1859 Montreal QC CAN

Charette, Antoine | Theriault, Marcelline

Married: 22 Nov 1853 Frenchville Aroostook ME USA

Chorette, Francois Xavier |  Legault, Marguerite

Married: 1833 Pierrefonds Montreal Island QC CAN

Charette, Francois Xavier |  Leger, Celina

Married: 3 Oct 1864 St Timothee Beauharnois QC CAN

Charette, Honore | Boutot, Marie

Married: est.1840

Charette, Laurent | Levasseur, Elisabeth Christine

Married: 1832 Kamouraska QC CAN

Chorette, Luc | Legault, Adelaide

Married: 1841 Pierrefonds Montreal Island QC CAN

Charette, Raymond | Caron, Philomene

Married: 11 September 1865 St-Francois-de-Madawaska NB CAN

Charette, Thomas | Theriault, Caroline

Married: 1874 Fort Kent Aroostook ME USA


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  1. I have traced my relatives to Honore Charest. The trail on the Charest side ends with Honore. I do know that he married Marie Christine Thiboutot b1808-d1881 and had a son named Urbain Charest.
    I would appreciate any insight or connection to the Charest family.


    Comment by Lisa (Proulx) Francone | July 28, 2010 | Reply

    • Lisa. I can help. go to the website and we’ll go from there.

      Thank you for the heads up Ray. I’ve added a link to your organization in the post since some people (gasp!) don’t read all the comments!


      Comment by Ray Thomas | March 3, 2011 | Reply

  2. I may have more info.


    Comment by Barb | February 13, 2019 | Reply

  3. He was my gggf.


    Comment by lliann2 | March 9, 2021 | Reply

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