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The Laprairie Tourist Rooms on Blvd. Taschereau & The Pinsonneault Family (Refeatured)

Quebec vintage postcard, old cars, 50s-60s

Laprairie Tourist Rooms,

Showers and Spring Mattresses, Continue reading

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Evelyn in Montreal: Riel | Caille

Query from Andrew John Carpenter –

Julien Riel (aka Julius Riley, Joseph) b. 11 May 1835, St Remi, Napierville. His parents: Enos Riel (Riley) & Charlotte Caille.


This Julien Riel was born and baptized on May 11th, 1835 in St-Remi Parish in St-Remi, Naperville, Quebec but his parents were listed as Basil Riel and Charlotte Caille.  His godparents were Julien Riel and Appoline Caille.

Riel genealogy

I did not find a Basil Riel/Charlotte Caille couple but I did  find a couple by the names close to those you indicated –   Continue reading

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Evelyn In Montreal: Parents of Madeleine St-Louis/Billy

St-Stanislas-de-Champlain | Carpentier, St-Louis, Lafontaine, Billy

Query by Andrew John Carpentier

Francois Xavier Carpentier m. Rose de Lima Lafontaine 28 June 1846 St. Stanislas de Champlain. Any info on her parents: Joseph (Dubord) Lafontaine & Billy St Louis.


This would be your couple  –

Francois Carpentier (son of Augustin Carpentier and  Marguerite Vermette) married Rose-de-Lima Lafontaine (daughter of Joseph Lafontaine and Madeleine St-Louis/Billy) on June 23rd, 1846 in St-Stanislas (Champlain) QC. Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Pepins of Quebec

Antoine Pepin / Lachance | Marie Teste

November 24th, 1659, Quebec (Notre-Dame)

[Occ. Ste-Famille (Ile d’Orleans) Continue reading

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St.Constant Cemetery: Juaire, Miron, Miron Lord

1890 ROCH MIRON 1964

1893 MARIE JUAIRE 1986



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Native/First Peoples/Metis Marriages of Eastern Canada | CLOUD – CYRIAC

Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Marriages Of Eastern Canada

Quebec Native Surnames

Latest Updates May 25th, 2017


Cloud, Henry | Martin, Mary Ann

Married: August 31st, 1909 Northumberland | N.B.

Cloud, James | Ward, Mary Angelique

Married: 1942 Northumberland | Newcastle

Cloud, John | Caplin, Maud

Married: April 15th, 1906 Northumberland | N.B. Continue reading

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Native/First Peoples/Metis Marriages of Eastern Canada | BELLEMARE – BUSCHER

Main Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Marriages of Eastern Canada

Quebec Native Genealogy | Wendake Huron

Last updated May 27th, 2017


Bellemare, Jean Baptiste | Tomakoua, Marguerite

Married: April 1st, 1882

Bellemare, John | Balleu(x), Marguerite

Married: April 1st, 1882 Mauricie | Trois-Rivieres | Immaculee-Conception Parish | QC

Bellemare, Raoul | Landry, Lea

Married: July 15th, 1919 Montreal | St-Eusebe-de-Verceil Parish |QC Continue reading

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French Canadian Pioneers: The Allards of Quebec

Julien Allard / Lavergne | Marie Deligny

November 19th, 1677, Chateau-Richer

[Occ.-] Continue reading

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Can a Son-in-law Solve a One Hundred Fifteen Year Old Mystery? | Installment 2/2

This is the second of two new guest posts from family historian Peter Lagasse!

In the first installment Peter Lagasse shared with us about his wife’s great grandfather, Benjamin Waterhouse, who had left his wife and three young children before 1910 and was never heard of again. Peter has been researching since 2005 to find Benjamin but had found nothing until last year in 2016 when some leaves (hints) on his tree appears.

After some research on a James Archibald Waterhouse that these hints share, Peter feels he may have discovered Benjamin Waterhouse. (Read his first installment why Peter believes this.) His first installment left us in suspense as he waits for any response from some queries he has sent out who has James Archilbald Waterhouse on their family tree.

The one hundred fifteen year old mystery continues. (Some names have been changed for personal reasons. They will be in italics.)

Peter has sent out his queries and begins to wait as he has done with other family members. Sometimes answers took a year or more to arrive from one of his queries, so he knew patience must be a virtue of any genealogist. It, therefore, comes as a surprise when Peter receives a call 24 hours after his initial queries.

Peter is returning from a meeting 24 hours after his initial queries when his phone rings. Peter picks up the phone and hears a lady asking if he is looking for information about a James Archilbald Waterhouse? Yes, is his answer and this is her response.

“My name is Nancy Wait and I live in Las Vegas. I received a call from my son stating you were looking for information on James Waterhouse. I am James Waterhouse’s granddaughter and I lived with him for the first seven years of my life.”

Peter nearly drops the phone or at least his mind begins to spin. Nancy Wait continues.

“You asked if James Waterhouse had ever shared having another family in Maine, USA or had made a death bed confession? I was there when he died and he made no confessions and said nothing about another family in Maine unless to his wife.” (Peter’s heart sinks.) “However, one of his daughters, Aunt Sally, shared with me she had done some extensive research about her father after his death in regards to settling his estate and she came to believe James had another family in Maine and his name was Benjamin. She had called from Turner, Maine, USA in the 1970’s to Benjamin’s son, Raymond Sr., but had got nowhere. Also, all of her brothers and sisters did not believe her. The last child of James died earlier in 2016, but Aunt Sally gave me her research material. I will need to call you back once I find it. I have just moved and it is packed somewhere.”


Continue reading

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St.Constant Cemetery: Hebert, Robidoux


1852 – 1942


CORDELIA ROBIDOUX Continue reading

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