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Iroquois Confederacy Surnames

This is an ever growing list of surnames carried by members of the Iroquois Confederacy. It is part of a larger project to determine surnames carried by the First Nations and Inuit peoples in Canada.

So far the list below contains names I have extracted from the Canadian census documents of 1901, 1911 and 1921. Presently I am gradually adding surnames from the Index: Native / First Peoples / Metis Surnames [Marriage Extracts] which contains many Iroquois marriages and other names from recent Six Nations Directories ( Native American Surnames (2010)  A – L and Native American Surnames (2010 )  M – Z .  You may also wish to consult some 1881 records which can be reached through Index: The Iroquois Confederacy in Canadian Census Records.

Please note that surnames on the list below are carried by the Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca and Tuscarora who live in Quebec and Ontario, It does not contain the surnames of other Iroquoian-speaking nations such as the Huron. Links to their census records can be reached in the master  Index: Native/First Peoples/Metis Surnames | Census Extracts.




[Aaron]   [Abraham]
[Adams]   [Aiennatha]  [Aikins]   [Albany]

[Alee]   [Alex]   [Allan]   [Anderson]   [Andre]   [Andrew]

[Angus]  [Anonharshen]   [Anonkeriska]   [Antennion]      [Anthony]
[Antoine  Antone  Antione]   [Ararkon]   [Arerhon]   [Arihothe  Arihote]
[Arissakexha]   [Ariwakenka]   [Armstrong]   [Arquette]

[Atkins]   [Atkinson]   [Audet]



[Back]    [Baptiste]    [Barns Barnes]
[Barnhart]   [Barnum]   [Barron]   [Baptiste Batise]   [Bay]

[Barefoot Bearfoot]  [Beauchemin]   [Beauvais]   [Beaver]  

[Becktie Becktel]   [Bell  Ball]   [Bellefeuille]
[Bellefleur]   [Benedict]   [Bennet Bennett]   [Bergan]
[Bernard]   [Burnson]   [Bertram]   [Bettin]

[Bill]   [Blue]   [Bomberry Bumberry Bamberry Bombory]
[Bonaparte]  [Bone]   [Bonspille]   [Boots]   [Bourdeau] [Bova]
[Boyle]   [Bradley]   [Brant]   [Bread]  [Brown]   [Bruce]

[Buck]   [Buckshot]   [Burning]   [Burnham Burnam Burnum]   

[Burnhouse]   [Butler]   [Butry]




[Cadot]   [Canada]   [Canadian Canadien Canadienne]
[Canoe Canot]   [Capitaine Captain Capton]
[Carpenter]   [Casey]   [Cathrine Catherine  Catrine]

[Cayuga]   [Charles]
[Charlie Charley]   [Chechock]   [Chrisjohn]
[Christater]   [Chub  Chubb]   [Claus Clause]   [Clench Clinch]

[Coften]   [Cole  Coal]   [Colwell Calwell]   [Comstock]   

[Connors]   [Cook  Cooke]   [Cooper]   [Copeland]
[Corbow]     [Corinthe  Carinthe]
[Cornelius Cornileus Corneilous Cornelius]

[Couteau Casse]   [Crane Crain  Crains]   [Crawford]
[Cree Cri]   [Crenell]   [Cross River  Cross The River]    [Crow]  

[Crysler]   [Cudabush]   [Curley Curly]   [Curotte]    [Curry]
[Cusick  Casick  Cassick]  [Cutout]




[D’Ailleboust Debo]   [Dahwah]

[Danay]  [Danford]   [Dawah]

[David]   [Davis]   [Davy]   [Dawah]   [Day]

[Dear]   [Dearfoot]
[Dearhouse  Deer House]
[Dec]   [Dicaire  Decaire  Decker  Dicker]
[Deep Sky]   [Deer]   [Delisle]   [Delorimer  De Lorimier]

[Denis  Dennis  Denny]   [Dicaire  Decaire  Decker  Dicker]

[Diome]  [Dixon  Dickson]    [Doctor  Docdor]

[Dominique]   [Donahoe]    [Doolittle]   [Douglas Dugless]  

[Doxdater Doxtator Doxstator Dockstator Dordater]

[Dulude]   [Duncan]




