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Index: Evelyn in Montreal

Evelyn in Montreal is a series of posts in which I chronicle some of the work I have done with other family historians and genealogists. Some of these had  previously appeared at Genforum, Rootsweb and other genealogy boards. I am reproducing them here as those boards close down in order to preserve my connections with those family researchers.


Latest updates November 2017


A – H

Albert m. Michaud

Allain m. Bond

April m. Desrosiers

Arbour m. Fregeau

Aube m. Lapointe


Barbeau m. Barre

Beauchamp m. Paquet

Beaudoin m. Ashley

Beaudoin m. Morin

Begin m. Champagne

Bellevilles of St Liguori

Blais m. Cantin

Blondeau m. Bedard

Blondeau m. Rolland des Pelletier

Boileau m. Minier, Pt.1

Boileau m. Minier, Pt.2

Boucher  m. Gagnon 

Bourque m. Bourque

Brennan m. Kelly

Bruneau m. Lamoureux


Carbonneau m. Derome dit Descarreaux

Caron m. Pelletier

Caron m. Rossignol

Carver m. Kerrigan

Casavant m. Chabot

Castonguay m. Therrien

Causely Cazelet & Riel

Charette m. Ranger

Chartrand m. Thibault

Chiasson, William

Chouinard m. Theriault

Cote & Moreau

Cote & Martel

Cote & Wright


Danis m. Maheu

Dase m. Cardin

Deguire Lauzon m. Larose

Delisle m.  Seguin

Doucet, Mary Martha

Duguay & Sivret


Frame m. Crawford


Gagnon m. Caisse

Guerin m. Lefebvre   

Giroux m. Masse

Godin m. Pinet

Greenidge – Early Barbados Plantations

Grenier m. Pepin

Guertin (Metis, Algonquin?)



Handly/Hanley m. Corbin & Pleau m. Hanley

Hart / Brownrigg of St-Blaise

Helie/Breton, Pierre m. Bisson, Catherine 

Hodkins of Quebec

Huot m. Gervais Family | Part 1

Huot m. Gervais Family | Part 2


J – L

Jocks & McComber | Kahnawake


Kinsey  “Zenas” Kinsey

Kraft & Pahl | Evelyn in Montreal


Lariviere & Lacroix Neve – Algonquin Canoe Mystery

Lacroix m. Beaudoin

Lagaces – Fort Coulonge

Lagace/Richard Line

Lagace m. Thiboutot

Lagasse m. Daly

Lagasses of Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire

Lajeunesse m. Barbier

Laplant, Blanche Eva Marie

Larocque m. Caplan

Lauzier  m. Beaulieu

Lawrie Laurie

Legacy, Josephine Comeau Legacy

Leger m. Brunet

le Portugais m. Greslon/Laviolette

Levesque m.  Aubert


M – Z

Mann m. Lewis

McClure  m. Cote  | McClure m. Dumas 

Menard & Chalut

Menard m. Sibue |  Menard m. Bissonnette

Mercier  m. Coquiere

Migkelhart, Jean Baptiste

Montminy & Deniger

Monte m. Pinault Pinaud

Morand  m. Barbe

Morel – Gigon

Murrays,- Quebec & Montreal


Nadeau m. Vandal  |  Nadeau  m. Tanguay

Nagels m Carlson


Papineauville Quebec in 1902 | Chalut, Menard

Paquin, Hermine

Patry m. Maheu

Perrin  m. Rivest

Perrin m. Rochon  & Ouellet

Pineau m. St.Laurent

Poirier m. Paulhus

Price, William Thomas Price

Proulx m. Maille


Richard m. Labrie

Riel m.  Caille

Roberge m. Masse

Robitaille m. Cote

Rouillard m. Coulombe

Rouleau – Pierre & Jean Baptiste


St. Julien, Alexandre, Haiti to Quebec

St-Louis/Billy, Madeleine


Tessier  m. Trudel

Tessier dit Lavigne Family

Theriault m. French

Theriault m. Landry

Theriault m. Fortin

Turcott m. Morin

Viau  m. Duranceau

Vincent  m. Chevrefils


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  1. Foucreau-Mesick


    Comment by Frank Mesick | October 29, 2014 | Reply

  2. My father was born in St-Epihane , lower part if the St-Lawrence, his name was Pierre Saindon, his father Louis Saindon.
    My father past away in 1945, he was 68 years old. I think he was a Metis. I was only 6 years old at the time.
    do you show any Saindon as Metis.
    Eveline Saindon (Gauvreau .. E-mail ; eveline@ntl.sympatico.ca


    Comment by Eveline Saindon Gauvreau | August 6, 2016 | Reply

  3. My grandfather Joseph Levasseur was born in Rimouski in the late 1800s


    Comment by Rita Juliette Levasseur | February 12, 2017 | Reply

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