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Index: Early French Canadian Pioneers

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The Annunciation | 1920

L'Annonciation | Angels over shepherds | painting

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The Taylors | Pioneer Families of Shippegan

The Taylors were two English brothers – George and William – who arrived in Shippegan in the 1860s. William Taylor was well off as he owned both a store and a farm , and eventually became a Justice of the Peace. William Taylor and Elisabeth Isabella Cranney had the following children: Mary (m. Ferdinand Gagne), James (m. Marie Robichaud), Elisabeth, Emily and William Willie.

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McGregors of Kahnawake – Ray Pouliot

I am reproducing a comment here by Ray Pouliot who kindly left some information for  Marjorie Poirier Thibeault as it may prove useful for others researching the McGregors or Kahnawake. . Thanks, Ray!

Marjorie had said:

I am still in pursuit of my Desparois line which in part is in Kahnawake, Quebec. I would like to prove my native line to Anne Skawennetsi McGregor. Trying to document for my genealogy records. Thank your for your time. Marjorie Continue reading

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The Guignards | Pioneers of Caraquet

Pierre Guignard (aka Dignard) was the son of Pierre Guignard and Genevieve Mignier dit Lagace of Kamouraska, Quebec. Pierre married Marie Bourg (daughter of Joseph Bourg and Catherine Comeau) in Bonaventure, Quebec. After her death he married Anne Daigle (widow of Jean Chrysostome Chiasson) in Lameque, New Brunswick.

Pierre Guignard and Marie Bourg had the following children: Pierre Michel (m. Marguerite Savoie, daughter of Joseph Savoie and Marguerite Bujold, and then Madeleine Robichaud, daughter of Jean Robichaud and Marie Bourgeois), Victoire (m. Frederic Bourdages, son of Benjamin Bourdages and Esther Bujold), Marie Genevieve (m. Thomas Power, son of James Power and Marguerite Quinlan), Joseph, Esther (m. Jean-Louis Duguay), Jean-Baptiste (m. Judith Savoie), Rufin (m. Madeleine Grenier, son of Francois Grenier and Victooire Grenier), Marguerite (m. Edouard Godin), Marie-Celeste (m. Francois David), Marie-Claire (m. Benjamin Robichaud, son of Jean Robichaud and Marie Bourgeois, Urbain. Continue reading

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The Noels | Pioneers of Caraquet

Samuel Noel (son of Jean Noel and Cecile Chiasson) and Victoire Pinet (daughter of Placide Noel and Marie-Angelique Roy) had the following children: Marie Adeline, Gustave (m. Madeleine Guignard, daughter of Charles Guignard and Marcelline Duguay), Ubald, Marie Adeline, Marie (m. Joseph Lanteigne, son of Augustin Lanteigne and Odile Gionet), Marie Cecile, Appoline  and Joseph Vital Lange (m. Marie Victorine Lanteigne, daughter of Eugene Lanteigne and Genevieve Mercier).


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The Mailloux | Pioneers of Caraquet

The Caraquet Mailloux came from Quebec City. Like so many other Caraquet Quebeckers, Louis Mailloux seems to have first arrived in the Baie des Chaleurs for the fishing. He eventually  married a local woman and became a Justice of the Peace. Louis Mailloux (son of Louis Mailloux and Madeleine Gouin) and Suzanne Huard (daughter of Francois Huard and Genevieve Duguay) had the following children: Eulalie (m. Joseph dit Francois Frigault, son of Pierre Frigault and Josette Bouthillier), Osithe (m. Isaac Albert, son of Pierre Albert and Genevieve Denys), Louis (m. Anne Albert, daughter of Pierre Albert and Genevieve Denys), Suzanne (m. Louis Albert, son of Pierre Albert and Genevieve Denys),  and Catherine.

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The Lanteignes | Pioneers of Caraquet

Louis Lanteigne and Marguerite Chapadeau were the first Lanteignes to settle in Caraquet. Louis Lanteigne was a fisherman and is believed to have been the son of Jean-Nicolas Lanteigne and Marie Giraud de Verey, France. Marguerite Chapadeau was the daughter of Joannis Chapadeau and Catherine Larocque of Paspebiac, Quebec. Their children were: Therese (m. Jean-Baptiste Albert, son of Gabriel Albert and Genevieve Bouthillier), Eustache, Catherine (m. Pierre Rene Duguay, formerly married to Marie Brasseur), Louis Louison (m. first to Luce Brasseur, daughter of Pierre Brasseur and Marguerite Gaudet and then Madeleine Breau, daughter of Victor Breau and Marie Arsenault), Marie (m. Pierre Frigault, son of Pierre Frigault and Josette Bouthillier), Continue reading

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The Jeans | Pioneers of Caraquet

The earliest Caraquet Jeans were from a group who came from Quebec at the end of the 1830s in the midst of a severe economic crisis. They settled in various communities in the area. The Caraquet founding couple were Pierre Jean (son of Regis Jean and Marie-Joseph Gauvin) who had married Rosalie Rose Lepage (daughter of Antoine Lepage and Catherine Nolet) while still in Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.

They had the following children: Marguerite (m. Beloni Plourde, prob. the son of Stanislas Plourde and Perpetue Hudon fit Beaulieu), Adelaide (m. Stanislas Plourde, son of Pierre Plourde and Perpetue Hudon dit Beaulieu), David (m. Seraphie Barry, daughter of John Barry and Marie Gionet), Continue reading

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The Heberts | Pioneers of Caraquet

The Caraquet Heberts are from Acadia. Joseph Hebert (son of Charles Hebert and Catherine Saulnier) had married Marie-Joseph Vincent (daughter of Jean Vincent and Isabelle Michel) in Port-Lavoie (Saint Jean Island) and the couple arrived in Caraquet in the 1760s.  Their son Joseph Hebert married Theotiste Doucet and had a son Joseph Hebert who married Anne Chiasson (daughter of Pierre Chiasson and Marguerite Duguay). Continue reading

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The Gagnons | Pioneers of Caraquet

Michel Gagnon was a Quebecker who arrived in Caraquet in the mid 19th century and married Marie-Anne Theriault (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Theriault and Marie Hache).  Their children were: Sophie, Marie, Sophie, Joseph (m. Anne Pinet, widow of Jules Morais), Jean-Baptiste Gagnon, Frederic (m. Mathilde Pinet, daughter of Anthime Pinet and Venerante Landry), Ubald, Michel (m. Philomene Michaud of Van Buren, Maine).


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Index: Pioneer Families of Caraquet


These micro posts present the first generation of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. If you don’t have access to the book you can contact me for extra information by leaving a comment underneath this post.

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