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Beaulieu Parfait | Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Beaulieu Parfait HeadstoneEN MEMOIRE DE


NE 1861 – DEC. 1903

Index: Headstones of Cimetiere Sainte-Philomene (Mercier, Roussillon, QC)

Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Beaulieus of Quebec

Indexes: Quebec & New Brunswick Cemeteries

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Who Was Caughnawaga Shoemaker Aurele Beaulieu?

And who’s this little girl?

Well, if you were living in Caughnawaga in the late ’40s then you would have known her as Marie Therese Varin, but today she goes by the name Nedra (Broden) Rich – and Nedra is on an important quest. Please read her story below and see if you can help us  uncover some hidden parts of her past – a past which connects with  that of Aurele Beaulieu of Caughnawaga.

Marie Therese’s story begins in 1947 when she was born (probably at home in Caughnawaga) to Aurele Beaulieu and Marie Aurore Rolande Varin. She lived in Caughnawaga from 1947 to 1950 along with her brother Joseph Willie Henri Beaulieu.

However, the Beaulieu home was not just a home; it was also the location of Aurele Beaulieu‘s shoemaking business.

Another piece of information is that the Beaulieu family had  friends in Kahnawake which included an Ida Dubo and Rose (?). Continue reading

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Beaulieu, Cezarie – 1933 | Lizotte, Francois – 1938 | Lizotte Rosa Alma 1991 | Caron, Lucien – 1964 | Lizotte, Rose- 1978

Cezarie Beaulieu

1860  –  1933

and her wife

Francois Lizotte

1856  –  1938

Rose Alma Lizotte


Continue reading

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Beaulieus of Quebec – Links Restored

Rene Beaulieu/Albert | Genevieve Arnaud

February 2oth, 1708

Pierre Beaulieu/Hudon | Marie Gobeil

July 13th, 1676

Jean-Jerome Legay de Beaulieu | Marguerite Samson

November 21st, 1725

Jean-Baptiste Beaulieu/Brillant  | Francoise Itagisse dite Chretienne

July 6th, 1752

Claude Beaulieu/Thomas  | Marie-Madeleine Sceau

about 1689

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Early French Canadian Pioneers of Quebec

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Evelyn in Montreal: Lauzier m. Beaulieu, 1871

Jean Guile Girard asked for information about a  Marie (Mary) Beaulieu and her parents & siblings. This was the Marie Beaulieu who had maried Louis in St-David, Maine 1871-10-30 & François Xavier Martin in Grand Isle, Maine on April 17th in 1882.


Louis Roy Lauzier, son of Louis Roy Lauzier and Elisabeth Thibodeau married Marie Beaulieu, daughter of Hubert Beaulieu and Anastasie Cyr in St-David parish in Madawaska, ME  (United States of America) on October 30th, 1871.

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Early French Canadian Pioneers: The Beaulieus of Quebec

Evelyn in Montreal

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