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Bruneau, Bruno | Cree, Metis, Mixed-heritage: Cree, Chipewyan | Surname Anchor Post

Index:  Indigenous, Metis & Mixed-Heritage Surname Anchor Posts

Each of these posts is dedicated to one surname that is carried by someone connected to indigenous, Metis or mixed-heritage people in Canada.  Please be aware that it’s a synthesis of the information I’ve collected in my personal research throughout the years and is by no means complete!


  • Surname lists: Surname Anchor Posts, Metis [ON]
  • Regions: Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, The Territories
  • Ethnicity: Cree, Metis, Mixed-heritage: Cree, Chipewyan
  • Associated surnames:  Allard, Auger, Ayotiow, Batoche, Besson / Besson, Bonneau, Boucher, Boyer, Bremner, Brisebois, Callio / Kallio, Cardinal, Charette, Chastelain / Chatelain, Collin / Colin, Commandant, Courtepattes, Delorme, Deneyonne, Deschamps, Desjarlais / Little Poplar, Dobrucki, Dumont, Durocher, Epevatis / Epwatis, Erasmus, Frost, Gagnon, Gladu, Godin, Grant, Griseau / Grezeau / Guseau, Hamelin, Harrison, Hodgson, Houk, Houle, House, Iastawitch, Johnston / Johnston, Kaketiamik / Kukikekamik, Kirkpatrick, Ladouceur, Lagimodiere, Landry, Lee, Lemire, L’Hyrondeau / L’Hyrondelle (?), Logan, Marin, Maskegon / Maskigon, McDonald, McDougall, Moise, Morin, Nipissing, Olson, Paul, Piy esim, Piche, Plante, Poulin, Powatis, Rabasco, Racette, Sansregret, Smeltzer, Spence, St. Denis, Ward.
  • Misc.: – 
  • 1. Metis Albertan Louis Bruneau dit Montagnais (m. Angele Dumont) was a multilingual fur trader and interpreter and Chief of the Buffalo Lake (AB) buffalo hunts. In addition to English and French, he spoke Blackfoot, Chipewyan, Cree, Sarcee and Stony. Louis Bruneau / Montagnais was “a man remarkable for his great height; a long and radiant head of hair, black as ebony, falling in a graceful cascade over his large shoulders and encasing a bronzed face in which the principal characteristic would appear to be health. At the same time the moustache that he sports and which distinguishes him from the other hunters gives him a certain martial air which denotes vitality.” (see External Link below)
  • 2. Francois-Jacques Bruneau (a Metis judge and activist ) was born in Lac Vert, Saskatchewan, moved to Montreal, then Red River where he married Marguerite Harrison. Marguerite’s mother was Cree (see External Links below for a moving story).
  • 3. The forebear of the Red River Bruneau Metis line was Louis Bruneau the son of French Canadians Antoine Bruneau and Lucie Baillard. Louis Bruneau left offspring through the children of his three wives: Belana Lafontaine, Eva Marie Edouardine Poulin and Donalda Courville. Albert Bruneau (m. Lucienne Barras), Alexander Bruneau (m. Mabel Martin), Alma Antoinette Bruneau (m. James Donovan Frost & George Cheater), Amanda Emma Bruneau  (m. Leopold Gareau), Clara Bruneau (m. Charles Leclair), Cleophas Bruneau (m. Josephine Gagnon), Emelia delia Marie Bruneau (m. Arnold Weiss), Florence Bruneau (m. Robert Lavoie), Lucy Bruneau (m. Louis Payette), Maria Bruneau (m. Joseph McDonald), Philomene Bruneau (m. Joseph Xavier Plante), Romeo Bruneau (m. Bernice Dobrucki) and Valentine Bruneau (m. Gustave Albert Olson).



Victoria  |  Fort Chipewyan (1911)

Terr. | Athabaska Landing  (1901)

Edmonton West I.R. | Cree, Stony (1921)


Provencher  |  De Salaberry a-3 (1901)

Provencher | Township 5 (1911)


Terr. | Duck Lake Agency  (1901)

Terr. | Egg Lake (1901) 


Unorg. Terr. | Mackenzie D-4  (1901) 


ASAI [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

BENA [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

BLAN   [CDN Marriage Extracts][MB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

BRAS [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-MB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

C …  [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-MB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

CARI [CDN Marriage Extracts][MB]

CLOU  [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

COON [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

DELM   [CDN Marriage Extracts] [Western Canada Metis Scrip]

DOKIS [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

E  …  [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

F  …. [CDN Marriage Extracts][MB]

GIRO [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

H  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

HERY [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

I …. [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

JACQ [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

KANA [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip ]

KASA   [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

L  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

LAHO [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

LAUG   [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

LESO [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

MCCU [CDN Marriage Extracts][MB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

MOBE [CDN Marriage Extracts[Western Canada Metis Scrip]

NICH [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

O … [CDN Marriage Extracts][MB]

P  …   [CDN Marriage Extracts][Western Canada Metis Scrip]

PIGE [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-MB-SK-Western Canada Metis Scrip]

S … [CDN Marriage Extracts[Western Canada Metis Scrip]

SIMO [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

SNOW [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB]

W  …  [CDN Marriage Extracts][AB-Western Canada Metis Scrip]


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French Canadian Pioneers: The Bruneaus of Quebec


Bruneau dit Montagnais, Louison [Institut Gabriel Dumont]

Bruneau, François-Jacques [Institut Gabriel Dumont]

Bruneau, Marguerite, McDougall House [Institut Gabriel Dumont]

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