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These micro posts present the first generations of each of the families that established different surnames found in Caraquet, New Brunswick. Most of the information is drawn from Fidele Theriault’s genealogical dictionary “Les Familles de Caraquet”. His book is in French and offers a lot more information including family trees of the first generations (with precise dates)  and in many cases explanations of how the first pioneers arrived in Caraquet and other fascinating anecdotes. For additional information including precise dates and following generations, please leave your questions in a comment box below.


Amice Duval (son of Philippe Duval and Marie Huelin of the Jersey Islands) who had been married to Esther Rouet (daughter of Aaron Rouet and Jeanne Sutherland) in St. Brelade (Jersey) arrived in Caraquet in the late 1850s to work on the construction of the church. His wife didn’t accompany him but his nephew John Duval (son of Philippe Duval and Jeanne Rouet)  did and settled down in Caraquet with a wife he found locally – Elisabeth LeCouteur (daughter of Jean Lecouteur and Marie Blanche Chiasson of Miscou).

This line had no issue, however another son of Philippe Duval and Jeanne Rouet) called Georges Duval also settled locally and married Veronique Paulin (daughter of Francois-D’Assise Paulin and Veronique Hache).

Georges Duval and Veronique Paulin had the following children:

  • Jane Esther (m. 1913,  Jean-Louis Poirier, son of Agapit Poirier and Priscille Albert),
  • Georges Henri (m.  1921, Ida Dugas, daughter of (William Dugas and Marguerite Normandeau),
  • Adda Anna (died in infancy) 
  • Mayda (m. 1917,  J.A. Pinault).



Notes: Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection (FR):  [Duval, Amos,1957, Caraquet, Around 1860 the Duvals came to paint the church. They were Amos (a single man) and his three nephews Georges, John and Philippe Duval. Georges and Philippe Duval converted. Georges married Marie Paulin, Philippe married Philomene Cormier. John married Elise LeCouteur and settled in Miscou. The Duvals of Maltempeque are all single.]



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