[Eadie Eddie]
[Echo]   [Edward]   [Elijah]
[Elliot Elliott Elliotte  [English]   [Esterbrooks Easterbrooks]
[Etienne]   [Everett  EverrettEvinett]




[Farmer]   [Ferguson]  

[Fern]   [Fire]   [Fish]   [Fisher]   [Fishcarrier]
[Flanders]   [Foot]   [Foster]   [Francis]   [Francois]
[Franks Frank]   [Franklin]   [Fraser Frazer]

[Freet  Frett]   [French]  [Frew]
[Friday]   [Froman]





[Gabriel]   [Ganot]
[Garlow]   [Garrow]
[Gaspe]   [General Generals]   [George]
[Gibson]  [Gilbert]   [Good  Goode Goods]   [Good Leaf]  

[Goodluck]   [Gould]   [Granter]   [Gray]  [Green]

[Grote Groad Grode Groat]   [Ground]   [Guy]




[Hall]   [Hamelin]   [Harney]

[Harris]   [Haskin  Haching]   [Hemlock]   [Henhawk]
[Henry]   [Herkimer  Heckimer  Heckimor]
[Herron  Heron]   [Hess]   [Hickins]   [Hill]   [Hoag Hoager]
[Homer]   [Honyost]   [Hope]   [Hops]   [Horne]   

[House]   [Huben]   [Hughes]   [Hunter]    [Huron]

   [Husk]   [Hyacinthe]





[Ireland]   [Isaac Issac]   [Island]   [Ivey]





[Jack Jacks]   [Jackson]
[Jacob Jacobs]   [Jacot  Jackots]   [Jake]
[James]   [Jamieson  Jamison  Jemeson  Jemison]
[Jock  Jocks  Jocko]   [Joe]   [John]
[Johnny  Johnney]   [Johnson]   [Johnston  Jonston]   

[Jonathan  Johnathan]   [Jones]   [Joseph]





[Kanatakonsa]   [Kanatshonra]

  [Karinie]   [Karissio]   [Kanentakenr]   [Kanento]   [Kapia]

 [Karoniakeron]   [Katorontie  Kataronthie]   [Kelly]  

[Kennedy]   [Kerrance]   [Kerby]   [Key]
[Kick]   [King]   [Kingfisher]
[Knightly]   [Kontitie]




[Lachaudiere Lachandiere]   [Lacitrouille]
[Lacombe]   [Laduc]   [Ladure Laduse]
[Lafan  Laffin]   [Lafleche Laflech  Lafleish]   [Laforce]
[Laform]   [Lafrance]   [Lahache Lahash]   [Lane]   [Landers]   [Laplante]
[Laplume]   [Larivier  Lariviere]   [Laronde]   

[Lasor  Lasore  Lasour  Lazor  Lesour]   [Lat]   

[Latham]  [Latour]   [Laurent]   [Lawrence]   [Lavine]   [Lavis]
[Lazarre]   [Leaf]   [Leblanc]   [Leborgne]   [Leborque]

[Leclair]   [Lefebvre  Lefebre]   [Lefort]
[Legare]   [Legault]  [Lekanetekin]   [Lentz]  

[Leon Lyon]   [Lessard]   [Leween Louine]   [Lewis]   

[Lickers]   [Loat]  [Loft  Loff]  [Logan]   

[Longboat]   [Longfish]   [Longpoint]  

[Lottridge  Loddrige  Lockridge  Lodridge Lotudge]




[Mack]   [Mailloux  Maillouse]
[Mallotte]   [Maracle Moracle]   [Marlo  Marleau]

[Martin  Martine]   [Matni]   [McCloud]   [Mccomber]
[McDonald  Macdonald]   [McDougall McDugal MacDougal]
[McGee]   [McGregor]   [Mclane]   [McNaughton McNaugton]   [McNorton]
[Meloche]   [Meslers]   [Meyers Mires]   [Michel]
[Mikane]   [Mike Myke]   [Mikonse]   [Miller]
[Minjaki]   [Mitchell  Mitchel]   [Mittens  Mitten]

[Monette]   [Monique]   [Monk]   [Montour Monture]

[Morris]   [Moses  Moise]
[Mt Pleasant  Mtpleasant  Mountpleasant  Mt Plesant]  

[Mudturtle]    [Munroe  Munro]
[Murdoch  Murdock]   [Murray]
[Musklovy]   [Musle  Mussle  Mussel]




