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Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec

Carre Dube, Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec -28

Vintage b/w postcard of historic Riviere-du-Loup (Bas-St-Laurent, Quebec), Commercial Street with classic cars and vintage retail signs

This is another vintage b/w postcard following my July theme: SIGNS.

Vintage sign for Cafe Gaiete

Riviere-du-Loup | Bas-St-Laurent, Quebec | CafeGaiete

Vintage Sign for “blue coal”

Riviere-du-Loup | Bas-St-Laurent, Quebec) Vintage Blue Coal sign

Vintage sign for Pepsi-Cola (Buvez Pepsi-Cola, c’est ?????)

Riviere-du-Loup | vintage PepsiCola sign





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  1. This post card is very nice and I know that it is in the olden
    times because its in black and white.I like the olden cars because now the cars are different now in 2009-2010.


    Comment by Kate | September 18, 2009 | Reply

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