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Port Alfred (Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean) | Forestry Fridays


This is a vintage, black and white postcard of  the paper mill in Port Alfred, Quebec.

Vintage postcard of the old paper mill in Port Alfred, Quebec | Usine a paper

The text at the bottom of this vintage postcard reads ” Usine a papier – Paper Mills, Port Alfred, P.Q., Canada“.  The letters P.Q. used to be the abbreviation for Quebec (i.e. province of Quebec) but today the official abbreviation for Quebec is QC.

Port Alfred (now part of La Baie) is a port for the region which includes  Bagotville, Kenogami, Shipshaw, and the city of Chicoutimi. Lumbering in the Saguenay began with La Société des Vingt-et-un and continued into modern times with the building by the Price Bros. of the Port Alfred plant (now Abitibit Consolidated).  La Baie (Port Alfred) is now known for its Alcan Aluminum Plant.

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