[Nash]   [Nathan  Nathan]
[Nelson]  [Neilson]   [Newhouse]

[Nicholas  Nicholes]   [Ninham]
[Nolan  Holan]   [Norton]




[Oak  Oakes  Oke]   [Obediah]
[Otter]   [Owens Owans]




[Papineau]   [Parkhurst]   [Parker]

[Parquis]   [Parthuis Partuis]    [Patterson]   [Pattois]

[Patton]   [Paul]   [Peras Perras]   [Peter  Peters]    [Petrise]

[Philippe]   [Pigeon]   [Pike Pyke]   [Plante]   [Podle]

[Point]   [Pomminville]   [Pork]   [Porter]

[Powless  Powles]   [Primeau]




[Rabbit]  [Ransom]
[Raquette Racket]   [Red Leaf]   [Regis]
[Reinfret]   [Rhodes]   [Rice]    [Rivers]   [Roach]
[Robinson]   [Ross]   [Roundpoint]   [Round Sky  Roundsky]

[Roussin]    [Rufiauge Ruphiauge]   [Russell Rusel]


[Sahanatien]   [Sakoket]
[Sam]   [Samo]   [Sandy]   [Sarenher]  [Sarrazin]
[Satagarate]      [Sault]   [Sawatis]   [Sawyer]   [Scott Scot]

[Secord]   [Semo]   [Seneca]
[Sere Seri]  [Seers  Sears]  [Sero Zero]
[Seth]   [Seymour]  [Sharrow]
[Sheira]   [Sherry]   [Schyler  Shyler  Shuler Shushler]
[Sia Chip]   [Silver]
[Silversmith]   [Silvester  Sylvester  Sylvestre]
[Simon]   [Simpson]
[Sims]   [Singleton]   [Skanahien]

[Skenonton Skenontou Scannado]   [Skitties  Skettis]
[Sky]   [Sickle]   [Smith]   [Smoke]   [Snow]   [Solomon]
[Sowden  Souden]   [Spencer]   [Splicer]

[Sprague  Spragg]   [Square]   [St Cyr ]

[St Onge]   [Staats Stats]   [Stacey]   [Stalk  Stock]   [Standup]

 [Stansbury]  [Stanton]  [Sterling]  [Stonefish]   [Styres]

   [Sugar]   [Sugarbush]   [Summers]   [Sunday]
[Surast]   [Swamp]    [Swan]   [Syscombe Syscome]




[Tarbell]   [Taylor]
[Teakenati]    [Tecotitiate]   [Tekanatoken]   

[Terrance]   [Therien]   [Theson]   [Thires]   [Thomas] 
[Thompson  Thomson]   [Tiocha]  [Tmishaw]
[Tobicoe]   [Tormiskakon]   [Tourshane]
[Trefle]   [Trembly]   [Truckle]
[Turcotte]   [Turkey]
[Turner]   [Twofish  Tofish]




[Vanevery  Vanwery]

[Vice  Vyse]   [Vincent]




[Wabikouse]   [Walker]

[Warner]   [Wasson]   [Webster]   [Wedge]
[Welsby  Welsbie]   [Wetherell]   [Whitby  Whitbey]
[White]   [Whitebean  Whitebeans]   [Whitecoat]    [Wiktdock]
[William  Williams]    [Wilson Willison]  [Winney  Winnie]
[Wiskam]   [Wood]   [Woodman]
[Woodruff]   [Workman]




[Yellow]   [Young]







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  1. Hi, I am searching information about my great grandmother, her name was jenny sky, I only have a bit of very flimsy information about her told to my mother from my grandmother (deceased), apparently jenny sky was born 1877 meant to be Tuscarora mother and Sioux father (redwing), my mother thought the redwing side was the apsaroke crow redwing but doing some research it doesn’t seem possible so assuming it was the Sioux, my grandmother spoke a lot of the Lakota Sioux language, her mother jenny sky married a Russian businessman she died on the 17th November 1919 in England 2 days after my grandmother was born, my grandmothers birth name was Frederica rhaune Antoinette pulvernes. I cannot find a birth certificate of my grandmothers to verify her mothers name, I have searched ancestory and other sites but to no avail so hoping I may get answers here.


    Comment by Bonnie Hartung | February 9, 2020 | Reply

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