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Erratum: August Werner Schellenberg Metis [self-identified Metis] Actor


Inter left this message –

I almost hate to ask, but is there any documentary evidence that August Schellenberg had Indigenous ancestry?

It’s looking like his mother was an English immigrant. See this page (especially the comments section).


Thanks so much for your comment, Iter.

When I first wrote this post in 2014, I accepted at face value that when someone proclaimed indigenous ancestry AND  it was being touted on so many mainstream sites including the National Arts Council – then it must be true. That was a serious mistake and I apologize for adding to that misconception.

I did some new searches this morning at BM2000 and I find no traces of his mother that would allow me to see First Nations ancestry. Tt doesn’t mean it isn’t true – but I see no evidence of it.

Nowadays, I understand that although everyone is free to celebrate any indigenous ancestors, it is really disrespectful to gain the benefits of identifying with certain groups based on tenuous links. I have three First Nations ancestors way back in my family tree. I’m proud of that but I wouldn’t think of presenting myself as Metis or mixed-heritage. Nor would I try to obtain benefits that are meant for indigenous peoples.

For readers who may not know, in recent years it’s come to light in Canada that people have been getting grants, jobs or just a good reputation by claiming First Nations ancestry that is either non-existent or is very tenuous.

That’s despicable.




The renowned Metis actor  August Schellenberg  passed away last year . Mr. Schellenberg was part Native American and as that part was Mohawk, (unproven)



I am posting some related genealogical information.

Schellenberg Baptismal Certificate

Metis genealogy

Schellenberg Marriage Record  (possibly related)

Metis genealogy


Further Information

August Schellenberg – IMDb

August Schellenberg dead at 77 | APTN National News

Mourns the passing of Métis actor Schellenberg – National Arts Centre

Métis actor August Schellenberg dies at 77 – First Perspective

August Schellenberg was trailblazer in Canadian theatre, The Globe and Mail

August Schellenberg | Herald Scotland

August Schellenberg, Obituary, Dallas News

August Schellenberg (1936 – 2013) – Find A Grave Memorial




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  1. I almost hate to ask, but is there any documentary evidence that August Schellenberg had Indigenous ancestry?

    It’s looking like his mother was an English immigrant. See this page (especially the comments section).


    Comment by Iter | August 21, 2021 | Reply

    • Iter,
      Thank you so much for the comment and the information. I’ve edited the original post and pasted it to the front page. I really appreciate getting this information so thank you for taking the time to pass it on. Evelyn


      Comment by Evelyn Yvonne Theriault | August 22, 2021 | Reply

      • I listened to a podcast of August’s from 2010. He talked about being raised by a foster mother who had 10 children of her own. He also said he only reunited with his birth mother when he was 24 (presumably the English-born woman named Hilda who’s listed on his baptismal record).

        I’ve seen an article mention that his foster mother was Métis. Maybe she really was Métis, and he sort of took on her culture. Or maybe as a teenager he was often told that he “looked Native,” so he began thinking that his birth mother must be of Native descent.

        If he really wasn’t of Indigenous ancestry, I don’t think he did what he did out of “malice.” Perhaps in a sense he gave the ultimate acting performance.

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        Comment by Iter | August 27, 2021 | Reply

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