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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Jansons of Quebec

Martin Janson / Ducimetiere | Agnes Pepin

January 9th, 1736

Nicolas Janson / Jeanson | Genevieve Lariou 

February 1st, 1761

Pierre Janson | Lapalme |  Esther D’Annese de Longchamp

September 20th, 1688


Variations and associated surnames:

Cicot – Cimetière – Deslauriers – Desloriers
Genson – Jeanson – Jenson – Lapalme


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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Jacquets of Quebec

Francois Jacquet / Cantin | Victoire Dufresne

October 7th, 1816

Variations and assorted surnames:

Champagne – Compeau – Deslauriers – Desloriers – Façon
Jacques – Jacquèze – Jacquiers – Jaquet – Jaquier – Lachapelle
Langevin – Leblond – Saint-Amand – Saint-Jean


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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Harmands of Quebec

Antoine Harmand / Armand / Sansfacon | Marie-Josephe-Angelique Tellier

January 15th, 1759


Variations and associated surnames

Armand – Chartrand – Herman – Lamaisondesbois Continue reading

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Fontaines of Quebec

Fontaine / Denis / Lafontaine | Marguerite Sellerin

October 12th, 1671

Variations and associated surnames

Belcourt  –  Bernard  –  Bienvenu(e) – De Belcour – Dusang
Fournier – Hamel – Juron – Lariau – Laroche – Leduc – Marion
Périgny – Pion – Rivière – Robert Continue reading

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Emonds of Quebec

Pierre Emond / Esmond  | Marie-Agnes Grondin

January 31st, 1690


Variations and associated surnames

Aidmon(d) – Aimon(d) –  Amont  –  Aymon(d) – Aymong
Barbeau – Demon – Edmon(d) – Edmont  –   Edmund  –  Haimond – Hamon
Hamond  –  Haymon(d) – Hémon(d) – Jolibois – Laflame
Lalonde – Rémillard – Sanscartier


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Riviere-Ouelle Memorial Headstone: Roussel/Berube/Emond

Continue reading

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Oscar Guitard & Rosia Arseneault


Hi my grandmother was originally a Guitard her name is Arnolda and i am desperately trying to find information on her parents Oscar and Rosaline, who i have only met once… I researching the family tree and wanting to reconnect if possible.


Information 1

Date 1928-04-17
Number 1416
Code B4/1928
Microfilm F19693

Link to image of record: Continue reading

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Marie Ann Aglae Paquette m. Felix Albert George Larocque


“Hi, my name is Ernest Larocque.

I am looking for information on my grandmother Marie Ann Aglae Larocque (born Paquette). She was born 1891 in St-Venent-de-Paquette, East Hereford, Quebec. She married my grandfather Felix Albert George Larocque September 28, 1910 in Riviere Qui Barre, Alberta and died in New West Minster B.C.May 18, 1978. Both my parents have past away and our family doesn’t really know much about the Paquettes so I really am grasping to find information about the Paquette family.
I don’t have access to records and wondered if you would have any way to determine who Marie Ann Aglae’s parents were.
Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Information 1

Anne Aglae Paquette was born on July 9th, 1891 and baptized on July 12th of the same year.

Her parents were Theophile Paquette and Rosanna Tremblay.

Her godparents were Augustin Lamoureux and Exina Paquette. Continue reading

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Reader Query: Ash m. Duquette – Oral family history – Mohawk Connection

Query:  Hi there, my grandfather Edouard Ash had a mother Anna Duquette, married to a William Ash. My grandmother and grandfather maintained that Anna was Mohawk. After reading everything that is written here it may be that her family was just passing through. Please give me further details. thank you so much. sincerely, Louise Boutin

Information 1

William Ash (son of William Ash and Sophranie Gravel) married Anna Duquette (daughter of Francois-Xavier Duquette and Marie-Louise Piche) in St-Jerome Cathedral (Terrebonne, QC) on March 1st, 1897.

