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SK | Touchwood Agency AG-6 | Cree (1901)

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These census posts  are part of a larger project to identify the surnames that have appeared among Indigenous, Metis and Mixed-heritage people over the past few hundred years across what is now Canada. 

Wherever possible, I’ve posted census links to the individual surnames – but either way there is always a link to the overall census at the foot of the post under External Links.  In addition, some of the older posts have orange colour coding. If a surname is orange-coloured it means that it appears in the marriage records on this site. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, the most recent posts don’t yet have this orange coding.

You may also be interested in two companion series of posts. The first  –  Canadian Marriage Extracts,  consists of transcribed marriage records. The second more recent project is a steadily growing series of Surname Anchor Posts.  Each surname post is dedicated to just one surname and its variations across Canada and over the past few hundred years. 

Note:  The goal of all these projects is to arrive at a representative sampling of the surnames. The list is not comprehensive and it relies primarily on settler records (non-indigenous). In all cases, indigenous peoples have the true knowledge of these surnames and of their peoples’ genealogy. 

This project is meant simply  as a jumping-off point for people who want to answer the questions: Has one of my surnames ever appeared in connection with indigenous or mixed-heritage records?  And if  so, where and when and among which peoples?

Census Data

Enumeration district: The Territories, Assiniboina East, Touchwood Agency AG-6 (1901)

[Cree, Mixed, Saulteaux]

Includes:  First Nations Bands – Day Star’s, Fishing Lake, Gordon’s,
Kinistino, Muscomekuan’s, Nut Lake and Poor Man’s.

A wasis Kesa?uape  –  A-as-qua-tum

A-Ne-qua-chens  –  Absalom  – Ah-kee-s?-pa-ness

Ahtonse  –  Aken –  Anderson  – Assom

Asspees  –  Awis

Bell-Ringer  –  Big Head

Bird  –  Birds-Quill  –  Birry  – Bittern Nose

Bruce  – Buffalo

Canuk  –  Caw-mus-qua-pee-tua

Ch?-Ko?se  –  Cha-go-ness  – Charley

Child  –  Chim-at-a-nim  –  Cochrane  –  Cree

Crow  – Cyr

Day  – Day Star


Eh sha win pan may  – Ewi?

Fast Thunder  – Favel

Fisher  – Fox  – French

Geddes  – Giddes  – Gordon  – Green

Hèber  – Helene  – Hunting Bird

Ironquill  – Iti?a?wose

Jack   – Jacobs  – Joseph

Ka-kee she-pa-ta mot  –  Kah mus qu?t

Kamequduape  –  Katonsis  –  Ke?  –  Ke na wase

Ke-we-che-new   –  Kee cha ky May Zin  –  Kee-ne-qua-nape

Kenosisse   –  Kespkewaypew  –  Kineguon

Kinegwan  –  Kinikens  –  Kinistin  – Kiskeetotewewin


LeJour  – Little Tent  – Looks Law

Mah-sak-ask  – Mahinginess

Makis-the-sky  – Man that is Riding  – Manito-peness

Mat-chisk-ke-Nick  – Matchucbuck  – May Kee See mape

May May Kee See wreck  – May Musquatick quanape  – May ow kee zick

May-sent-ape  –  McNab   – Me pay tay a nah quat  – Mehingin

Mi Can  – Middle of the Sky  – Mitoose  – Moïs

Monkman  –  Moo-nee-ass Swan  – Mooneeass  – Moosemay

Moosomay  – Mootis – Mose-wa-payo

Much che pa-ti-m?t  – Mus-a-Ka-peness  – Mus-cow-e-cap-pow

Muscowequan  – Muscowequaw

Na Na Na K

Na wa qua way me tung

Nah me nah mukah pah meeyan

Nahkaneeninnee  – Nan-Nan-choo

Napaysis  – Nase  –  Ne-pin-e-way  – Nee-tay-a-may

No tue a m?

O-nah-tah e qua nape

Ocho Kinnosis  –  Old Fox  – Old Man

Oochoo  – Osowayetaskquape  – Otata Kekney

Paschal  – Pee-tay-way-kee-sick

Pigeon  – Pinace  – Poor Man

Porcupine  – Prapared

Pratt  – Qu-witch-ta nee  – 


Resip  –  Rising Man

Sabit-a-wasis  –  Sahkesiquape

Sahmameeteskass  –  Salteaux  – Saulteaux

Scott  – See-pa-ki-sick  –  Seeping coose  – Seiveright

Sheep  – Silver-thunder  – Sitting Down

So-as-coo-pee-hoo  –  Sonnius  – South Bird  – South-wind-Quills

Standing for   – Sue-Han-a-wase

T?hpaywin  –  Ta?kesigua?e

Ta-ta-qua-sum  –  Tah pay oh-tang  –  Tah ta-quah-pee-tung

Tahpayswayt?  –  Taite  –  Tanquauwayquanope

Tay-ta-qua-nah-pi  –  The Guide  –  The Hunter

The Small Bear  –  Thunder Bird  – Tobacco


Wah pee qua peeness

Wapun  –  Wat-tick-quan  –  Wescheewat

Weschewot  –  White Bear  –  White Bird

Windigo  –  Wom  –  Worm

Yellow Quill

Young Hunter –  Young Sioux

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External Links

Enumeration district: The Territories, Assiniboina East, Touchwood (1901)

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