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Index: The Sioux, Dakota/Lakota, Nakoda Stoney, Assiniboine in Canadian Census Records

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This index is where I place the links to census extracts for First Nations people who descend from the Sioux. The Sioux are a large group with an ancient history and have been distributed over large parts of North America. They are further subdivided into various indigenous groupings and individual nations which have varied both over time and over geographic area.

In Canadian census records I have so far noted individuals identifying themselves as being from the Sioux, Dakota (aka Lakota) and Nakoda-Stoney peoples. These include those on one Sioux reserve where the descendants of Sitting Bull live, as well as other reserves in Manitoba and Saskatchewan populated by other indigenous refugees of the American Indian Wars and in particular the Dakota War of 1862.  

Please note that the records were created by settlers so they followed settler naming practices and applied new location names.

I wish to acknowledge (as a settler) that these were traditional territories

that were already inhabited and named by indigenous peoples.

Finally, if you are looking for Sioux, Dakota or Nakoda Stoney marriages, then you’ll also want to consult the  Index of Native, First Peoples and Metis Surnames which includes extracts from many Maliseet and Mi’kmaq marriage records as well as couples listed as parents on baptismal certificates or the marriage records of their offspring.




Calgary  | Stony Indian Reserve  (1911)

Edmonton  |   Indian Reserve  (1911)

Edmonton West   |  Indian Reserve  (1921)

Township 23  |   Indian Reserve (1911)

Strathcona  |  Hobbema Bobtail (1911)

Terr | Edmonton  (1901)

Terr  |  Morley  (1901)

AB | Muskowpehung & File Hills (1901)

Terr  |  Stony Agency  (1901)



Brandon | Oak River I.R.   (1901)

Brandon | Oak  Lake I. R.  (1911)

Brandon | Oak River I.R.  (1921)

Brandon | Winchester  (1901)

Brandon  |  Woodworth (1901)

Marquette  | Birtle Town  (1901)

Marquette  | Birtle Agency |  (1921)

Marquette  | Waywayseecappos  (1911)

Portage La Prairie | Long Plain  (1911)

Portage La Prairie |  Swan Lake Band (1921)



Battleford I.R. | Battleford Indian Agency …  (1911)

Prince Albert  | Duck Lake I.R.  (1911)

Qu’Appelle  | Qu’Appelle Indian Agency (1911)

Qu’Appelle | Assiniboine I.R. |  (1921)

Terr  |  Assiniboia  |  Moose Jaw (1901)

Terr  |  Battleford  (1901)

Terr  |  Carleton Agency (1901)

Terr.  |  Crane Lake (1901)   newly indexed

Terr  | Crooked Lake Agency  (1901)

Terr   | Sturgeon Lake (1901)




TERR | Athabaska a-2  (1901)





Adam, Laramee




Dick   Mar 2022














Stevens, Stephens

St. Pierre




White   Mar 2022


Young   Feb 2022



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