Information 2

Anna Duquette’s parents, Francois-Xavier Duquette (son of Francois-Xavier Duquette and Marcelline Sigouin) and Louise Piche (daughter of Magloire Piche and Scholastique Paquet) had been married in St-Jerome Cathedral in St-Jerome (Terrebonne, QC) on September 7th, 1875.

The following may be Anna Duquette’s parents and siblings in the 1901 census: Exavier Duquette and Marie Louise Duquette living in Sainte-Agathe (Terrebonne, QC) in 1901 with their children: anna, Leontine, Eglantine, Amandine, Joseph, Blandine, Roseanne and Leonne. They are described as French Canadian and Catholic.  Source Citation: Year: 1901; Census Place: Sainte-Agathe, Terrebonne, Quebec; Page: 10; Family No: 76  Source Information: Ancestry.com. 1901 Census of Canada [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations Inc, 2006. Original data: Library and Archives Canada. Census of Canada, 1901. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada, 2004. http://www.bac-lac.gc.ca/eng/census/1901/Pages/about-census.aspxl. Series RG31-C-1. Statistics Canada Fonds. Microfilm reels: T-6428 to T-6556.

Note: Native Reserves near Ste-Agathe include  Kanesatake and Doncaster.

Anna Duquette’s paternal grandparents, Francois-Xavier Duquette (son of Antoine Duquette and Marie-Angelique Labelle) and Tharsile Sigouin (daughter of Jean-Baptiste Sigouin and Catherine Rochon) were married  in St-Jerome Cathedral in St-Jerome (Terrebonne, QC) on March 6th, 1848.

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Reader Query: A Labrie / Berthelette Lineage

My grandmother’s father was Mohawk. Her maiden name was Rose Berthelet (surname of the non-Mohawk man with whom Rose’s mother was married). Rose married Edouard Labrie of Cyrville (in Ottawa). Rose and Edouard eventually lived at Lac des Iles near Mont-Laurier in Quebec. I would really appreciate knowing if anyone knows who my grand-mother’s Mohawk father was and how much time they spent together. Thank you. Louise Labrie


I don’t have an answer to your specific request however I’ve turned your query into a post and added the following information in the hopes that someone will come across it! Continue reading

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Chief of the Caughnawaga Indians Died, 1902 / Surname: Sky

Chief of the Caughnawaga Indians

Mr. Joseph Sky, eighty-three years old, a chief of the Caughnawaga Indians, died on Tuesday night at his home in Caughnawaga, N.Y. He was elected chief in 1852, wand was chief when the first Indian lacrosse team went to Europe. He was chief when King Edward visited Canada in 1860. He was a noted Athlete. The chief was with Dawson when he surveyed the route to Manitoba over which the troops went at one time. Continue reading

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Indians in British America, 1898 (Caughnawaga Excerpts)

(Note: Several extracts from longer article, link follows)

Nearly 100,000 on the Canadian Reservation at Present


In Quebec there are 10,622 Indians …..

The most interesting reservations are those of eastern Canada, continuing the remnants of the nations who figure so prominently in the early history of this continent; the tribes who ruled over the dark forests before Champlain had landed at Quebec or the Pilgrim Fathers on New England’s coast. There are two Iroquois reservations in Quebec.

One is at Caughnawaga, on the south bank of the St. Lawrence, ten miles above Montreal. It is an old settlement, established under the French regime Continue reading

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Destructive Fire 1888 / Surnames: Stacey, Gay (?)

Destructive Fire

Dedham, Mass, May 27-

The chocolate factory of C.D. Brooks was burned this morning. Loss, $80,000; insurance, $40,000.

It is now believed the explosion was caused by a fitter incautiously approaching a leak with a lamp while endeavouring to locate the leak. The damage to property is estimated at from $150,000 to $200,000. It is possible the walls of the adjoining gas meter are so shaken that a large portion will have to be taken down. The excitement in th east end of the city is great. The scene presented while the bodies of the victims were being removed was very pathetic.

Another name, that of a young man O’Brien has been added to the list of killed. His body and that of Joseph Angel are still under the debris.

The following is the lsit of fatally injured: Angus Gay, a Caughnawaga Indian, Continue reading

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